Metal Loft Beds with Desk Underneath

by HomeArtist1

Metal loft beds with desks underneath like these meld form with function for smarter use of space to sleep and do homework in your kid's or teen's bedroom.

We're moving beyond yesterday's "bigger-is-better" over-sized beds toward modern, space saving bedroom furniture pieces that serve a dual-to-triple role in kid's bedrooms.

Metal loft style beds with desks underneath them make good sense for small spaces while addressing the need to corral all that clutter. And if you're not up to lugging these monster beds home, having them delivered -most times for free- is done deal.

Scroll down for my helpful space-saving and decorating suggestions while perusing metal loft beds with desks and full computer workstations underneath them.

Image credit: The Kids' and Teens' Metal Loft Bed with desk underneath shown here is available below.

A Quick Word About the Loft Beds with Desks I Talk About Here in This Article

Decorating around these kids' and teens' loft beds with their desks underneath is downright fun. I started with an uber-cheap bed, but there's some real heavy weights down below. With this black one, you'll have the look, the height and the desk workspace for homework without breaking your budget. Mostly, I've talked about decorating (that's what I do) but I do include each bed's info with a link to learn more.

budget-friendly metal loft beds with full desk underneath

Sticking to your modern loft style, is easy. Metal lamps and accessories will look great to build on your uptown theme. Think 'mechanical' and 'linear' for a cohesive look your tween or teen will appreciate.

Metal finishes in silver or nickel work well to add dimension (a process decorators call layering).

Try to stay away from adding pieces with distinct styles like country and traditional. While at times mixing genres does work, it's best to stay safe with your additions, avoiding confusion and maintaining a pulled-together look.

This twin size bed on top bunk only needs a top mattress, and the fully extended, large desk underneath leaves plenty of room for stretching out. I like the loft bed's modern silver x-frame design; it's great for a kid's or teen's bedroom. The black metal loft bed above is the same design. The price is uber-low which is a plus-plus.

Another note about this bed: it's among the cheapest price-wise but shares good ratings from picky parents. So, if you're on a budget, or just don't want to spend a lot, you might want to consider this bed. I've found that a low price tag doesn't always mean cheaply-made with these loft beds.

Loft Bed with Full Size Top Bunk and Desk Underneath with Shelves

What the Model Rooms Can Teach Us About These Metal Loft Beds

If you're hard pressed to come up with a great result when decorating around these beds, take note of the model rooms shown. Usually, the images are staged by professionals and you can realize a fabulous bedroom for your kid or teen by modeling your space off these bedrooms. 

Full-size Loft Bunk and Desk Underneath with Storage Shelves

about your desk lighting

Using adequate lighting in your loft style bedroom is quite easy and rather inexpensive. Cheap, clamp-on lights often used for garages make a great option for ambient lighting.

Floor lamps that have a nondescript, straight line style add to your decor palette. For a 'cool' look kids love, consider lining the underside of the top bunk with string lights of fun colors like neon yellow, blue or hot pink.

Rope lighting makes a cheap but effective addition to your overall look for less.

These loft beds have a generous workspace with a nice-sized desk top and nice shelves for books, media or decor (I love that). Note the lamp on the model room's desk in this article. Its adjustable arm makes spotlighting papers easy. You might opt for a desk lamp much like it to keep in the Soho theme.

Full-sized loft beds like this black one, above and its silver companion in the larger image are great for teens. Other loft beds have a twin-sized top bunk, so consider your plans for use and the age of your child.

Aren't the metal panels a cool touch to these modern-marvel metal loft beds?

Cool Easy-Peasy Lighting On a Dime for Your Loft Bed

Ever the penny pincher, I'm forever looking for cheap ways to 'wow' and having twin teens, things can get tricky . . . er . . . picky.

Buy some super-cheap rope lights and line the bottom of the top bunk with any cool color lights. If you've a serious student, go with clear lights but for fun after homework is done, there's no shortage of fun hues, so have at it. You can even set up two strands: a white one and the fun one to be used independently. I'd say for less than $20, you can have a cool unit.

Metal Loft Bed with Computer Workstation/Desk and Storage Shelves Underneath Bunk

Full Desk Worktop

loft bed with computer desk underneath has storage shelves and keyboard tray
Black Metal Twin Loft Bed with Desk/Computer Workstation Underneath
computer workstations: pull out keyboard tray--or no?

For kids or teens approaching the higher grades, computers are a must-have for writing English papers, doing research and so much more. Computers are like the TVs of the 90s: you just can't get by with one. Here's a few loft beds with computer desk workstations; one desk has the pull out keyboard tray, the other is better suited for a laptop. Carefully consider your kid's age, school work load and their electronic and/or media needs.

Space-Saving Loft Bunk Bed with Desk/Bed Underneath:

this bed combines several pieces in one unit

Loft design is all about getting the most from the space you have. Every square foot is valuable. Furniture pieces that take advantage of this ideal really 'earn their keep' in functionality. Often, like this loft bed, different purposes are built into one unit to save valuable floor space.

Loft beds with desks, workstations and/or bottom bunks hold the greatest value in smaller bedrooms. I really appreciate this unit, as the bed converts to a cozy chair for lounging or studying in comfort. I suggest a clip-on lamp just above the futon to serve as a reading light.

Can I Get a Big OMG!

Twin loft Bed with Stairs, Desk and Extra Storage Underneath Each Step

If your kid or teen has the room, you may want to reward their efforts at studying with this cool-as-ever loft bed. The twin loft is accessed via cool stairs and the workstation desk underneath is nothing short of awesome. I like the full desk top and all the storage space under the steps. There's really not an inch unattended by purpose, and the metal frame looks NYC cool.

Here's a tip: Beds like this one, with something to brag about have great resale value, taking the weight and dollars off your investment. Ironically, this loft behemoth isn't really expensive. 

Here's the specs (from a happy mom) "The entire unit, including the steps, is approx 98" (or 8'2") long and 67" tall"

Note: If you don't have a truck to haul furniture around, this bed has free shipping. Be sure you are clear on it before you order it, though.  

Tips on Wall Art for Your Kids' Tween's or Teens' Room

posters make a great impression

Black & white posters make for a great addition to your loft space. Those that have a splash of color amidst the steely background add eye-catching value. I would go with the standard size poster (24" x 36"), as frames make the art more substantial than simply tacking it to the wall.

When you're ready to change out the poster, simply pop out the old and in with the new without investing more money for frames. Big box craft stores carry the frames and often you can pick them up really cheaply with a generous coupon. As most posters are available in the standard size, you'll always have a frame when it comes time for a remodel.

Hang the posters in a straight line for that cool, gallery look.

These metal loft beds are an ideal pick for pairing up with black & white posters. Like their predecessors here, these best have the full workstation underneath with some cool trim work, tweens and teens will love.

Versatile White Metal Loft Bed

big on legroom and gender-neutral decor options

It's easy to think of white as being less 'flavorful' much like vanilla ice cream. But really, white means more choices, as the sky's the limit with fun color, contrast and decor.

I like the versatile, straight lines of this metal loft bed, and the full size workstation desk underneath can accommodate a computer setup and desk lamp with room to spread out .

With its white metal frame, you'll have the option to go super girly or way cool.

Go with any bedding your girl or boy wants and wall color is ripe for the picking.

Now, doesn't white sound exciting?!

Tween and teens may need extra legroom, and this white loft bed will afford those crucial few inches down below.

rare white metal loft bed with full workstation desk top undreneath
White Metal Bunk/Loft Bed with Desk Underneath Twin Size Bunk
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