Motion-Activated Touch-Free Candy Machine

by Regi_B

Candy is great! Sanitary candy is greaterer!

Who likes germs with their candy! (If you said, "Me!", please seek help.)

Nobody -- that is who likes candy with germs.

This article is here to shine a light on the kind of candy dispenser you can put into a public setting and give people a little peace-of-mind about sticking their hand -- and especially, their child's hand -- out for some candy!

You can use touch-free candy dispensers in your office, in your childcare center, in your hair salon, in your restaurant -- beside the register -- in your funeral home -- just kidding!

Where you decide to use a motion-activated touch-free candy machine all depends upon where you wish to share candy with multiple people -- giving them peace-of-mind.

Who doesn't love peace-of-mind -- and candy!

What Is a Motion-Activated Touch-Free Candy Machine?

We are all likely familiar with touch-free things in our lives. Hey, just walk into a public restroom at a modern movie theater -- sanitary, motion-activated machines abound in there!

Well -- and forgive the odd phrasing -- this machine takes touch-free technology out of the bathroom, and into the world of candy sharing! (I know! I'm a curious character!)

Motion-activated candy machines create a little sense of security surrounding candy eating. Nice!

Why Do You Need a Touch-Free Candy Machine?

For a measure of "sanity", these machines are great. I am neither doctor nor scientist -- and maybe that explains a lot! lol! -- but I know the (at least) illusion of the "sanitary" gives me a little "sanity" when I am in public places.

What is a fact here? You will come into contact with less "nasty little buggers" if you get your candy from a touch-free machine!

Who Sells Motion-Activated Candy Machines?

This is a big enough market that lots of companies offer touch-less candy dispensers online. You are surely familiar with a number of the brands involved here.

Online, Sears sells touch-free candy machines.

You can also meet practically any price range by shopping for a motion-activated candy dispensing machine at Amazon. Many models have free shipping available there. (Amazon likes to push its free Super Saver shipping. Who could blame them!)

I hope most people will buy a new motion-activated candy machine from Vat19, to thank them for making the awesomely funny video you can watch below.

How Do I Buy a Motion-Activated Candy Machine Right Now?

If you made it to this point of my obviously exceptional article, you must be salivating for a motion-activated candy machine. Don't let me delay you! Use the link that says "Buy" below and squelch that flame that burns inside you right away! :-D

Updated: 02/28/2012, Regi_B
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