Movie Review: The Adventures of The Wilderness Family Trlogy

by Lowdown0

This is a great family movie that is full of adventure and beautiful scenery. The trilogy details a family of four moving from the city to the Alaskan wilderness.

If you are looking for a family type of movie that has great acting and high adventure, this is the movie for you. With 300 minutes of beautiful scenery and shots of wildlife, this will be a movie the whole family enjoys, or just you and your spouse.

Starring Robert Logan and Susan Damante, this 1975 film shows a family of four moving from the busy city life to the wilderness in Alaska to mine for gold. The ensuing drama and struggles they get into will make the viewer feel like they are there with them.

The Move Many of Us Dream Of

   The movie starts of showing the family living the cramped city life, with all the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles this family is getting tired of the hassle of it. Many of us may feel the same way, but we have never taken the plunge to move to the country or wilderness. The comfortable city we know seems to keep us put while our dreams of escape slowly fade away. 

   This instinctual desire to live away from the things of man and be self-sufficient is a longing humanity has because most of our history as humans has been that of the rural farming life. Only a 100 years ago about 90% of Americans were involved working on farms, and now only 10% of us are. Now urbanization has hampered our instinctual desires and made us dependent upon the relative ease of city life. Yet, this ease comes at a cost of living around many unpleasant people reveling in their sins and a high crime rate. 

   Opinions aside, this movie appeals to everyone who at least likes the great outdoors. The breathtaking scenery and great shots of the wildlife are very exciting to see and will make the viewer feel like they themselves are part of the adventure. The move many of us dream of is taken by this family as they sell their home and belongings, quit their jobs in the city and head out to the wilderness to mine for gold. 


Have You Ever Wanted To Move To The Wilderness?

The Adventures in the Wilderness

  The family arrived in the wilderness mountains of Alaska on a plane that lands on a nearby lake to their run down cabin. This cabin was a far cry different than what they were used to and we get to enjoy the struggles that ensue that they face after showing up. Living the dream of going to the wilderness isn't without it's perils, and the wilderness family has their resolve tested as they face these obstacles wondering what they are doing there in the first place. 

   They arrive in the spring time and eventually make the place their homes. We watch as they go through trials and tribulations becoming more at home in this hard to inhabit location in the middle of nowhere. As the winter looms the family has to make a decision to stay or not through the winter. The plane that brings them supplies won't be able to come for most of the winter, and the radio they have sometimes won't work, so they have to make their decision. 

   We watch as they come to their decision and see the near tragedy and life and death adventures that ensue. The perils of the wild country are nothing to joke about, and at this point many of us viewers are glad we are safe in the cities. Yet, the family just gets stronger after all the trails and the initiation of sorts just makes them feel like they have finally found their true home and calling for life.

  This is a movie you'll watch over and over, I would recommend it to anyone. 

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