Use A Statistical System to Improve Golf Game

by Lowdown0

If you're a golfer trying to improve your game, keeping track of your stats is a good way to do it. Looking at the objective numbers from our rounds helps us evaluate our game.

This may seem a little too much for some people who think I'm taking golfing too seriously. I've heard this criticism before, but it hasn't deterred me from dreaming big and doing everything I could to achieve the best golf I'm capable of. In this article, I'll share my statistical system with you in hopes it will help you think about your game and improve.

Stats Helping Improving Your Golf Game

  Most golfers I would guess don't keep a detailed record of their stats for every round. So, by doing so we can gain an advantage over the competition. If you are breaking a 100 on 18 holes, then golfing has now become mostly a mental game. The closer we get to par the more every detail starts to become necessary to evaluate. 

  By keeping a detailed record of your round jotting the particulars on your score card, we can then take the numbers and gain perspective from them after the round is over. After a round I reflect on the round when I input all the stats in my statistical system. From this reflective practice I become aware of the weaknesses of my game and know where to focus on the next round. 

  Stats have helped me understand what I'm doing out there on the course for every shot. Playing by the rules and keeping a pure score is the best way to truly understand where you are at as a golfer. Our potential might be there hidden in the abyss of mental ambiguity, and by becoming aware of the depths of our personal game, we can then adjust accordingly. 

Particulars of the System

   Mainly the system I have devised includes many of the common stats you've heard about from watching golf. These include GIR (greens in regulation), fairways hit, putts, sand and par saves, and driving distances. In addition to these common stats I have over the years included more creative and personal statistical categories that help me see the overall flow and feeling of the round. 

   One thing I do is expand on the common stats by including more detailed records of the putting, such as fringe putts, 3 or 4 putts, and one putts. For the driving I include an in play detail where I mark down if off the drive I still had a clean shot to the fairway (par 5) or the green with no obstacles in the way. 

    All of this is explained somewhat in the video above. The two unique stat areas I have created are the section with the check mark, C, and B+. This section shows me how often I gave myself to make par with at least one putt being on the green. Then the conversion rate to make par or better, and then the clean up rate which is when I one putt when putting for bogey or worse with first putt on the green. 

   The other unique section I've created is called the zone. This is figured by measuring how I shot compared to the optimal goal I have for myself for the course. Of course there is the par, but then there is also a personal par score which for me is a little higher than par.What I do is go over the holes I'm playing and mark down the goals I have in scoring. So even if I shoot a bogey on a long par 3, then I will still be on target and shooting in the zone. More details are in the video about the zone and these unique statistical categories I've made. 

Middlefield GC, Oregon
Middlefield GC, Oregon

Implementing the System

  Us golfers are trying to shave strokes off our game and get better over the years, not worse. We don't have to be talented golfers or athletes to break 90 or even 80, we just have to be crafty, smart, and tough mentally. Ben Hogan was a golfer that wasn't very talented, yet was a very tough mental player who played smart and won doing it (books below). 

  By implementing a statistical system into your game, you will be able to know exactly where you are at in your ability. More than going to the range all the time, this will create an awareness to your game while on the course playing. You will be able to adjust and keep your composure in ways that seemed difficult before. With this edge to your game, the strokes will fall away and you'll start seeing results. 

  In addition to this, it's just fun to crunch the numbers and see your stats like the pros. You can compare and see how far away you are from being a pro in the process. Hope this system helps inspire you and results in you playing better golf. 

Do You Keep Stats on Your Rounds

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