Revenue Sharing Sites or Blogs?

by Lowdown0

Both of these options are good to include into a writer's on-line writing system. Yet, which one do we make the center of our efforts? Join me in discussing this topic further.

I came to this question and really didn't have an answer. I have two blogs at blogger and also I write for sites like Hubpages and Wizzley. I'm not choosing one or the other, because I will write on all of these platforms as long as I can. What I needed to do is choose where to make the center of my on-line writing system.

Whether the writer knows it or not, they have a system they employ to get the success they desire out of their efforts. For some the goals involve money, and for others it's just the interaction with others. Either way, most of us write to share and add to people's enjoyment in their lives.

The Benefits of Revue Sharing Sites

   Wizzley and Hubpages are both quality platforms that have authority when it comes to search engines. They receive a large amount of traffic compared to a blog that is just starting out, or even a blog that has been very successful. Having a platform to write like this where traffic is coming in consistently is one of the benefits of revenue sharing sites. 

   Hubpages and Wizzley in my opinion are the top article writing destinations of this kind. They have a quality look and feel to them, and a community of writers to help and interact with. This is also an appealing factor when considering where to put your efforts. A blog can be a lonely place at times, where you may feel like no-one is reading or around to interact with, especially when you first begin. 

   For certain writers, revenue sharing sites appeal to them because they don't want to have to put all this effort into creating a blog and learning how to manage and grow it. This effort to create a blog does require a lot of time and effort that isn't related to writing itself. So having a platform such as Wizzley is nice because they have the structure to make money and be successful already in place, and the writer just needs to write. 



Benefits of Blogging

    Blogging has it's benefits as well, to a certain type of writer who is willing to create and put the effort into creating and managing a blog, this can be very rewarding. A blog is more personal than a revenue sharing site because the author has more control over the design and layout. So a blog allows for more control and artistic freedom than writing for revenue sharing sites. 

    A blog is also a place where readers can connect with the writer on many different platforms. All of the widgets and additional information on a blog makes it a sort of home where the writer can share all of the platforms we are trying to promote. This appeals to me, because there is more potential for growth and making money this way. If I were to say write an e-book, then this would always be visible to readers when they visited my blog. 

   Another benefit to blogging over revenue sharing sites is the potential to make more money holistically. Although at first traffic is hard to come by, after awhile with refined methods of promotion learned along the way, the blogger begins to get a consistent amount of traffic, Having the blog monetized with Adsense and then using Amazon Affiliate marketing has the potential to make better money than revenue sharing sites because the blogger keeps a 100% of the Adsense revenue. 



My Conclusion

   After carefully analyzing this question I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to make my blogs the center of my on-line writing system. I will continue to use revenue sharing sites like Wizzley and Hubpages as long as I can, but my main efforts will be to grow my blogs. The system I have constructed has been working and will continue to grow as time goes on. With a consistent effort I will begin to see more traffic and more money coming through Adsense. 

    When it comes down to it, I just like the freedom of blogging. I sometimes write on some difficult topics like conspiracy and Christianity, which may not be received as well with some sites. With my blogs I have more control and freedom of what I want to post and I don't have to worry about an article being deleted or rejected. 

   Also, the fact that my blogs serve as the main hub for my on-line writing efforts make this choice a sure one for me. I have my YouTube channel there, my Reverbnation page, press there, my Blogtalkradio channel there, and other widgets and connecting devices that make it a more advantageous place for me to put my efforts. Although my blogs as of yet aren't making much money and don't get very much traffic, I'm taking the leap of faith and believing they will. 

   Maybe this answer will be different for you, but writers blogging and writing for quality revenue sharing sites like Wizzley, have a good strategy in our on-line writing systems. Hope this has helped you in some way. 

Where is Your On-line Writing Center?

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Updated: 05/13/2014, Lowdown0
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LindaSmith1 on 06/09/2015

I have started several new sites this year and have seen traffic increased, some days over 400 visits to one site, sales are soaring while my content on writing sites sit and do nothing. I have already moved content from Hub Pages which is going downhill fast in every way. I have move content from here to my own site to see sales the next day, when the same article did nothing here after being here for months. I post a lot on Netboard. me, but I am not really seeing traffic from there.

Lowdown0 on 05/14/2014

Good feed back SimeyC and Mira, there are benefits to both, it seems it take some faith to venture out an put a lot of effort into blogging, but with a consistent effort it will grow and can see results.
Mira I think your right about the Amazon shoppers being more serious on blogs because the traffic you do get isn't the writing community, although they may be buyers to sometimes.
I could imagine with an consistent effort with both ways, and being open to new strategies of marketing, both could prove to be profitable. How much just depends, and that's part of the fun of it. Thanks for coming by.

Mira on 05/14/2014

I personally think the two are so different that you don't need to choose one over the other. I spend less time on my blog but it's becoming just as important in my long-term strategy as Wizzley, even though, as you say, it can seem that you work in a bubble, with no feedback. But you do get followers, and people do click through to Amazon more than they do here on Wizzley, so I take notice and develop that bit as well.

SimeyC on 05/14/2014

I should complete a decent blog but I find it far easier to publish on revenue sharing sites as they generally will get far more traffic to my articles than a blog - of course if I concentrated on a blog and seriously began to market it, then I would get more views.

Lowdown0 on 05/13/2014

Sounds good, I do write for more than these two listed, but always on the hunt for new places. Best wishes in your efforts.

ologsinquito on 05/13/2014

I have the same strategy right now, except I'm writing for more revenue-share sites and putting more attention into my blogs. Good luck with your work.

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