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by Lowdown0

Blogtalkradio is a great platform for beginners and professional alike. They have high traffic and great features to start your own show or listen to unbiased news and views.

No matter what your taste or interests are, you'll be able to find a show on Blogtalkradio to listen to and follow. I have found this site to contain some shows that I've learned a lot from over the last few years.

You could say this site is citizen journalism on the radio, but you could also simply listen to music on certain shows as well. The creative power it offers is unique and the quality of the site is top notch, making this the leading Internet radio destination on-line.

Want to Start a Radio Show?

  Have you ever thought about having your own radio show? Where you could play only the music you like, and be the DJ behind the desk? Or maybe you want to host a talk show and share your unique views on whatever subject you think needs attention? The possibilities are endless as Blogtalkradio gives us the opportunity to create a show and have access to their organic traffic that totals 18 million unique visitors every month!

   There are 15,000 hosts on Blogtalkradio now living the dream. They are creating an average of 1,800 shows everyday for the world to listen to. And the world is listening as they have 30 million listens every month. 

    They do have options to pay for your hosting service which gives you more features, but they also offer a basic free hosting account. So, we can have a free show up to a half an hour daily if we want. 

   I personally have a show called Lowdown with them, it's a free hosting service which airs every Monday at 8pm Pacific time for a half an hour. 

What Makes Blogtalkradio So Great?

   What makes this site so great is that the listeners can call in live and talk to the host. Also the listeners can call in a number that is given to the host to listen to the show from their phones. This allows people who don't have Internet access to listen to the shows and interact. 

   The dashboard for the host is quality and is easy to use. It shows the listens, downloads, the profile views, and the shows individual stats. There is a section to organize and create new shows and if upgrade a section to see more detailed stats. Also, there is a studio where the host can see who is calling in and control the sounds and music, commercials, and call ins from. This is a great feature that even the free host is privy to. 

  The usability and the quality of the site make this a great platform and has attributed to it's success on-line. There is even a chat room below the show for listeners to interact live. These features and the variety of topics available make this a unique platform anyone can enjoy.

Picture of Me
Picture of Me

Unbiased News and Views

  The aspect that attracted me to this site especially was that it was a place where I could get information that wasn't biased. The mainstream sources of media are controlled by the powers to be and do not allow for certain perspectives. This is a another reason why Internet radio has gained popularity. 

  I listen to mainly three different shows on Blogtalkradio: Voice of Evangelism, Omegamanradio, and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. These shows have helped me gain valuable information about Christianity and the world in general. I have learned truths about the Bible and the conspiracy that is in the world today. For this reason I would recommend this site and these shows to anyone who values citizen journalism and truth. 


Have You Heard of Blogtalkradio Before Now?

Links to My Blogtalkradio Show and An Article About the Site


- Lowdown Blogtalkradio Show

   Christian Truth. History Suppression in The Establishment. Love for Jesus Christ and a Hatred for evil. Waking people up to the truth. A blogger and on-line writer's journey.


- A Writer's Review: Lowdown Show on Blogtalkradio

   A review on Blogtalkradio and some information on the show that I'm doing there. 

Updated: 05/18/2014, Lowdown0
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