Murano Glass Christmas Ornaments

by blackspanielgallery

Murano glass Christmas ornaments are quite artistic pieces, and come is a multitude of styles.

Murano glass Christmas ornaments are just a small sample of the glass produced on the Venetian Island of Murano. These Christmas ornaments are high quality glass pieces.

Venetian glass, another way of describing Murano glass, is a high-quality artistic glass that has a history of many centuries. The pieces have a unique appearance. Often opaque, the colors of Murano glass are usually rich and can be stunning.

These exquisite pieces are true works of art, using glassmaking techniques developed by some of the most skilled artists of Europe.

One can expect some variations in size and color, since Murano glass is hand made.

Murano Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Murano glass Christmas trees are capable of being displayed on their own, since the Christmas tree has its own stand as part of the ornament.  They come in a wide variety of colors.  Christmas tree ornaments can be found with a height of about five inches or less.


The Christmas tree ornaments are not just one color, but they have color designs intended to catch the eye.  They are quite attractive pieces, and can be displayed on a mantle, table, or shelf.

The Murano Glass Christmas Angel Ornaments

Angels have been part of Christmas dating back to when Jesus was born.  Representing them with a beautiful piece of art is appropriate.  It keeps the religious aspect of Christmas as part of the décor.


In addition to the beautiful Murano glass, it is possible to find a millefiori angel Murano glass Christmas ornament.  Millefiori is a special technique that uses glass rods that are pulled thin.  The cross-sectional pattern in maintained, and the rods are cut into thin pieces that are incorporated into the piece.  This technique is used in making beautiful, multicolored pieces.


Another distinct Murano glass angle is the reticello angel.  This is made using another special technique which uses two bubbles, one inside the other, from two rods that are twisted in opposite directions.


Angel bell ornaments are also available in Murano glass.

Globe Christmas Ornaments

Globes are the most common shape of Christmas ornaments.  Globe, or spherical shaped, Christmas ornaments abound, even in Murano glass.  But they are not all alike.


Some Murano glass globe ornaments are made with a mosaic pattern, giving them a visual appearance of many colors working together to form a piece of art. 


Some multi-color globes are millefiori pieces.  These are distinct from the mosaic ornaments.  The millefiori glass style was mentioned with a brief explanation is the section on angel ornaments above.  These have their own rich beauty, and they are worthy of consideration.


Still another look is the chalcedony swirl Christmas ornaments.  These use a color, and many different colors are possible, as a base color.  Then some light and dark secondary colors are added.  The colors are swirled into a beautiful sphere, with one main color highlighted by the secondary colors.  The swirl pattern has a randomness to it, so the pieces are far from boring to gaze upon.

Other Shaped Christmas Ornaments

As with other Christmas ornaments, Murano glass Christmas ornaments come in a multitude of styles.  In fact, when viewing one several others can appear.  One of the nicest ones incorporates the millefiori style into an ornament, but only as a part of the ornament.

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blackspanielgallery on 09/21/2019

Of the ones I have shown they are, but there are others, such as angel bells.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/21/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
Are the globe and other shaped ornaments the only ones for hanging? It looks from the images that the other ornaments are for mantle, shelf, table display.

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