Mushroom Christmas Decorations

by SusanM

Which mushroom Christmas decorations are the best symbols of Christmas?

Mushrooms actually have an association with Christmas that goes back to ancient times. But not all mushrooms are Christmas mushrooms. It's the Fly Argaric Mushroom that we most associate with Christmas. This is also the one that has the strongest history of being associated with Santa Claus.

The Fly Argaric Mushrooms are the red ones with the white spots. They're also seen in many children's picture books about fairies. So you've probably seen many pictures of these mushrooms without knowing what type they were.

Because of the association with Christmas Fly Argaric Mushrooms make nice Christmas decorations.

The Fly Argaric Mushroom

But before we take a look at my pick of the best quality Christmas mushroom ornaments I thought you might like to take a peek at the Fly Argaric Mushroom. 

As you can see they do have a very magical, storybook look to them. But they're been association with the Christmas season long before children's books were invented. In fact their connection goes back to the ancient sharmans and the flight of the soul. (Which is said to be symbolized in the flight of Father Christmas.) 

Photo: Onderwijsgek at nl.wikipedia 

Cutest Mushroom Decoration for Christmas

Charming Tales Mice with Red Mushroom Hat

You can get some really nice Fly Argaric Mushroom themed ornaments for your Christmas tree. 

There's also a wide range of styles. This is good because it lets you decorate in a style of your choice - while still including these Christmas mushrooms as tree decorations.

The wooden ornaments shown here are a nice example of what you can find. They have a sweet, storybook style. So they'd make a nice choice if you have kids and want to decorate your tree in a way that will capture their imaginations. 

These two ornaments also include Father Christmas. This fits in with the symbolic history of the Fly Argaric Mushroom to the Christmas season.

The Fly Argaric Mushroom with it's ancient association to the flight of the soul is symbolic of Father Christmas' flight through the air delivering gifts. 

These Fly Argaric Mushroom decorations have a very different look.

They're definitely more modern than the storybook like ornaments. They also don't make a direct association with Father Christmas. Instead relying directly on the association of these mushrooms with the holiday season. 

The design used in these mushroom decorations are dainty and streamlined rather than sweet. So they'd look especially good in a Christmas tree with other dainty looking ornaments. They would also look good in one that had simple and streamlined looking decorations like baubles. 

Although these Fly Argaric Mushroom ornaments are modern looking the original mushroom colors have been kept. This nicely balances out the classic-modern feel and is in keeping with the  traditional colors of Christmas.

If you like the association between Father Christmas or Santa Claus and the Fly Argaric Mushroom you can get ornaments that are dedicated to this.

This style of ornament has a nice classic feel to it of Christmases gone by.

We also notice the similarity between the mushroom and Santa's traditional red hat when we see them side to side like this.

In fact the traditional Santa suit is in the colors of the Fly Argaric Mushroom. But the designers of this ornament decided not to go with the traditional suit.

Perhaps this was to provide some extra color and contrast to the Fly Argaric Mushroom he is holding.

Now for something different. This little cartoon Fly Argaric Mushroom is a bright and cute addition to your tree. Something like this is not traditional in it's style (although the mushroom is traditional) but it makes a Christmas tree fun for kids. 

The shape of this ornament also reminds us of the classic Christmas bauble. The red and green are also traditional Christmas colors - although the brighter versions of these colors have been used.

So it seems this ornament is more classic than it looks at first. Making it an excellent choice if you have kids (or grand kids) and want to make your Christmas tree appealing for them.

Fairyland Inspired Ornament

This is another ornament that kids will love. It's also one that's on the edge of the traditional and the imaginary. 

This is a lovely fairyland scene with a little fairy mushroom house.

Fairies aren't associated with Christmas in the same way angels are. But the Fly Argaric Mushroom is connected as are the red and green colors used in this ornament. The choice of the round bauble shape also adds another link to the classic Christmas style. 

So this would be a great choice if you have a child or grand child who's a fairy fan.

Now these ornaments are for you if you want to put some Mushroom Christmas decorations on your tree but don't think red will work with your color scheme.

These gold ornaments are in the shape of the Fly Argaric Mushroom so you have that symbolic association. But the gold coloring will go with most color schemes that won't let you use red ornaments. This gives you some extra flexibility and lets you stick to your first choice of colors without having to miss out on using mushroom inspired decorations. This is good because mushrooms are a nice design that have become symbolic for Christmas.

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SusanM on 06/07/2013

That would be a gorgeous look :)

kimbesa on 06/07/2013

So cute! I could see doing an entire tree in mushrooms and storybook ornaments.

SusanM on 11/05/2012

DustyToes - I don't think they grow in Australia (??) but I grew up reading fairy stories so I've seen plenty in children's books. I'm not surprised to hear they're poisonous. We don't have squirrels here either but with the tales I hear about them I wish we did. They sound like characters ;)

SusanM on 11/05/2012

The mushrooms make gorgeous ornaments don't they. I love the cuter rather than the more formal ones myself :)

dustytoes on 11/05/2012

That red mushroom is so pretty - I see them growing in the woods - but poisonous as well. The cute figure of the mice wearing them as hats reminds me of how I once watched a little red squirrel chew on a mushroom - not that kind though! I never knew they ate them.
Cute page of Christmas fun.

BrendaReeves on 11/05/2012

Interesting article and cute ornaments.

SusanM on 11/05/2012

It is interesting isn't it. The symbolic aspects of the holidays are fascinating.

Mira on 11/05/2012

I never knew about these mushrooms until I read an article by BardofEly. Now I also see why they're associated with Christmas. Interesting!

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