My Golf Game Can be Fixed?

by Bucketofshrimp

The page is about Polara Golf Balls. This amazing product can correct your golf slice or hook up to 75%.

Golf Slice Fix Miracle Revealed!

Yes my friends fixing your golf game may be possible, if you can stomach it.  I can tell you honestly I have been have been playing some mean slice golf for over 30 years.  I am a recreational golfer who plays mostly in scramble for business and with my friends.  I am terrible.  Sometimes I can't even find my ball.  Yep, I am THAT GUY who is in the foursome up ahead of you sucking your time and life away.  It's not that I don't know how to play golf, I do have plenty of experience. 

I grew up taking lessons and playing many rounds as a young boy.  I caddied at Oakland Hills Country Club for two years.  I have for most of my god given life upheld and respected the USGA Golf Rules.  Many of my closest freinds are PGA Pros who work at courses throughout the nation, and have taught me much about the great sport. But there comes a point where you just need need to realize that might actually just suck at golf and you don't have the time or energy to practice and take lessons to get better.  So now after all of that I say you need to start cheating and having some fun.  I am not talking about making birdie after birdie.  I am talking about finding your ball off the tee.  You recreational golfers know what I am talking about I am sure you understand.  Now time to get over all the rules and morals and ethics and read about the product on this article and you can start having fun golfing again.

The Polara two-piece and three-piece golf balls respecively will reduct your golf slice by up to 75%.  That doesn't mean you will autimatically hit the ball within ten feet of the cup, but you might be able to find your ball now and maybe, just maybe play a shot from the fairway.  I know, scary isn't it.  The Polara golf balls dimples are not USGA regulation and will take the curve off a golf slice or hook for the most part.  Every reveiw I have read about this seems to be favorable.  I will be testing this product throughout the summer.  You can buy this product here through Amazon.  Regardless of what your morals or eithics are you know you want to have more fun golfing out there, so grab a dozen and stop hacking!


Updated: 07/24/2011, Bucketofshrimp
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sheilamarie on 07/21/2011

I'm not a golfer, so I know what you mean that these balls are not for real competition but just for being able to find your ball and keep your self respect. Some of us are just made that way.

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