My Wizzography or Confessions of a Cat Lady

by candy47

Welcome to my Wizzography! This is where I get to tell you a little about myself and how I became a cat lady.

My name is Candy, I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Las Vegas in my early 30's. I lived in Las Vegas for 26 years and worked in a few casinos as a dealer and eventually in know, the 'eye in the sky'. Then in 2006 I returned to New Jersey (family issue) where I stayed until 2013 when I returned to the southwest. I didn't go back to Las Vegas because the population had grown too much for my liking, but a small town in Arizona was very appealing and it's only an hour to Las Vegas.

I've been writing online since 2009 which is when my sister told me about a website called eHow. A couple of years later that site made a lot of changes so I moved on to Squidoo until they sold out to another website. I chose not to make the transition to the new site, instead I joined Wizzley and I love it here!

All photos by Candy Dorsey

About Me

The Short Version

Likes, Dislikes and Pet Peeves

  • I would like the term 'dumb down' to be replaced with 'smarten up'.
  • I don't believe everything I hear, read, see or get in an email.
  • I would like for people to stop reading labels and just eat real food.  They would be healthier.
  • I think if you want to visit someone at their home you should call first, don't just show up.
  • I would like to go a full 24 hours without hearing the words 'amazing' 'absolutely' and 'you guys'.  I would probably have to lock myself in a closet for that to come true.
  • I don't use profanity...ever.
  • I don't respond to sarcasm.
  • I enjoy watching and listening to the local wildlife. It's even better when I can get a photo.

My Wizzles

So many different types of birds call the desert their home. I enjoy watching and photographing them...
A glimpse of the Arizona desert wildlife and not so wild life, that I see from my back door.
Not just a simple case of constipation. My cat was diagnosed with 'megacolon' it's an enlarged colon and must be treated by a veterinarian.
A Marine, the war in Baghdad, a puppy named Lava and the journey from Iraq to America.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Crock Pots! 

I love them.  It doesn't matter what you put in a crock pot as long as it cooks all day, it comes out tender and tasty.  If you're not sure what to put in your crock pot, you can surely find something in a Slow-Cooker Cookbook.  To simplify the clean-up process...crock pot liners!

Isotoner Slippers

With Leather/Suede Soles

Having leather/suede soles is very important to me because they prevent sparks flying when I touch my cat or anything metal.  Rubber soles don't stop the sparks.

Las Vegas 2006

This is a picture of me in front of my house in Las Vegas, I lived in that house for 24 years. I'm smiling because my real estate agent told me I had to (she took the picture). I said “but I'm moving to New Jersey”, she said “smile anyway”!

Las Vegas 2006
Las Vegas 2006

More of Mine

Mermaids: The New Evidence as seen on Animal Planet, is it a documentary or mockumentary...You be the judge.
Salvador Dali's ruby and gold Royal Heart brooch. It beats just like a human heart.
Written and performed by Janis Joplin, What Good Can Drinkin' Do reveals the pain and sadness of this talented woman.
The oldest operating hotel in New York City, The Algonquin was the meeting place for the famous 'Vicious Circle' of literary giants.

Arizona 2013

Living in the Arizona desert where some say is the middle of nowhere, I love sitting in my office writing articles, reading the news of the world and watching cute kitten videos. This is my office.

My Office
My Office

Articles that might interest you

A safe place for neglected, abused and forgotten horses and an occasional guest donkey.
I never expected to see an ostrich ranch in our little town...
The fight between two heavyweight champion boxers, Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney, took place September 22, 1927 and is still talked about today. It's known as The Long Count Fight.
International Human Rights lawyer, visiting faculty member and lecturer at Columbia Law school. By the way, her husband works in Hollywood.

My First Cat


It was 1994 and I was working in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip when a co-worker told me that she wanted to give me her cat. She said the cat belonged to her mother who had passed away recently. This co-worker said she lived with two roommates and pets were not allowed in the house, the cat was temporarily staying with her until she could find a home.


I told her I was not a cat person, I never had a cat in my life and suggested she offer the cat to someone else, perhaps one of the cat people that we worked with. She resisted that idea and continued asking me daily, insisting that she wanted me to have the cat, until I finally agreed.


So, she brought Angus to my house, which is when I learned that he was 14 years old! He was skinny, scared and sickly looking. We (Angus and I) went to the vet the next day. Surprisingly he was in good health overall, he just needed to put on some weight.


We became best buddies over the next two years which is when Angus became ill with kidney failure and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Here's Angus with his hula hoops at the age of 16!

Angus and Hula Hoops
Angus and Hula Hoops

The Cat Who Bit Me

Strawberry Ling

After the loss of Angus I wanted to get another cat right away. There was a pet store going out of business and they were giving away all the animals, they had them in cages in the parking lot. I saw an adorable kitten and picked him up, he wiggled out of my arms, hissed and tried to bite me so I knew we were meant for each other.


Strawberry was 'The King' of everything! He didn't like people and attacked anyone who got too close to me. Strawberry was very protective.  Meet Strawberry.



Strawberry on Trackball Toy
Strawberry on Trackball Toy

The Wounded Kitten

Suzanna Delilah

Everything was going well until 2001 when a wounded stray kitten wandered up to the house. I fed her, took her to the vet and the next day Strawberry and I had a new roommate. He was not all. 

In 2006 the three of us relocated from Las Vegas to New Jersey. It was an interesting plane ride indeed!

Two years later in 2008 Strawberry was diagnosed with cancer. It was a difficult decision but I had to let him go.

I still had Suzanna. She and I stayed in New Jersey until 2013 then relocated to Arizona. Three months after arriving in Arizona, Suzanna was diagnosed with cancer and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


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Updated: 09/05/2015, candy47
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candy47 on 02/06/2016

No Eleanor, I don't have a cat anymore but I think it's time to get another one. House in Vegas was a townhome, the other garage belongs to the neighbor.

Eleanor Doscher on 02/06/2016

Candy, I really felt sad reading about your cats! How sad for you. Am I messing something? Do you have a cat now? Your office -- your deck overlooking mountains -- iI would be terrified to live in the desert -- I need to see skyscrappers! Your home in Las Vegas looks as if you had two DOUBLE garages??? Keep writing!

candy47 on 06/21/2015

Nice to meet you too dustytoes!

dustytoes on 06/21/2015

I'm always amazed (not amazing! ha... I hate that one too) at the scenery out where you live. It's so different from New England where I am. But what a view you have! It's stunning. Nice to meet you and all your cats, past and present.

candy47 on 06/07/2015

Thanks for the kind comment and the shares Nancy Hardin. Yes, I will get another kitty...soon.

Nancy Hardin on 06/07/2015

Do you plan to have another kitty in your life? I know how it feels not to have a pet after having them for so long. My Sarah (pug dog) has been gone over a year, but I still miss her little warm presence. I like this Candy, and I'm sharing on Google+ and FB.

candy47 on 05/28/2015

jptanabe, it's too hot for me too in the summertime! That's when I work outside early in the morning, before 10 a.m.

jptanabe on 05/28/2015

I would love to sit and work in your office - but I fear it would be too hot for me. Thanks for sharing about yourself and your cats!

candy47 on 05/26/2015

happynutritionist, NJ has its nice areas but as you said it's too congested. Arizona is a beautiful place for me to be!

happynutritionist on 05/25/2015

Oh how I love your office...I am in NJ, and married to a hubby who is from out west, thought we'd end up out there, but here we are! It's a pretty area though, woodsy and lakefront cabin. But I'd love to be in a less congested part of the country.

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