National Geographic Photography

by Michey

We grow up with National Geographic. Do you know that AllPosters, have an entire collection "National Geographic Photography" Posters ready for you to print, enjoy, educate kids.

National Geographic Poster Collection

Very educational indeed!

National Geographic.

I grew up with National Geographic. As an adult I continue to love NG, educate myself with it, admire the quality of National Geographic Photography, on the spot reports, and the great talent of their reporters... sometime they put themselves in danger just to give us an accurate image or event.

I find out about world places I don't know that even exist, I learn a lot about people, global  problems, poverty, innovations, arts and artists... it is a long list but in a nut shell...

National Geographic is oriented toward humanity in general: people life, education, makes our life better, and this is why it is so educative and precious.

The NG Magasine contains articles about geography, world history, culture, popular science, current events and photography of places and things all over the world.

It was a great surprise for me to discover that AllPosters has a category "National Geographic Collection".

I give you some examples here to make my point.

National Geographic History

National Geographic buildingThe National Geographic Society started on January, 1888 as a club of academics and wealthy people interested in travel. The aim was to increase and distribute the geographical knowledge by promoting the conservation of the worlds cultural, historical, and natural resources.

In the picture you see the building of National Geographic in Washington DC.

Since then this Society increase in scope:

  • It published a NG Magasine in the same year
  • It helped sponsor many expeditions and research projects over the years
  • Programs by the National Geographic Society and  NG television specials are broadcast on television
  • Awards -The Hubbard Medal is awarded by the NG Society for distinction in exploration, discovery, and research 

The National Geographic Magazine:

  • It was published its first issue in October 1888
  • Since then it has had 12 monthly issues per year, plus on rare occasions, special issues of the magazine are created
  • It is currently published in 32 language editions
  • It has more than fifty million readers monthly

The AllPosters Subcategory for National Geographic

You can find all sub-categories on this link:

National Geographic Collection

You can find more then 14,000 items on the following sub-category:

  • Animals
  • Architecture
  • Artifacts
  • Floral / Botanical
  • Food / Beverage
  • Fossils
  • Landscape
  • People  
  • Photographers 
  • Regions 
  • Transportation
  • Best of National Geographic
  • National Geographic Favorites
  • and more...

The benefit of having National Geographic Posters:

  • We can educate our kids decorating their room with them
  • Home schooling moms can use them on learning process
  • Teachers can post then in class rooms
  • Helps educate ourselves for special traveling
  • Helps learn geography and history
  • Use them as Art decorations at home, offices, and schools
  • The quality of pictures are the best possible
  • and more...

The learning never stops for both kids and adults with National Geographic articles, pictures, maps, posters; they are very useful tools.

My grandson has a huge map on his wall.

Updated: 09/13/2011, Michey
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Michey on 03/16/2013

Thanks you so much. National Geographic always produce high quality...

Sheri_Oz on 10/20/2012

These are gorgeous photos. Brilliant!

Michey on 01/20/2012

Yes this is what I like about them, the quality of pictures and the quality of articles.
Thanks for stopping by.

Michey on 10/05/2011

What I always admire was the quality of presentation: photos, maps, details. Sure the articles are related with the personality, culture, knowledge, even politics and affiliate of the authors. It is a say that if you have more then 3 person in a room, you have more the 3 oppinions... But I have to admit that I learn a lot from NG.
Thanks for reading my article.

samsons1 on 10/05/2011

Loved this. NG has always been a favorite as far as the pix are concerned even though I disagree with the 'million of years concept' often found in many of the articles...

SidewalkPhilosopher on 09/15/2011

Bill's favorite for years!!

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