Navy Blue and White Striped Bedding: the Versatile Bedroom Decor Option

by HomeArtist1

Navy blue and white striped comforter and bedding sets like these, are a great way to begin your bedroom decorating venture.

Highly-visual, navy blue and white stripes beg for attention, capturing the eye and lending a classic, yet casual first impression to your bedroom. The stripe pattern isn't just for owner's suites; rather, navy blue and white can work in a any bedroom, welcoming you or your guests and introducing your theme in a host of stripes.

Not only is the navy and white stripe a fun and fresh design, but contrasting stripes can actually work in your bedroom, giving the illusion of more space (wider and/or deeper).

Who knew we can get all this splendor with a striped bedding set?

Below, I've a host of navy blue and white stripe comforters and bedding sets, along with basic decorating tips to get you started on that retreat-of-a-bedroom you've long been pining for.

Getting Started with Your Navy and White Striped Palette

What's your decor style?

Super-versatile, navy blue and white stripes are a best bet for gender-neutral bedding or if you're apt to redecorate often. Too, stripes can support many styles of wall art, accent furniture, lighting and accessories.

I included this rugby stripe navy and white comforter set at right here, to illustrate how well the pattern will pair with a brushed nickel (metal) finish table lamp just as well as a nautical-themed lighting piece. Or, you can add a red, white and blue throw pillow for an all-American look.

So, here we've gone from modern decor with metal fixtures, a traditional palette with nautical lighting and an altogether different, American theme--all with the same navy and white striped bedding set.

How's that for easy-peasy?


Using Your Focal Pieces Wisely

Allow Your Striped Bedding to Stand Out

As I mentioned earlier, stripes are a definite eye-catcher and make an excellent choice for your focal point (the area of your bedroom directly inline with a space's entrance).

Bedding is the space's major player, so its design or pattern is super-important. While stripes are a fabulous pattern, too many stripes will spoil the 'broth' and ruin your bedroom's total impression. If you can imagine a space replete with a dizzying arrangement of blue and white stripes everywhere--it's here a stripe, there a stripe, everywhere a stripe, stripe, stripe!

Yup, that play on words is utterly obnoxious, if not downright nauseous. Just as all that wordiness and repetition is unpleasant, too much of anything is a bad thing. When decorating your bedroom with such a visually-strong pattern, one that's made even stronger when coupled with two contrasting hues (the blue and white), it's a good idea to keep the pattern to your bed and be conservative with it elsewhere, like one striped throw pillow on a nearby chair.

This way, you create a relationship between the bed and another furniture piece and not go overboard with the striped pattern.

Allow your bed set to earn its keep and take center stage and you'll have a great start to your new bedroom.


Using Striped Bedding to Create 'Space'

The Direction of Stripes is Important


"Does this Bedding Make My Bed Look Big?"

I know that my title may sound a bit familiar on the fashion set, where dresses might make one's . . . er . . . backside look bigger.

It's not the fabric; rather, it's often the pattern that creates the illusion of more space.

While that isn't a good thing for clothing, you can use this principle to your advantage for awkward bedroom layouts and smaller bedrooms.

Let's look at it in an easier way: horizontal patterns like the stripes on this bedding set will make the room appear wider.

So, these duvet bedding sets with their white and navy stripes, are great options for narrower bedrooms.


From Awkward to Awesome:

Using Navy and White to Redefine Your Bedroom's Dimensions


While this navy-based comforter set isn't the classic striped version, you can certainly add striped pillows to reclaim the pattern.

Just as stripes can redefine your bedroom's dimensions, really any line and pattern can work for your unique layout problems. This comforter can virtually divide a bedroom's floor plan if your space is strangely wide. Its white, square design can be space 'number one' and the other half of the room can become a seating area, where you cozy up on a chaise with a best-seller.

Doesn't that sound inviting?

I created a visual (further down) to illustrate how to best use an awkwardly-long room.

Adding 'Light' to Your Space with White:

White-Based Navy Stripes Uplift Dimly-Lit Bedrooms

Navy and white striped bedding sets like this one here on the right can uplift a bedroom that's woefully lacking in natural or ambient light. The white base creates the illusion of light and space with its reflective properties.

Bedrooms can't be the warm and welcoming retreat with looming shadows and creepy corners, so adding a lighter-hued bed set is an easy answer to a dark, lackluster space. Pair up this navy and white duvet with budget-wise sheer white window panels and keep to lighter--or white--walls.

Appropriate lighting lends to a clean, fresh impression, one we all need to succeed with our decorating efforts.

Adding Accent Colors to Your Navy and White Palette

Color for That Warm and Cozy Bedroom Space

Additional Color = More Options

You may have your sights set strictly on only navy and white striped bedding but consider adding an accent color like with this navy blue, white and grey comforter and sheet set. The included sheets make this bedding set especially budget-wise.

But back to the added color: Accent hues can add much-needed depth to an otherwise wan space. Plus, additional color means you can add other decorative elements instead of navy and/or white throughout your bedroom.

I'm thinking layering a nice grey rug or metal-based lamp with a navy or white drum shade. Draping a grey throw at the comforter's foot will add warmth and dimension.

With the addition of one simple color, you've opened the door for a host of other decor options.

And options are a good thing when decorating.

Sheet Sets Can Be Used with Matching Comforters

Better Yet, a Solid Navy Blue Comforter Works Fabulously with Navy and White Striped Sheets

Striped Sheet Sets and Your Bed

I love sheet sets; they add to a comforter or duvet's overall coziness. If you just have a comforter and not a complete bedding set, sheets will give your bed a more plush, layered appearance.

With sheets and pillowcases like this high-energy navy and white striped set, you might even think about a solid navy comforter and folding or rolling down your outer bedding layer to expose the energy of the stripes.

Opt for vertical stripes for a smaller/shorter bed, while horizontal stripes will do well to 'widen' a twin bed frame.

Folding down your comforter is a fabulous way of lending a 'peek' of what's inside. The sheets will be a welcome treat--like a prize in a cereal box.

Using Patterns in Awkward Spaces
Using Patterns in Awkward Spaces
Updated: 09/08/2015, HomeArtist1
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