Nerd Think Drink - Energy + Cognition Enhancing - The Next Generation Of Energy Drink Formulation

by Jerrico_Usher

Energy Drink For Writers! Smart Drug INFUSED! If you're going to drink an energy drink, at least make sure it has REAL Nootropics in it not just the same crap in every other drink!

Are you ready to upgrade to a better energy drink with a nootropic (smart drugs) kick in addition to the standard energy drink components which balance everything out? Energy is no good if it's uncontrolled or unfocused. This has been the real problem or limitation of energy drinks and even coffee over the past 20 years.

Companies are now innovating to blend the best of both worlds. Drinks like Brain ToniQ and Nerd Focus drinks go beyond the most powerful energy drink on the market (which I humbly think is NOS the one shaped like a nitrous oxide container) by incorporating the same things they do BUT adding MORE natural ingredients, nutraceuticals/smart drugs/nootropics- which are like super mega vitamins for the body- they do incredible things a multivitamin wishes it could do.

This article will discuss the main benefits and a review of the Nerd Focus Energy Drink product, and if you want to learn about the second but just as amazing most potent "think drink" you can read the Brain ToniQ (brain with a ton of IQ) review in the link below).


The standard energy drink is flawed, well not complete is more like it (unless you want to talk about healthy, then there is only one healthy but POTENT drink called Brain ToniQ which I also wrote an article simultaneously with this one linked to in the article below).


Why Standard Energy Drinks Fail To Work Well For...



Work at Home Jobs
Authors (book writing)
creative work


Standard energy drinks all have virtually the same ingredients with some slight but not extreme variations. For the most part energy drinks work very well until your body is cluttered and running on dirty oil so to speak.

When you want to energize after drinking energy drinks to the point where they don't work anymore, you don't want a "standard" energy drink. It will be more of a taste consumption thing than actually converting any of it to energy. You have to take in two or three more before your bouncing off the walls right? If you don't move around some of the ingredients won't even work!


The reason many standard energy drinks stop working or don't work for desk jockeys like myself, is that they are designed more for "sports" energy than cognitive enhancement.

Think about it, writers don't need physical stamina and strength so much as they need focus and a cognition boost.

So standard energy drinks aren't viable for desk jockey's.

Often you're getting MORE caffeine and B vitamins in the standard Energy drinks, but the other stuff in it is trying to calm you down so the more you drink the more relaxing/calming ingredients you also get!

You end up in stimulation heaven, but feel conflicted because you're also very tired. Your brain is awake but your body is taking full advantage of the inositol and taurine which is saying relax, whoa boy easy now.

What's worse is if the actual energy components don't work, the relaxing agents still DO work so you feel tired (the irony of drinking an energy drink and feeling tired is due to this phenomenon).  An energy drink won't work if there aren't certain prerequisites present too. 

1. Drinking water and lots of it- especially with these energy drinks and even Nerd Focus.

2. If you're dehydrated your body won't process energy drinks very well- if your malnutritioned, the same thing.

3. If your body is worn out, you stayed up two days in a row, or if you're trying to do things that don't require PHYSICAL energy then the drinks will just amp you up making your fidgety.

This 3rd one is where Nerd Focus comes into play. It's an energy drink (physical stamina) AND a focus drink (mental and cognition stamina)- not caffeine based artificial focus, but real focus that happens when your brain is happy. 

The calming ingredients also help calm the jitters caused by caffeine but there is a caffeine threshold where jitters are inevitable (different for different people).

The natural energy creator in energy drinks... the smart drug, nootropic ingredient (cognition enhancer/focus) is the N-L-acetl-l-carnitine and L-acetl-L'Tyrosine.

These enhance the body and give the mind a powerful ingredients it uses to create energy (ATP) but they also have powerful cognition enhancing effects.  

The "L" and "Acetyl" parts are referring to precursor for Acetylcholine which is like adding new cell phone towers in your brain so more of your brain cells can communicate faster and farther across the brain... 


The variations found in the standard energy drink formulation are often guarana, caffeine amount, taurine amount, and whether or not they contain either of the l-tyrosine or n-L-carnitine.

I ran into an energy shot by "mini thins" company that used orange peel extract (powerful ingredient that gives that ephedrine effect without the poisons to your body).

I've only seen this one online and at a gas station on my way to California from Oregon. The only side effect (I experienced) is your face tingles for 30 minutes but it's like a massage!).

As far as energy it's the same as the 5 hour energy shots, but the tingle is worth switching to this one!

Mini-Thins used to be a Ephedra product with serious health risks, but they've reformulated it removing ephedra/ephedrine   that are much safer, mainly the bitter orange peel extract... I'm kind of curious to try the new one, I did in their energy shot which appears to have the same ingredients as their pills.

I think this drink was discontinued but you can still get that mini thin product (no ephedra)
Mini Thin Rush Energy Drink



 Allow me to introduce you to two "Power and Cognition Enhancing" Smart-energy drinks causing an amazing stir in the space- in fact, they are creating a new evolution OF the space changing energy drinks forever.





Nerd Energy Think Drink


Feeling A Bit Out Of Control?

Is Your Energy Drink Not Working In Low Doses Anymore?

Is Your Energy Drink Giving You Too Much Unmanageable Energy?

Do you Need Energy AND A Major Cognition Boost?

Do You Need A "Writers" or "Videographer's" Energy Drink?




 If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em... The Energy Drink Evolution Is Happening


 Nerds Have Spoken Up

People no longer want (or NEED) just energy. That was industrial age needs. We're fully neck deep into the information age and that requires a completely different form of "energy" called cognition. You need energy that doesn't make you squirm and jitter in your seat- other cubicles can see you! You need things beyond energy too.

You need to be able to focus, think better and more efficiently, to multitask with incredible focus but the kind you spread evenly across several projects. You need to be able to maintain your mental stamina all day while helping your body cope with the stress that inevitably happens in hard core jobs for nerds like computing, server maintenance, anything IT or Internet Marketing. No the standard drink merely gives you a boost and crash that you feel the crash more than the boost!

You need a drink that covers both fields- energy, raw caffeinated "brute force" energy (see caffeine article I wrote here so you know what your really getting yourself into with caffeine: Caffeine), but you need more ingredients to calm the side effects of the energy drink stimulation and to help prevent a crash by offering the body "replacement" nutrients that allow it to repair the "brute force" ingredients damages.

For the most part standard drinks do this ok, but they don't account for mental energy, mental stamina, cognitive enhancement that writers and creative workers (thinkers) crave and NEED. The standard formula is great for helping you not conk out, but it offers no boost where you truly need it at a desk!

People will soon realize the energy drinks toted as "think" or "smart" drinks are going to take over the space. The new kids on the block- "Nerd Focus" and "Brain ToniQ" is "joining" the energy space (Nerd uses standard Energy Drink ingredients but pumps the main one, caffeine up to 120 mg (3x normal energy drinks) and adds POWERFUL nootropics to the mix which we'll get into below as well).

The Smart Drinks will take over the space soon or merge into it (or energy drinks into the smart drinks space) because, simply, they are designed not for just mobile people but thinking individuals who spend all day at a desk- Nerds, Writers, And Internet marketers, videographers, and a lot of other "thinking" and/or creativity positions. A virtually untapped market other than the smart drug retailers!


Test Marketing By The Nerd Focus Company



 Standard Energy Drinks Are For Physical Energy

Nerd Focus Is For Cognitive Energy AND Physical Energy
But Focuses On Cognitive Energy


Fact is energy drinks are amazing when you're moving around a lot, but if you sit at a desk you will not get much from an energy drink. You need more thinking enhancing ingredients- thus the NERD part of the package.

Brain ToniQ is a great alternative to energy drinks, while Nerd Focus is a great UPGRADE and enhancement to the standard. You can alternate the two as well like I do. I drink Brain ToniQ after 4 but no later than 10 (in bed around 2a) I drink Nerd as a launch pad for my day and one can lasts all day!

Coffee can give you a kick but too much coffee and you feel jittery and/or overly energetic to the point where focus and multitasking suffers, you annoy yourself and others, and can't access required patience in your day job! Caffeine alone only gives you potential energy (by blocking your body's ability to "govern" your chemical stores of feel good neurotransmitters) but it doesn't have anything that gives you focus- you just feel that way due to the overzealous feelings of well being from coffee's effects on dopamine.

Frankly Nerd Focus and Brain ToniQ is the upgrade we've been waiting for since the mid 80's (I'll explain why below). Caffeine is best balanced between other nutraceuticals like ginkgo biloba, inositol, taurine, vinpocetine, DMAE, Choline (in the form of Huperzine A with a precursor of DMAE) or similar configuration.

These are all things found in common fruits and vegetables and even meats but can be found more concentrated/potent online or in health food stores. Nerd Focus uses 4 of the most powerful (well let's be real- they didn't include the worlds most powerful smart drug Noopept- but you can get that separately you only need take 10 mg and it will potentiate everything in this power drink/think drink.

They are available online and in grocery and health food stores in potent forms/capsules. Everything in the latest smart drink (think drinks) has been on the market and studied comprehensively proven to work and works better than the standard energy drink components.


Noopept On Amazon

What Are Nootropics?



The First Energy Drink In The USA 

Is Ironically The One The Creator Nerd Focus One Loved!

Red Bull 



The Standard Energy Drink Formula Evolution

The energy drink movement (started by Red Bull I believe) was actually the first smart drug "think drink" infused drink for boosting energy and cognition/focus. It incorporated caffeine (world's first smart drug) and other nutraceuticals including B vitamins, inositol, and later Ginko Biloba. It wasn't technically a think drink yet, it was a raw energy (by hijacking your body's systems and flooding out (wasting) your resources- ending in a crash.

The next drinks contained what I consider "low level" smart drugs like Ginko Biloba, Green Tea, Amino Acids, Guarana, taurine, and B vitamins.

They added inositol (because caffeine's "wake" uses up your inositol which causes problems and even fatigue) and other "calming" agents because to get the "punch" people want, they want to push hard into your energy stores, then they need to stop you from being a hyper kid or becoming aggressive and cranky (too much caffeine does this), so to balance it out to a perfect "high" the ingredients were added, tested and now the standard formula is used everywhere.

Companies wanted to improve their products longevity and calm the "issues" caused that even the blends cannot balance out in some people so they started doing more research. They inevitabley ran into the smart drug scene and now are incorporating slowly more and more.

Flash forward 10 years to today and now the energy drinks are becoming, evolving into, a more holistic drink. Energy. Focus/cognition enhancement. less chance of a crash.

This is accomplished by balancing out the standard formula with better nutraceuticals or completely starting from scratch as Brain ToniQ did. Brain tonic is a 100% healthy drink- nothing bad at all in it!

Nerd is half standard energy drink and half powerful concoction of smart drugs- not weak ones, but the powerful Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, DMAE, Glucuronolactone, Ginseng Panax Extract, L-Carnitine, Guarana and Taurine. We'll talk about all these below.


More powerful nutraceuticals have been available since the 80's that even potentiate (make each component more powerful in synergy) the "standard" set energy drink manufacturers have been using for 15+ years. For some reason they are just getting around to using them.

Nerd Focus and Brain ToniQ does. 



The Problem WIth "Standard" Energy Drinks


And The Solution Nerd and Brain ToniQ Creates




Energy comes from the body's reaction to certain ingredients (as far as consumable energy is concerned) and this is the basic formula to energy drinks. The problem with the standard energy drink is that it's mostly overwhelming to the body. It has the "Power" but it lacks in the focus and cognition "enhancement". That's like giving a naturally hyper kid with a bunch of candy, but trying to make him sit and watch a movie quietly for an  hour. 

They have started to add memory enhancing (Ginkgo Biloba) herbs/nutraceuticals, and Rockstar started offering one with chain amino acids in it! That's like getting the benefits of an energy drink and a complete hamburger with all the vegetables (tomato, lettuce, cheese, etc...)!

That one actually gives you some "well being" feelings like the Orange peel extract. You can accomplish the same thing by taking an amino complex (pill with a full days complete amino acid group in it) and any energy drink but somehow the dosage they use makes it work more "clean" in the drink.

Still, cognition needs more help than caffeine and the temporary power of B vitamins (usually urinated out within a few hours) power source really) will provide you with. We need smart drugs, those safe, powerful in stacks/synergy, vitamins (called nutraceuticals or Nootropics) that don't "use" your body but rather give the body powerful nutrients (sometimes prescription strength) it NEEDS to enhance cognition.


NERD Focus Beverage 24/12oz Cans Reg Flv



This Is More About Sustaining NATURAL Energy


And Less About "Raw" And Potentially Dangerous Energy


I like to think of it like AC/DC
Alternating Current (safe) Nerd Focus & BrainToniQ
Direct Current (less safe but still effective) Standard ED and Coffee

This is not about a quick energy burst that's artificial (caffeine). It's about making your body more efficient, your brain more powerful, even physically, and helping your body do what it should do naturally but due to preservatives and bad air these days, most people are overcome with toxins and free radicals and more than anything else, malnutrition!

Nerd Focus Energy Drink contains caffeine so it's not a true nootropic all the way- but what it does contain is an equal balance of energy drink's "active" ingredients and Nootropics which gives you the best of both worlds.

The energy drink components (less Ginkgo and other technically nutraceuticals that are very good for you) give you that super burst of energy NOW. The smart drugs give your body precursors and powerful nutrients it uses to build better transmission points between brain cell communication called Acetylcholine neurotransmitters (like the brains cell phone which each cell has several, even hundreds of them).

Nootropics do so much more than that but overall they do for your body's chemical needs what water does for the body's lubrication and detox needs. In fact any time you take any type of nutraceutical you should drink plenty of water to give it more power!

With today's understanding of nootropics and the popularity of smart drugs overall, and energy drinks as well- it should be a no brainer to make a perfect drink that actually works but covers all bases. Although standard energy drinks make you feel smarter- they aren't really doing anything much for your cognition. I suspect the makers are not updating their formula because they know when they stop "working" you just buy and consume MORE. 



Medical Student Creates Energy Drink!


For Students Created By A Student- A Medical Student Even!



A medical student created his own drink in Medical school to help him study for the difficult MSATS! This requires focus, concentration, memory retention, ambition, and energy.

So let's talk about what's in Nerd Focus. From my last 2 years studying nootropics, and even experimenting with them (all legal versions), I've seen what they can do for your focus, concentration, energy, and more.

The only one missing from Nerd Focus is a nutraceutical (most powerful on the market today) called Noopept. You could bypass the energy/smart drug drinks altogether and just take noopept which is a derivative and 1000x more powerful than the popular Piracetam and 'racetams (aniracetam, oxiracetam, etc...) But Nerd Focus WITH Noopept is an atomic bomb of incredible work ethic in a bottle!

I take 30 miligrams (I buy bulk powder and cap them myself) of Noopept and a Nerd Focus (one can). ALL DAY I feel amazing like a lottery winner- ambitious, energetic, I can think and multitask like crazy and creativity is clear. I'm a writer so these are important in what I do. Ask anyone in our forum if I'm energetic and focused!


Brain TON-IQ

I also love and was first exposed to at Whole Foods In Bend, Oregon, a drink called Brain TonIQ which I also wrote a review for. It's got nothing but nootropics/biotanicals in it- no caffeine, nothing unnatural, just pure health conscious energy drink- and you know what?

It works incredibly well too but without caffeine so that makes it my #1 choice later in the day but the Nerd Focus one is MUCH more powerful (i.e. feeling the power).

So there is a HEALTHY choice in Brain TonIQ and a "Sweet/Sour" combination in Nerd (delicious and unique flavor mimics Mt. Dew meets Orange, Meets sour apple). It contains 120 milligrams of caffeine- that's equivalent to the caffeine in a potent cup of starbucks coffee.

You don't want to powerslam this thing. It's not your last generation drink. Your not after the caffeine rush- it's going to be the initial rush but the lasting one in Nerd Focus is in the smart drugs/nootropics they put in there (vinpocetine, huperzine-A, and more).

You want to sip it, enjoy it for an hour, let it slowly amp you up- my first experience with it was (I took it slow based on the caffeine content) incredibly potent and I barely took 2 good drinks by the sip over a few minutes apart. About 1/4th of the can. I had to stop because I was AMPED, and kept wanting to invent things!

When your done here check out the Brain ToniQ review

Is your brain tired, can't think, got writers block, or just need to empower your brains best work and energize your body NATURALLY not with a toxic energy drink... Read on...



So What Is In Nerd Focus?



In the supplemental fact you find that NERD has 100% of the four most common B-vitamins and so much more...

The Energy Blend Contains:


  • Taurine - 1000mg
  • Caffeine - 120mg
  • Glucuronalactone - 600mg
  • Guarana Seed Extract - 25mg
  • Inositol - 25mg
  • L-Carnitine - 15mg
  • Ginseng Panax Extract - 25mg


The Focus, Concentration  Memory formula contains:

A 250mg Blend of:
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • DMAE
  • Chinese Ginko Biloba



Here is a closer look at what each ingredient does and why it's so powerful!

Huperzine A
Ginko Biloba
B Vitamins

In conclusion

I hope I've given you some things to think about here. Nerd is the most powerful and only really- energy drink with powerful smart drugs/nootropics in it. I would highly suggest trying Noopept and Nerd or Brain ToniQ or all three! This is one of the main secrets to my stamina and energy!

Good Luck!

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Jerrico_Usher on 11/23/2012

what better free spokesperson than a bunch of posters of the latest "nerd" template... the big bang theory... they also helped in my Klingon article (speaking it)

katiem2 on 11/22/2012

Love the nerd drink article, I'm a huge fan of Big Bang Theory! Love all the posters. :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 11/01/2012

haha nice! Thanks for reading, another one on Brain Toniq is in the works too- the energy drink for health nuts that works almost better than standard drinks :) but noopept wins over everything- 10 mg and an energy drink of ANY kind and you're golden :)

teddletonmr on 11/01/2012

Hey, @Jerrico Usher I hate to admit it drained a full pot of coffee reading about all the nerd brain boosting power building stuff contained in this article. Now if only, I can muster the clarity of thought, required to harness all the smoke like vapors permeating from my ears into real productivity, all will be golden. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 11/01/2012

thats not wimptitude thats power- less energy drink and you get a full charge- trust me everyone wishes they were "weak" like you in energy drinks! especially myself!

Jerrico_Usher on 10/31/2012

Whew after writing all that down and formatting I've exhausted my supply of energy and focus... cracking a can as I write this...

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