New Halloween Lego Sets 2023

by spirituality

Fun new Lego building sets with a Halloween theme for kids of all ages to build.

Kids and grown-ups alike enjoy playing with the plastic building bricks by Lego and now we can build sets that have a Halloween theme. Now, isn't that just too much fun? Spooky looking houses that look haunted, Vampire Castles and all sorts of fun sets that can be played with and even used as a part of the decorating for our favorite holiday in October.

I don't know about you but I love that Lego keeps coming out with themed sets for everyone to enjoy and these for Halloween are really cool. At least I think so!

Graphic Of A Haunted House
Graphic Of A Haunted House

Two types of houses to build with Lego Bricks

LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228

The crooked Haunted House is home to the scariest ghosts and monsters. Tremble in fear as you open the gate, go weak at the knees as you step onto the porch and gasp in horror a...

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LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle 9468

Enter Vampyre's castle and rescue the world from eternal darkness!

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Halloween Living Quarters

The Haunted house is just so very cool! With over 2000 pieces to be used you just know that the detail is superb! It has interior rooms to add interest and there are glow in the dark ghosts, a Vampire and his bride along with a Zombie Chef (wonder if his specialty is cooked brains?) and a butler to sit around the house and in the rooms. As with all Lego building sets there is a detailed booklet to help you build the spooky house to look just like the picture on the box.

The castle where the Vampires live is a part of the Monster Fighters line of sets and it not only has a really cool design to the structure but also offers 6 mini figures that include a hero and the Vamp and his helpers. The hero has a special car to drive and there are weapons included to help fight the bad monsters. It is a smaller set with only 949 pieces (yes 'only') and is recommended for ages 9 to 14 years of age to be able to build. 

Do you know the story of the Monster Fighters?

Hold On To Your Brain...the Undead Are Here!

Oh no! Is it the Zombie Apocalypse? I see dead people walking around in Lego land! Ahh! There is no reason to be scared of these Zombies because they are made from plastic and they sure are fun as a part of the new line of Halloween Legos on the market right now! These are fun enough to play with all during the year especially if you happen to be a fan of the walking dead creatures who thrive on human flesh and think the human brain is as good as a cupcake! 

The Zombies Are Coming!

Lego Monster Fighters: the Zombies 9465

Through the mist, Jack McHammer catches sight of the zombie graveyard. He's on a mission to recover the zombie moonstone, but as he reaches for it, the zombies rise from their c...

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LEGO Monster Fighters 40076 Zombie Car

LEGO Monster Fighters 40076 Zombie Car

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Other Monsters Can Be Found

Lego is an equal opportunity type of employer and has left no monster unemployed in the Land of Legos. We have seen the Vampires and Zombies already and trust me there are even more! The werewolves have found work in the land of plastic bricks and so have the ghosts.

I hear tell there is a mad scientist who has taken parts of cadavers and made a new kind of being that resembles a man. Some call him a monster and he does look a tad on the frightening side but I am not sure we should judge him for looking different. He can't help the parts that that crazy guy collected to create him after all. 

Besides the fun sets that are a part of the Monster Fighters line there are separate mini figures of the different monsters that can be purchased on their own that can enhance any of the sets you and your family are going to build together.

Monsters In The Land Of Lego

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train

Stop the Ghost Train in its tracks and grab the moonstone! The Ghost Train is getting away with the moonstone. Help Frank Rock and Ann Lee catch it in their acrobatic airplane, ...

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LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The Werewolf

LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The Werewolf

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LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster #9466

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spirituality on 08/23/2013

Thanks :)

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 08/14/2013

Zombie Lego! Ah, dare I say brilliant? I've just done a post for the blog Halloween Every Day about those little guys and linked back to your page here.

holly-day on 08/14/2013

Too bad, my son's too old (you know "bad" age) to ask for such toys...

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