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New York City is an extraordinary city to visit, whether it be for a week-end getaway or family vacation. Here are some things to do while in New York City.

Vacationers, even though they may have a favorite vacation destination, they may tire of the same old tourist attractions. Of course, there are activities such as going to the beach, visiting a spa, eating at favorite restaurant which are always enjoyed.

New York City is a bustling city full of sites such as the Statue of Liberty, which may be no longer be popular for frequent visitors. So, what can one do in New York that is out of the ordinary?

Plenty of Activities In New York City

NYC Stilt Dance . . .

New York City is full of entertainment, whether it is at one of the nightclubs, or on the streets. As you stroll along you will see live mimes, conga players, dancers, violinists, and musicians playing various instruments which are not known to most of us such as the didgeridoo, which is an authentic Australian wind instrument. The local street performers are a highly talented group throughout the city.

One thing for sure is that New York City has much more to offer than shopping in Manhattan or visits to various historical sites. There are activities, and tours for everyone. If you want to go it alone, there is plenty for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

Some of the most enjoyable activities is the special tours for News Year Eve, and other holidays. The holiday tours need to be planned and booked in advance. The next time you consider a unique vacation, remember there is so much more to New York City than tall buildings and ferry rides.

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Hotel Accommodations NYC

Hotels That Pamper Your Pet
Pet owners often take their pets with them when they go on vacation. NYC is becoming more pet friendly. There are pet friendly hotels in NYC that pamper your pets.

NYC Street Performers

Rooftop Bars

New York City rooftop bars are definitely a unique experience. They are located throughout New York City, especially in the Manhattan area. The rooftop bar is can accommodate the entire family, the romantic couple, or even those who want to enjoy a private, outdoor business luncheon.

 There is such a variety of rooftop bars with cabanas, heated pools, BBQ’s, private parties, beautiful outdoor gardens which are perfect for a rooftop wedding or reception. Some of the hotels also add live entertainment outdoors for their guests. 

 The evening skyline is absolutely breathtaking as diners may want to enjoy a romantic dinner underneath the stars. The great thing about the rooftop bars, is that they are usually not restricted to hotels.

Perfect Valentine Tour

Chocolate NYCChocolate lovers can partake in one of many chocolate tours that are offered. The Upper East Side is one of the favorite areas for chocolate boutiques where you will enjoy some of the best of European chocolates created by master chocolatiers.

 Chocolate Tours NYC is the only tour for those who wish to see how chocolates are made.



For others with a sweet tooth, there is the New York City Sweet Tooth Tour. 

If you like traveling alone, try a DIY Sweet Tooth Tour.


Image: Wikipedia

Review New York City Food Tours

Chocolate Tour NYC (7 of 72)

There are food tours in New York City where you can taste different types of cuisine.

Of course, you can take the ultimate tour by eating at Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant in NYC.

Review: Sweet Tooth Tour

Source: Here is one review of the Sweet Tooth Tour, along with others 

You may want to read one of reviews for this unique experience: I went on this tour almost over a year ago now and I still recommend it to all my friends and family traveling to NYC. 

My girlfriend and I spent a 4 days taking in everything NYC had to offer, museums, Broadway, shopping and all the large attractions but we also did the sweet tooth tour which we had never heard of and it was the highlight of our trip. We got to taste a variety of food, see different ends of Manhattan which we would have missed out on and really got to "eat like a new yorker" as all of the stops on our tour are not along the typical tourist areas. This tour is definitely worth the time and the money. It’s a must do!


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