North Face Women's Hedgehog Sandal

by katiem2

Check out the new North Face trek running shoe the go to shoe for the active fun loving woman looking for the hottest trend in women's footwear this season.

There's a time when every girl needs a good reliable walking, trek, hiking or just plain getting around shoe. The new North Face Women's Hedgehog sandal is that shoe. Its' comfy, looks great, is durable and takes you anywhere you want to go in comfort. The Hedgehog was built with the women's foot in mind regardless of the individual shoe needs this shoe will give you the comfort, support and function you look for in a summer shoe. North Face has managed to make a one shoe fits all the needs of the individual foot needs.

The New North Face Hedgehog for Women

Our beloved North Face has just launched a amazing line of trekking, trail and running shoes.  The shoe is named Hedgehog and is designed and geared to provide head to toe needs of anyone always looking for the greatest technology in function and comfort.


Product Testimony

North Face meets the various needs of the various feet.

I have a good natural arch and the North Face sandal fits my foots need with great support and comfort.  

My sister never thought any sandal would work for her as she's the biggest shoe critic on the planet. She has really flat feet and yet she too has fallen in love with the Hedgehog.  

This shoe gives her the support she need to walk all day, at the zoo, mall, festivals or what ever, she ends her day without pain.  

The real test is when she gets up the next day.  People with flat feet often suffer with foot pain the day after a lot of walking, she did not.  This shoe therefore gets my flat footed sisters seal of approval as well.


North Face Quality

North Face is proud to deliver the best and number one choice in the world's most accomplished endurance runners, explorers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders and hikers of all sorts look to the North Face brand for the shoes they've come to love and know to deliver.

The North Face brand maintains excellence in their unshakable commitment to pushing creative and innovative limits of both design and quality so the most adventurous of us to push our limits in the great outdoors. 

I personally love the North Face brand for that very reason.  I'm hard on my shoes and prefer wearing the least shoe possible in the summer months.  I prefer shoes that get me as close to being bare foot as possible.  North Face delivers on this luxury and yet I have all the support and comfort needed to conquer any adventure, whether it be biking, walking or hiking.  This writer's looking forward to doing all of the above again very soon. 

Much Adventure and Happiness, Katie

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Updated: 08/21/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/27/2012

ohcaroline, these are very comfortable shoes giving the best support, I like them anytime I'm going to be walking much at all or on my feet for any length of time. Thanks for commenting.

ohcaroline on 02/27/2012

These look like just the thing. I like this style of sandals. We wear them year round in my part of the country.

katiem2 on 02/18/2012

Angel, Now these would be a dream come true for you. Especially with all the moving and shaking you'll be doing packing and preparing to move.

Angel on 02/18/2012

I must try these. I have a crazy foot arch problem too. I do like something like this to knock around in during the summer. Will have to try them.

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