Of Destiny & Premonition - A True Love Story

by pateluday

An embittered saga of true love steeped deep in tradition and yet bizarre and mythical. This is the story of young girls going through trials and travails of cryptic relationship

In India tradition rules, it overcomes all free thoughts and experiment with one's life. You are more like a log in flood waters but paradoxically governed and driven in one direction. This is the story of young Moh Lal Rai who cherishes free values but is bound by traditions. This chapter is a narration of a marriage destined as enlightened by her inner voice. The premonition of marriage destined or perhaps forced by circumstance has come true and the struggle for happiness and fulfilment inner desires begins.

A passionate Gospel of True Love is a narration about unrequited romantic interlude but the story continues. Read on....

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A true love story
Book Cover
Book Cover
Poonam Uppal

Family Virtues


In a typical conservative and orthodox Indian family the lass is always in a state of preservation. Strictly bound by tradition the misogyny is evident. The daughter upholds the honour while the sons may be free ranging totally independent romeos. With every movement watched the girls are always under the scanner for preservation of virtues and family honour.   

Moh Lal Rai experiences this as she grows up and matures to fully understand the shackles that bind her in her home. For rebels there is a deep seated struggle to be independent and in contemporary terms modern.  

Her consternation knows no limit whence near and dear one's force her to their way of life. Thankfully girl's education in Indian family is no more a taboo. Well educated Moh Lal Rai grows up fiercely independent values her thoughts are rebellious by orthodox standards but ostensibly she has to remain subdued.


Love Story

Premonition & Inner Voice the Rise of Psychic


Right from childhood Moh Lal Rai hears voices and premonitions related to her life.  The power of self reckoning is attributed to Goddess Maa Durga.  Deeply affected, but not tradition bound the author's religious background does not give rise to orthodoxy. The central character of A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is capable of free ranging thoughts and action. Her relationship with Maa Durga is because of her strong belief in Karma, it is a conscientious and often makes her clairvoyant. 

Her ability to judge people and gauge out circumstances and events is exceptional, this again is attributed to closeness with Goddess and her strong belief. Born in a religious Hindu family this relationship is not quixotic at all, the association with God transcends existential reality and at times logic.     


Author Love Story

Author Photo
Author Photo
Poonam Uppal


Relationship With Soorya

I do not love Soorya!

Moh Lal Rai states a fact that she is convinced about. Albeit he is rich and from a stronger background and a doctor nevertheless she does not discover the relation to bound by the soul.

The traditional set up where the boy meets the prospective bride is deeply rooted in Indian culture. The daughters should be quickly be settled and the burden passed onto others. This is the norm in most of the Indian families which albeit mitigated to a large extent still persists in some quarters.  

Hence in beautiful but traditional dress she meets Soorya in her home. Like a shy bride to be. The traditional bride inspection passes on without much ado but does not materialise in engagement.

Anyway the stage is set for later. Though not engaged they are certainly connected as friends which Moh Lal Rai does not mind. The association is dry and without emotions but nevertheless there as Soorya persists. In future she is going to be bound with Soorya in a conjugal relationship which she will come to abhor but silently yield.   

In traditional and orthodox societies the shackles are often permanent. Die betrothed! Though rising number of divorces tell another story but that is for the fortunate ones.   

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Book Cover
Book Cover
Poonam Uppal

The Marriage


The prophecy was loud and clear" In the month of July 1990 you and Soorya will get married". Maa Durga!

In between whence Soorya had left for USA there was some communication intact between the two.   Communication by letters was the possible means then. The event was surprising as none of them had proposed each other for Moh Lal Rai the the relationship was purely platonic without any closeness betwixt them. But a she guessed after is break up with another girl he might started to look at her as a prospective life partner.   

The prediction reoccurred many times and convinced Moh Lal Rai of the future. She was not in love with Soorya and had no emotions for him but it was destined so she gave in and waited. Eventually marriage took place but for Moh Lal Rai it was destined and she could go against the prophecy.

The die was cast and for rest of her life she nurtured a grudge against her destiny. 

As someone who believed in true love a search for her soulmate was to continue till in another prophecy in Las Vegas she hears that she will meet her true love in India.  

The excellently written true romance book is about the interlude that happened in her life - heart mind and soul. In later chapter the author Poonam Uppal provides a vivid description of relationship between Moh Lal Rai and Gaurang.

Khajuraho Temple

Khajuraho Temple
Khajuraho Temple
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