Officially Licensed Scrabble Coasters -- Maximum Score

by Regi_B

Coasters made to help you heighten the fun of game night!

If you like Scrabble and quality things -- and everybody likes at least one of those! -- then officially licensed Scrabble Coasters might be right up your "alley" (or "pathway", or in your "queue" -- it's all about the tiles and what you do with them!).

For anybody who loves Scrabble and wants to keep condensation rings off their tabletops, these are THE "right" ("correct", "extraordinary" -- indeed!) coasters.

Let us look at what you get when you buy the officially licensed set of Scrabble coasters!

Coasters Branded with Scrabble Letters -- All Official Style!

People who are into Scrabble can automatically imagine what is included in an officially "authorized" set of Scrabble tile-style coasters. You have on the coaster tiles such imprints as letters of the alphabet, the score values associated with each letter, etc. Of course, there are blank tile coasters!

On the back of each coaster are imprints displaying other aspects of the great Scrabble game. Here, you will see markings like "Double Word Score", and "Triple Letter Score" -- details that help the Scrabble fan revel in their favorite elements of the game even when not playing Scrabble!

And when you add these coasters to a Scrabble game night, it makes for a veritable Scrabble fest!

What -- exactly -- do you get with an officially licensed set of Scrabble drink coasters?

Let us have a look.

A Licensed Scrabble Beverage Coaster Set Includes:

  • A metal gift box,
  • 54 recycled paper pulp coasters, 
  • On the coasters, are imprinted two full alphabets and the related point values,
  • Two of the coasters are blank on the tile side,
  • On the back, various imprints from the game board -- like "Triple Word Score", and
  • Exactly zero drinks -- sorry, but you have to supply your own beverage! ;-)

What to Do With Your Official Scrabble Coaster Set

Unlike a board game, these coasters do not come with rules for how to use them. For some folks, this fact will be freeing. Others? Well, some folks just need rules.

For you rule-needin' peoples, I am here to offer assistance. Here are some things you are "allowed" to do with your officially licensed Scrabble coaster set:

  • Place a full drink glass on one -- you know, use it as you would a coaster!
  • Add them as accents -- accessories! -- to a Scrabble game night party you host at your home,
  • Use some to spell out words and messages -- like "REGI B IS A GENIUS" or whatever strikes you, but that one suggestion I just made, I think you should definitely go with that.
  • Just have a good old time!

You Can Buy These Scrabble Coasters Online

It has been my supreme pleasure to tell you about these official Scrabble branded coasters, and if you now find yourself so inclined, please do, buy them online.



Updated: 03/28/2012, Regi_B
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scrabble cheat on 04/08/2012

scrabble coasters rocks and so is the game..i am so addictive with the game its so much fun and cool..

scrabble cheat

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