Olmec Heads as Gifts

by jptanabe

If you're looking for a unique gift, these amazing Colossal heads fit the bill!

The Olmec made huge heads out of rock, each with distinctive features and wearing a unique helmet. They transported them from the stone quarries over long distances to their settlements. And we don't know why!

The Olmec culture disappeared, leaving behind many interesting things, especially their heads. But they left no explanation. So these statues are mysterious and fascinating, representing a marvel from an ancient culture. Replicas of these extraordinary heads would certainly make unique gifts!

Image of Olmec Head from Wikimedia Commons.

Who Were these Olmecs?

And why did they make these colossal heads?

The Olmec were one of the first civilizations of Mesoamerica. They flourished from 1200 B.C.E. to about 400 B.C.E., and then somehow disappeared. They have been credited with a number of innovations, but perhaps their most famous contribution to human society is their collection of colossal heads.

No, the Olmec didn't have huge heads, at least not as far as we know! These enormous heads were sculpted out of rock. And they are truly huge, ranging from almost 5 feet to 11 feet in height, and many tons in weight. And that's not a whole person, just a head!

At least 17 have been found, each distinct in their features, and wearing helmets which also include unique symbols.

The statues were brought considerable distances and placed at various settlements. It is not known why they made them, who exactly they represent, and how they got them to the sites where they have been found. Whatever the answers though, these heads are amazing, a marvel of an ancient civilization.

The above replica of an Olmec colossal head is really colossal! It is 5 feet high and weighs 253 pounds.

Made of designer resin with a faux stone finish it's a unique item sure to impress!

Smaller version

Only 5 inches high!
Hand-Painted 3D Printed Olmec Colossal Head Statue
Hand-Painted 3D Printed Olmec Colossal Head Statue

Mini Olmec Heads!

Set of 3 Pre-Columbian Olmec Head Mini Sculptures
Set of 3 Pre-Columbian Olmec Head Mini Sculptures

These mini Olmec heads are only 1.5 inches high, and so cute!.

The set of 3 heads are made out of hydrostone plaster and are perfect to display on any shelf.

Updated: 11/24/2023, jptanabe
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frankbeswick on 01/21/2016

Why not? People like statues from cultures other than their own, especially ancient and exotic ones. For example, how many statues of Buddha adorn houses and gardens? Classical statues still are used.

Percy Ridgeway on 01/21/2016

outstanding, they will demand further knowledge of their existence. Upon introduction they will stimulate curiosity of a culture hidden from history. a great teaching aid.

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