Online Marketing Is Deeply About Mutually Beneficial Networking

by Jerrico_Usher

Many people don't realize that what gives online marketing its power and its very soul is its keen ability to network people and ideas in such a way that is mutually beneficial!

The synergy of online marketing concepts building upon one another, many new concepts being envisioned and created each and every day, is what makes leveraging the web to generate an income/business so amazing. Many resources are free. If done right, can be more powerful than actual television spots or paid advertising media (offline).

For one, television is static- each time you need to gain juice from this type of marketing you have to pay the station, and the only way that's cost effective is if you continue to build on the back of your last commercial with repetition and using that repetition to shrink the needed time allotment to get the same impact. Article marketing is a very powerful vehicle for generating both backlinks and traffic. We'll cover a lot of the realm and go into detail about article marketing specifically in this article.


Mutually Beneficial Marketing Online


The Inherent POWER In Online Marketing

(That won't break the bank)


On the internet you can utilize means of advertising that at first glance may seem pretty benign, however, in time, season and grow in their usefulness. Planting an article on, for example- is like planting a seed. 

That seed often produces an entire tree of opportunities. The branches are the roads to take to get to the various goals while the leaves and fruit are the goal achieved in one form or another. Leaves being the many conduits (sites, comments, etc...) that your one article could potentially land on via syndication.

For example, you write/outsource/post an article on ezinearticles that is very well written, intriguing, informative, and incredibly useful for your target audience this will likely become syndicated (copied to other sites but with a link back to your article (creates backlinks and organic traffic).

This audience is three fold. The first fold is the actual person you want to read it. The second is the search engines (link juice/backlink power added to your other back linking strategies). The third is YOUR COMPETITION. Yes, you read that right- your competition online can also be your propagator in ranking power. This is the one this article will focus on.


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A typical scenario is, and the way most of these internet marketing venues are designed to instigate, you post that valuable article because you want people to read it, click through your resource box or embedded (in the article itself) link back to your site. You want the search engines to see this link as valuable so your site and the article with the backlink pointing to it both need to be SEO compliant and there must be a valid flow between them all the way down to the titles and subheadings.

The article, title, backlink, backlink anchor text, content on the site it points to, the entire site where the page it points to rests, and so on- all must look legitimately coordinated (but not look like they are both from you, but rather two different people have similar interests and one is referencing the other as a resource to further give you information your researching).

Even if you own the site and the article and Google knows it- they have to be coordinated so that they are both self sufficiently useful, valuable, informative, and SEO compliant, and yet together form a synergy that helps the researcher find what they are looking for effectively and efficiently.

Once Google establishes that the site, the article, the backlink/anchor text are all in agreement and everything looks good (your little network here is top notch, and makes Google’s job easier- serving search engine users what they are after in the first place)- your backlink starts it's journey to power.

At first it's nothing more than a "private" (to borrow an army term), but with thousands upon tens of thousands of these backlinks all valued highly (that's part of the key to having more power with less backlinks actually), then that first private tapers up to General, then 2 star, then 4, and so on.


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My point is that the more backlinks you have that are legitimate, on high PR (page ranked) sites, the more valuable the ENTIRE set becomes both synergistically and individually. Even a PR 9 backlink that is 100% loved by Google- is only but one small token in a very large pool of tokens (other people’s backlinks), so alone it does have power- but not much just yet.

Add 10 of those over time (to look natural not optimized), then hundreds of PR 1's,3's,4's, 6's and so on (most people, at least if they are natural- will/should have a mixed batch).

In life, you only have hundreds and hundreds of PR 9 backlinks you will develop what is called a "Footprint"- it's simply not natural to only have high PR backlinks and if you want Google and other search engines to put your network (one piece at a time) under a microscope then that's the way to do it.

You don't just want high PR backlinks- you need a bunch of the lower ones too in much the same way a review of a product will have comments both negative and positive about the product. Google isn't dumb in this aspect so don't try to look "rich" (all PR 4-9's) it will only make you "poor"(busted by Google).

Based on all this, the key goal is to get as many backlinks to your site thus show the most "popularity" from the web from all over the world. One person could do this over time manually but this will be ALL you can do all day, and to make it natural- you'd have to be very cleaver, and patient to pull it off.


 There is a better way

Let's get back to that third piece- the competition.


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Remember I said your competition can be your best propagator?

I was referring to back link creation. On they do what's called "Syndication".

This means that although you get some great traffic both organic and otherwise.

Readers who love your writing will go to the "money page" mentioned in your bio box.

It also means that sites that may have adsense, banner ads, affiliate links to clickbank affiliate product sites, and the like- may want to put your brilliantly crafted article on their own site to draw traffic to it.

Google and other search engines know without a doubt that this article originated on that EZA site and that YOU wrote it so you won't be penalized for them copying it.

Instead they won't be allowed to bank on ranking power for your article- that glory is all yours.

However, they can bank on your article to improve their site's content WITHOUT having to outsource to ghostwriters or to write content themselves

(i.e. they need English content but can't speak/write English well or at all).

This is a form of networking because your article helps them- and by putting it on their site they are bound to copy your resource box and your article unchanged- to their site.

In essence they put the bio box on there because it contains reference to who wrote it.

This shows that they are not simply claiming your work for their own and I suspect Google knows based on the reference box that you're giving credit to the actual author and are just posting your work for their market share to see- as your work still.

When they do this, Google also realizes that your work is worthy of sharing and putting on other sites and that makes it valuable to some extent.


EZA Fleece


Ezine Articles Syndication

Forcing Syndicators To Include Bio Box Information By Forcing It Into The Copied Content!


Ezinearticles recently started forcing "copy/paste" operations to retain the bio box/information regardless of it if was highlighted or not- it does this so when people with automated "scraper" sites (sites that just find and copy automatically with bot software or plugins, ezinearticles. Some sites are just aggregated ezinearticles articles put into one place. If they use plugins or scraper bots to grab your article, and they don't go back and remove it- the bio information will be in there.

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Many in the past would grab the article and not the bio box, but now with this feature enabled on the site, they can't just grab a bunch of articles and not add your bio box. If they do they will have to manually remove it on each one (not likely- it disrupts the automation of it!). So although there are still those who remove it- many actually use it and automated sites will likely give you the backlink you deserve. 

What makes it more valuable is where it's put. If they have a very popular, high PR site (PR 4-9?) that also contains a great deal of original content (so that offsets the pages that are copied and referenced back to the original site), but none the less the link juice created in your bio box backlink is now going to go up due to the PR value, the "vouching" for you as a good source of information worth sharing, thus useful to Google’s audience.

Now that's pretty powerful because it's a win-win, this is basic syndication, but only to one person or site. Imagine now in the big picture that there are 6 billion of the 8 billion people (roughly) on earth logged onto the internet (for visualization sake). I'd estimate (for no particular reason, just a guess) that at least a billion of those people are actively using the internet and let's just say half a billion of that group are internet marketers making money in various ways from their blog, website, etc...

Of that group let's just hypothesize that a mere 100,000 people need YOUR article on their site due to its well crafted, precision- nobody could say that better if they tried- readers will link to their article (which is your article on their site) giving them backlink juice.

What this could mean is 100k people copy and post your article and your one 500 word article that you just wrote to get a backlink, could yield you syndication in the high 100k's and maybe more as people that read it that are IMMERS (internet marketers) who ALSO want to use it, go to your EZA page and do the same (add it to their blog which they spent countless hours, money, and blood sweat and tears to bring their site up to a high page rank)- thus expanding your internet presence/footprint.

I hope I didn't lose you there- the point is that backlink starts to accumulate into BackLink$$$!

Backlinks will appear on EVERY one of their sites and will be valued based on that sites maintenance (SEO on and off page, backlinks going to it- page rank essentially, and so on). In this way your building (without doing a dam thing) valuable and most importantly- VARIABLE valued backlinks to your article, as that article raises in rank so does anything it's linking out to- including your site.

But since the link to your site in your bio box is being linked back to from every one of those sites to your EZA article, this synergizes backlink power to the article- (they have to reference your article and where it was found in the first place i.e. your EZA page- so by default your article itself is building backlinks due to syndication- BUT it doesn't stop there- your bio box ALSO contains that back link to your money page/site as well- so your site AND your article become conduits to massive freeways of traffic- all natural, all the time! This is not instant though, keep that in mind- all good things come to those who wait!




This thing gets pretty powerful!


Articles are the number one way to gain backlinks- weather you syndicate it or manually place powerful articles all over the web yourself manually- or hire a company to do it for you(ghostwriting). A great company to use is

When it comes to unique, informative, and valuable articles- you can post a million in a day across the web and Google will still love you- but post a used article with no reference, or post and article (the same article) in a million places as fresh content and Google will sandbox your article and money page- and may do worse (cancel your adsense account?).

Google likes syndication IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES- although they'd prefer fresh content, and give 1/1,000,000th the link juice to a syndicated article vs a fresh one- but the syndicated article’s real power isn't in the search engines- NO...  IT'S IN THE POWER TO SEND DIRECT (ORGANIC) TRAFFIC TO YOUR MONEY PAGE AND ARTICLE PAGE (WHICH SENDS THEM TO YOUR MONEY PAGE EITHER WAY) IN DROVES!

Hence The Power Of Mutually Beneficial Networking!

If all of this is new to you- your road ahead is a very exciting one- I can remember learning all of this for the first time and even actually DOING it.

The rewards far outweigh any work I did!

Good Luck Out There!

Comments always welcome!

Updated: 01/03/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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