Grow Yourself a Life - Plant Seeds

by Jerrico_Usher

Why Plant Seeds? Why not? Those that plant seeds tend to always have a great number of options/choices in how they can do things, what they can do, and resources seem limitless...

The thing is some people have great front lawns, full of beautiful plush green grass, gorgeous flowers and shrubs meticulously trimmed, sometimes into intriguing shapes. People come from/for miles around to see some of these amazing yards. Others have dead lawns with weeds growing, patchy yellow grass, and ugly dirt, mostly. It's is an eyesore and upsets the neighbors to the point of thinking the tenant is a slob and a loser. People DON'T come from miles around to see that house.

Life is the same way. It's not hard to plant seeds in your life, no more than it is to plant seeds in your front lawn along with fertilizer and plants for a beautiful lawn. But planting seeds in your life is even easier than that and it will get people from all over the world to want to talk to you, and to offer you valuable things like information on a job you want, love you need, or money you desire! Planting one seed can create a huge tree of opportunities, or throwing random seeds out there based on your desires/dreams, and you have a "lawn" full of growth opportunities you can "tap" into at will- because they came to you based on something you published.


Money Tree (seed result)

Planting seeds in your life is the fastest way to do anything too. Although nothing comes to you automatically, you have to go get what you want in life or stagnate in your filth of excuses of why your life sucks.

The truth is their is a way to get things to come to you, happen to you almost as if by some magical force of luck, and to build yourself a house of opportunities. That way is Seeding. Planting seeds is a verb, its an action and a pro-activity but its the easiest way to expend the smallest effort for the biggest impact.




Be The Farmer Of Your Life's (success) Nutrition!


To illustrate an example of pure will power, someone thought up a  brilliant way to generate money from one seed. They invented what they called "seed money" (see image above, a link to their page is below it).

This is essentially a printout of a coin on both sides that wraps a small amount of soil and seeds to various plants and fruits/vegetables! They turned the very term "seed money" into a business simply by taking action on some pretty obvious (but I didn't even think of this!) clues... They put up a kick starter project and asked for 10,000 dollars. They got 45k!

Kick starter is an amazing place for people with no money or limited funds and some ambition and creative ideas to go and turn them into money. 

Kick starter is a form of planting a seed. So is sending an email. Even a hi in email to someone you haven't spoken with in years will trigger events you may not even expect and that may be completely unrelated (created by reaction and reaction to reaction and so forth).

Planting seeds will yield back trees, flowers, and incredibly valuable happenstances in your life. Plant a seed today and it could yield something today, but most likely it will yield a happenstance days, weeks or years from now when you need it most and least expect it.

Plant seeds every day and your future is set.. By your own "admission" since you got the wheels churning (not turning churning because seeds are like worker bees that invest in your future).

We actually plant seeds every day and often don't realize that's what we're doing. When you want a job you plant the job application seed. When you like someone you plant the conversational seed.

When you write an article or blog you plant the "understanding" seed which magnetizes like minds to comment and reciprocate knowledge. These are the more understood seeds, but I'm going to let you in on a seed that most don't use or realize is so powerful.

We live in a magical age for seed planting because thanks to the permanent retention of the Internet planting a seed today such as a blog or hub article for example can yield continued growth into a large tree with many branches of opportunities from millions of locations at once of potential..

In this article I will show you the importance of "planting seeds" every day and how truly easy it can be. I will show you tricks to use to bring wealth, happiness, love, fortune, and anything else you could ever desire, just by taking a few moments a day to plant seeds. 

I will also explain what seeds are exactly and give you amazingly simple tricks for doing it that yield powerful results.

I will show you that this if done correctly can drastically improve the Quality of your life. It is so easy and intuitive in fact that you will quickly do it out of habit and you will find out that you always held all the cards to the winning game of life.. You just didn't play them!

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Why Plant Seeds?

Why Not?

Life is a lot like a great garden. If you don't plant seeds you are not going to get anything but dirt. Worms will slither through your life and consume your "minerals" leaving you whatever is left.

Don't live passively, live proactively. You don't have to be outgoing to do this either. I consider myself an introvert although people that know me online would clearly think I was an extrovert.

In business I push myself to extroversion because nothing gets done in the outside world in introversion.

Introversion helps you plan and go further with what you do plant, but extroversion is required to push things into play.

Most things you don't even have to talk to people directly- writing a post, sending an email, etc is effective enough.

Green Grass
Here are some great books that can help you do just that

As you start planting seeds life starts to come to you, stimulating you, but you have to plant those seeds to assure you get the ball rolling! Life is "action then reaction" in that order (unless your letting life control you). That seed in a way insures your membership into something that comes along but even then if you get the "clues" to follow towards it and you sit there scratching your head- your seed won't germinate correctly.

Most seeds you can plant and forget about them- they'll find you later... Seeds are a lot like "Back links" to use an SEO term, only your the website your "ranking" for. When enough seeds are planted, you will start to see traffic- but all of it can be monetized!

Planting seeds is the only way to assure your life continues to grow new fruit, and it also assures you that your life grows the environment you currently want, not weeds that you don't. Your environment is the result of what you've put out there, what you've done and how you've reacted to the world. It's the "fruit" good or bad of the tree your seeds created. If you have a lot of "bad fruit" in your life then you need to change something, plant seeds in better places and let bad seeds go.

You are fully in control of your life, unless you stop planting seeds. Planting seeds can be as simple as choosing to do things different, or as complex as going out and meeting people, starting a company, or networking a group of people.

Every day I plant seeds. No matter what my goals are, or if I don't think I want anything I sit down and decide what I could have in my life that would make it better, more fulfilled. We never reach that zenith to where we have everything we want. As we get what we want we find new things to want so it's asinine to have an end goal for "things" like money or products, those should be the spawn of the goal. You chase what you want money to get you not the money itself. Chasing money specifically is both a cop-out and often a failing endeavor. The money tends to land when other things are in play! Money is just a resource in the mix, not the only one. If you only chase the money you ignore all the other ways you could have reached those goals (and still had the money too!).


Money is just one way to seed!

(There Are Limitless Seeding Potentials)

Many poor people think once they have a gazillion dollars they will be able to get everything just by buying it. Although money does provide a lucrative resource it can't buy everything you want. It can however be used to plant seeds! You don't need money to plant seeds but most people don't realize any other way to do it.

You do it when you don't realize your doing it but this is not efficient, because you can plant good seeds and bad seeds. If you're rude to someone you plant a bad seed that may later sprout revenge from them, or they may not help you when you need them, or they could proactively cause you problems.

You never know how your actions on someone will cause them to react to you. You may be rude to someone in traffic only to find out this is the very person interviewing you for the job you're late to and were rude to them because they were in your way or moving too slowly!



Seeding can become a habit that improves the quality of your life substantially!


When you're in the habit of planting seeds all the time you start to become acutely aware of how those seeds sprout into opportunities. You also become aware of how everything you do causes some reaction. You're less likely to be rude to someone because you realize this is a bad seed, a weed that could kill your oak tree later by choking the roots!

Many people don't realize they're planting a potentially harmful seed when they let someone take a picture of them, or record a movie of them drunk or otherwise. Then when they're on YouTube they realize they planted a bad seed. Some seeds are very proficient and ambitious, unfortunately these are often the bad seeds we can't stop.



Seeding can become a habit that improves the quality of your life substantially!


If you want love in your life but are too shy to go out and meet people, you can use the internet to plant seeds. One way is to join a group like and hook up with some social groups. Don't go in looking for a date, but plant the seeds of joining the group and go out to meet people.

You could actually meet some nice people this way. If you go out looking for a date you may push a would be date away because you put out a desperate and focused vibe. By planting the seed, joining the group, you get out and you naturally meet someone nice.

What this does is gives you a reason to get out of the house to meet people, which may be why your having a hard time dating. Learning to socialize again will put you in the position to meet someone.

The brilliant thing about this is your meeting people in like interests  like your in the same class in high school- and that breeds opportunity to break the ice much easier. If you see someone you like just befriend them and see how the day goes- you may find someone you get along with incredibly well.

Dating occurs naturally the more people you go out and meet. Make it a point to go to several meet ups scheduled. If you join enough you could find a full calendar of events to go to. You are not forced to go to every one, but you can check every day and find great events planned you can attend. Even if you don't find love there, you will find friendships that may land more seeds to potential opportunities in the future.

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Hiking Seeds

Hiking Seeds Exercise

Joining a hiking group will help you plant seeds of motivation to work out and get in shape. The more you hike the better shape you get into and thus that seed could be your way into exercising and getting into shape if it's been a while and no motivation exists.

You're automatically invited to attend the meetups just by being in that group! You may find that you wanted to date so badly because you were simply lonely but may not be ready for a relationship. By socializing you find that your fine just going out and being around people, then when you do meet someone your more likely to date them for real reasons not artificial ones like you feel lonely.



Social Seeding


Planting this kind of seed does a few things for your life. You will always know that you have somewhere to go if you choose. You may have no clue how to go out and socialize or where to go to do so, and most people don't want to go out alone when they don't know anyone. With these social groups you're in their click, even the first meet will be easy because their expecting you and you don't have to try to meet people, they will want to meet YOU! You get to be the new kid on the block every time you meetup with a new group- many you may want to keep attending! You can also create your own group!

It's a great way to meet new friends especially if you have social anxiety disorder. For most people they just need to interact with people for a few months then they find they open up more easily to meeting people. This instant social grouping I call it (meetup's site or any site like it) is like a safe environment. People welcome you in and you have a great time!

You can meet several groups and pick and choose people to hang out with exclusively. Many use this type of situation to meet friends and generate their own social circle. It's as easy as going to church or school, work or wherever else you're used to meeting people in a non bar like climate. Personally I hate bars, and I find it hard to just go meet people, but this is a great way to go. I planted a seed on a site called and met the love of my life- an amazing woman (that was over 3 years ago)!

These meets are amazing too because you have groups of hundreds of people who contribute ideas of meet up spots to go to and they do all the work to find the most interesting places in town to go to! That is hundreds across several groups- most groups I'm finding have 20-30 people in them and only half show up for events.

This seed sprouts beautiful social flowers and fruitful fun! There are hiking meets, camping meets, social mixer meets, even a cuddling meet *Smiles*! (I almost went, it was a couples cuddle class  meet haha!)...

There are also all business meets where html and coders meet up and discuss innovative coding, even Internet marketing groups exist to put heads together... and any group you could start. I think there is a 15.00 monthly fee to "host" a meetup but that's nothing.

Networking Socially



Seeding Networks


Other ways to plant seeds is to forge new relationships by networking. Going out and writing a blog is one way. If your blogs/seeds intrigue people you may find people seeking you out (the fruit)! One brilliant way to network is using web 2.0 sites as a seed planting method.

You write an article about things you're interested in like say "Making money online". You, over time build up a following of fans and you can go out and befriend people too becoming their fan (planting seeds again!) whom usually will join your fan club.

I've heard people say that acquiring fans on any social network site is wishful thinking, but the reality is every fan is a potential who will see everything you write and may become a valuable resource if something you write triggers them to want to share an opportunity with you.

Helping people with questions in a forum and always being a valuable source of information, makes people flock to you when they need help in a certain area.

You can go into forums and get to know people or you can email those authors you like. When you write articles on your passion, others will comment and often you can start a friendship if you get into an exchange of information.

These people can become valuable resources for finding others who are also passionate about what you do.

Many of life's serendipitous moments (happenstances that are profitable be it emotionally or monetarily) happen through third parties. Someone you know knows someone higher up and the connection is made.

Many people have been offered jobs just by what they've written on a blog site, article site, or even artwork they've made.

Writing an article can be a great way to put your skill sets out there! Someone may want a site built and may ask you to do it for them because their impressed with your skills.

Just posting an image you made yourself can breed opportunities from others who love your work and want you to make them one (for pay or barter).

Networking Works!



Planting seeds is easy and can be a lot of fun


It's a form of socializing really! Its like "working a room" only you're "working your life", writing your script and generating stimulation's seeds that make life happen to you. It's a rubber ball that bounces back to you by stimulating others to come to you. Others do the same and get you to come to them.

One of the hallmarks of someone who can plant "EFFECTIVE" and ambitious seeds is someone who is, themselves, a valuable seed or seed responded  In other words if you have skill sets that are of value to others, if you can do things nobody else can do, if you have powerful connections or resources, and so on. All of these make YOU a seed to other people that needs to be tapped. There are a million ways to plant yourself in a garden of lots and lots of good fertilizer .. one is Kickstarter to generate sales, leads, and interest  even to test an idea out. Another is Meetup for social seeding and professional seeding through joining or creating groups with a business task in mind. Writers use blogs to display their genius and as a resume. It just takes opening your eyes and pushing forward often to make things happen.

Planting seeds is nothing more than spending a few moments a day to start something, or just to throw out a match in an ocean of gasoline like posting a powerful article that could bring responses for years! The seeds are just stimulation's in your world. Going out to get coffee can be a great way to plant seeds with people whom work at your coffee shop.

If you go out to the same Starbucks every day you build a rapport with people whom work their and you'd be surprised how much you can learn from people just getting your morning cup of Joe! You may run into them at the grocery store or an event and because you planted the seed of talking to them when you get your coffee, building some rapport you now have a friend, and valuable resource of information..

Planting seeds is as easy as simply helping others. When you help someone you never know who your helping! They could be the seed you've been waiting for and just pushing them out of the way of traffic could save their life and enhance yours with their gratitude, especially if you have like interests.

Social Networking Is One Of The Most Amazing Ways To Plant Seeds... These books will tell you everything you need to know



Planting Forum(s) Seeds


Writing forum posts can be an amazing way to network and plant seeds. Writing a forum post on most sites is a permanent fixture. When you write about your passions, opinions and so forth so people can read your post/article/blog years after you "plant the seed" online and you could find yourself making a valuable friend and/or interesting connection. This has happened to me a lot, seemingly spontaneous opportunities that came out of nowhere and based on something I planted in the web's fertile soil.

Everything you do is planting a seed. Saying thank you to someone for doing something for you plants a seed and they appreciate it, they may later do something for you because they were grateful you were grateful for what they did before for you. You'd be surprised how many people show no gratitude at all- and how potent those that do are... Gratitude is in and of itself a powerful seed- an action seed that makes people take notice. It's the law of reciprocation.




Not Planting seeds forces you to stagnate


If you stagnate and don't plant seeds you will not enjoy the fruits later. What you will likely experience is the results of other peoples seeds using you as a resource to reach THEIR end goal... This could work out but likely it will not be compatible with what your looking for.

Planting seeds often doesn't do much at the time but it does grow and become a tree of benefits to you later. Like all real plants/seeds, some take some don't but the ones that take can build a red oak tree all by itself!

You may not realize it but if no one planted seeds you'd find no great information on the web, all seeds, you would not meet anyone new, and life as you know it would suck. Planting seeds in this new information age is more powerful than ever and allows you to truly take control of your life by forming your environment, and inviting things you want to happen to you as if by magic!

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Planting seeds is another form of wishing...

or asking the universe for something

 In fact this is the fastest way to get an answer to your prayers!

Planting seeds is not about goals so much that you want to achieve, it's more about putting your request out to the universe at large and the universe sends people, situations and resources to you from it. It is powerful to ask the universe for things, but this takes that power a step further by putting it physically out there and offering the universe a very easy and real way to help you achieve the things you want.

I ask the universe for what I need, but I don't just wait for an answer in the form of resources. The universe doesn't just give you anything. It will give you the tools to go get it yourself every time, you have to act on those resources. It won't even tell you which resources go to which path- that's your job to pay attention and think critically about what you see and the things around you (resources in work clothes?).

When I ask for something I then take the time to meditate on what exactly I want and what it would take to have it, I then use this information to plant seeds. I may write a hub/article on it, or go out looking for people I know could lead me to it. The point is I take actions to help the universe bring me the resources and this makes it come faster!

As you accumulate resources, take the right paths, and many of the wrong ones likely, you start to build a "picture" of the results. You start to see how this leads to that and how that leads to something else and as the pieces of the picture puzzle come in you start to crystallize your direction and continue going towards the breadcrumbs- which become more apparent as you go. 

I think of it like how a color picture is printed. They put literally several layers of the picture down based on color and each "pass" over it a new layer and color are added and even blended visually with the last. 

At first you feel you got a very unclear picture of how to reach your goal. The first pass lays down the sketch lines, the black outlines- not enough to see clearly but enough to get an idea, a shell of an idea. As you figure out more of the things that will take you closer to your goal you start to see the passes pick up until you have a high definition picture of your goal and how to get it. You'll see the previous breadcrumbs and new ones more easily as you pursue it.



Planting seeds is only a first step...

You Then Need To Nourish Those Seeds So They Grow Faster


You also have to realize planting seeds is a great start but watering those seeds makes all the difference. I've planted seeds I never watered (metaphorically speaking of course) and they grew into amazing things, but others I had to water to get to grow. You water them by acting on them.

For example if you go out and plant "add me to your network" seeds on linked-In to forge some friendships or potential business associates or even resources and they add you, you will want to shoot them an email to jump start conversations.

It really does little good to add a bunch of people whom may like your profile so they add you but if you don't talk to them they just become people on your friends list. I call this Facebook madness even though it applies to every "membership" site with the fan feature.

Although sometimes you'll put out a bulletin that is of great interest to them and all of a sudden that seed sprouts a root as they contact you for more information or to relate.. But it's better to only add people you intend to talk to. I respect people with smaller fb friends lists, or a small circle of people on their linked in.

Actually linked in is the exception- but again only add people you intend to network with. Nobody is thinking your cool cause you know 2,000 people on Facebook  and on linked in people actually check out your contacts like someone would check your resume- to see if anyone you have on your list is credible or valid.

If I add someone and I try to talk to them but they don't return emails, or rarely talk to me.. (I have many friends I just know online and have forged more powerful friends I've never met than those I've met in some cases; these people change my life in many great ways so it doesn't matter if you never meet them in person)

If nothing jumps off and the seed goes dead I remove them from my account(s) because what good is it to have them there if after several months to a year we never talk. 

It's like having that sweater in your closet you keep only because you "may" one day wear it but after three years not one thing has come up that made you decide to wear it. I have a lot of clothes like this and they just take up space.

The beauty of social seeding is that many people will not directly email you but they do communicate in bulletins of valuable links, great videos and more. If I see someone is consistently posting about something I'm interested in I'll start a conversation seed.



People don't have to directly communicate with you to be valuable


I have a few people on my friends list that I never talk to but they are of great value to me because they write blogs that just blow me away, they link to sites that change how I do something, they bring me inspiration. I always attempt to talk to them and they will email me back, but these are more like distant friends I network with because they have something to say that I enjoy and use.




Frequency of seeding is important


If you plant seeds all the time, any chance you get, you will find that you don't have to water them all, but they will offer you all sorts of opportunities and when you see one you like take it by watering it. Contact that person; send an email or a yahoo message and so on. 

Keep the garden growing fruit. Keep Seeding out, and figure 80% of your seeds will sprout, others won't but that's ok. This is why you seed out every day to keep the numbers in your favor. This way you get at least some stimulation back and don't worry about everyone responding. It's not about that, its about putting the word out and getting reactions.

You may have had an impact on them that you don't realize so seeding is not just a one way thing. I post a lot on various bulletins and blogs because I know some of those people I don't talk to but are valuable do read my stuff. It's just a matter of time before I'll write something they like, need, want to know more about and so on.

They only respond if they were affected which is nice. I maintain a moderated friends list everywhere so there are no "dead ends" in there. This keeps my friends list valuable and not just taking up space and when I write the email I actually can talk to them personally not, "who are you again"?




An Example of Seeding in Action

From seed to fruition

Copywriter Seed

To give you an example of how seed planting has brought me what I've always wanted let me tell you a quick story. I had a dream to become a copywriter.

Five years ago I decided I wanted to get paid to write. I had absolutely no clue how to go about that. I had ideas like magazine writers, writing a book, and other things like that could work but I didn't know how to arrive at my dream goal of where I am now. I had no clue!

I planted seeds by going online and studying, asking questions, then writing blogs about what I learned to help others. My blogs helped others see things and many showed me sites to read to learn more, and to escalate what I knew. My seeds prompted them to leave me a seed in exchange!

As I started to write blogs for fun, and education I became a writer, not a paid writer but I knew eventually the universe would take care of that. I just had to put myself out there. I found HubPages and started to write "hubs" for pennies a month but my writing on HubPages made me a better writer. It linked me up to a lot of writing for pay opportunities!

Now that I was making money writing articles... how much I got for each word or article was of no consequence, just the fact that I planted the adsense seed and the article-seed was enough. Later a friend of mine in New York turned me onto a back link generation company that was hiring writers to write blogs and articles for websites and backlinks respectively, and here I am now after 5 years the seeds I've planted along the way have sprouted into my current career and past successes (and some failures of course).

I make roughly 2,000.00+ a month doing what I love working 100% out of my home. I'm making more money than I did busting my rump at a thankless job and my income is based on how much I can write. 

Become A Tree When You Die Bio Urn



A tree built from a "seed" branches out and becomes much more valuable


Finally its MY Limitations limiting my income not the job or boss!!! It's not over yet. I'm planting seeds all the time now by joining lists that put out great information on what I need to learn. Sure they will send out a bunch of emails about purchasing something but there is still valuable insight in each email, and often what they're selling is what I need as well!

One seed I planted 2 years ago has sprouted over 100 ideas that pushed my income past what I thought I could earn at the time. That seed was simply joining "LifeHacker's" list. I get a lot of emails from them but never spam- and there are some amazing finds I'd of never thought of. Some emails changed an entire day and I continued to profit from it years later!

If you continue to plant seeds in areas that you know will push you towards your dreams you will continue to get insight, and growth.


I learned psychology using "Seeding" "Technology"!


Joining a forum you can get posts emailed to you as they come in, this is a great way to keep in the flow of information on your passion. If you lose the passion for it you unsubscribe and subscribe to new things. I always use the send me a condensed mail of the entire days or weeks posts- this keeps my box clean and I can easily scan through them all at once instead of in small chunks.

To learn psychology for example at first I just joined 100 psychology forums and got all the information I could need in my email. I didn't have to go out and seek this data it came to me. I picked and chose what I wanted to read and discarded the rest. I got a wealth of information in my box. The beauty of this was I often got stimulated with new information and I now had "fruit" from my seeds of what to look for next.

You can do this powerful trick with anything you want to learn. If you want to learn how to make money online go to yahoo forums or any other, and do a search for keywords "make money online" then click in and read what each forum is about.. Join as many as you want, the more the better, and you will start to receive lots of information about making money online.

I turn spam posts, emails, or popups into opportunity a lot. If I see a product that makes my eyebrows raise I look for it on Amazon and I've created entire articles surrounding an idea. My article also sold the product on it but it's value was in the article itself. People saw it and started asking me to write them articles and it keeps going. You have to make sure your seeds also lead back to a contact point of some sort- people may get excited but they won't jump through hoops to find you usually. I know I get excited about things but if after a minute I can't find a way to contact the person I just move on. Some would have been lucrative to the person had they just given me some way to reach them.


Forum Posts are often moderated to keep commercial posts out


I'm not talking commercial posting in forums or anywhere else, as most forums don't allow soliciting in their forums and are moderated to remove posts like this, the exception is if your post is valuable enough to give information as well as very little self promotion on your product then they don't mind but just posting something useless and trying to point people to your site is spam. People are there for information not commercials- even if what you have they desperately need- they will not get it from you if you deceive them or they feel your only after a sale.

You're essentially getting pure information into your box every day by jumping on lists, and many people offer tips on where to look to learn more without spending money on courses. I found lots of valuable free resources through forum posts I read on psychology! 




Plant Seeds for any kind of information, especially fresh ongoing ideas!


Great example for people wanting the romance in their relationship to return

One great way to use this technology is in relationships. I hear women complaining their men aren't romantic enough, they are becoming boring and have no clue. The men are lost because they don't know how to be romantic, and are not sure where to find ideas.

You can actually join forums on romance, on romantic ideas, on communications and so forth. Get yourself connected to about 100 of those types of forums and your box will flood with fresh ideas every day you can try!

You can even interact and ask the mailing list usually of 1,000 or more people in those groups for ideas. You tell them what you need, how your wife is (i.e. what she likes) and they will often tell you some amazing ideas that are easy to do but you just didn't think of it. Your wife/girlfriend will love you for it! Seeding is amazing and it can solve any problem!

Getting information this way is brilliant because it allows the other people to think for you. They post when they feel inspired or know something they'd like to share. If your getting romantic ideas posts you know they are going to share ideas, or experiences they did that worked.. no thinking needed, just reading/researching what they put in the post! You can consolidate the good ideas and generate a database for when you need it!

Road To Success Is Paved By Lessons and Seedlings



In conclusion


Remember if you don't put yourself out there nothing will happen, if you do you are taking control of your life and causing reactions from the world based on what you want and need.

Your articles are not taken for granted. Just because many people read them and don't comment it doesn't mean they didn't enjoy it and get something from it they could use. They may even return later and contact you because what you taught them or made them aware of, sent them on a mission and this mission and all it's build up may benefit you when they come full circle.

If you plant that seed and someone does get something from it, realize good karma will come to you for helping them. Seeds are planted every time you proactively do something. This is anything from saying thank you, to asking someone out, to writing an article, or joining a forum.

There are millions of ways to plant seeds; practice will yield ways that are comfortable to you. What's important is that you make your mark on the world each and every day! Planting seeds is a powerful way to generate yourself the perfect life, or at least push you in the right direction. Plant seeds then react to things that come to you. Makes life much more manageable!

Thank you for reading, Have a wonderful day.. Now go plant some seeds!!!




For The Ultimate Seeding Adventure To Plan Before You die (and for someone you love to do after you die), check out this cool concept...
This essentially re-introduces the human being to the natural circle of life!
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Jerrico_Usher on 12/16/2012

thank you, I think seeding is the most lucrative thing anyone can do!

dustytoes on 12/15/2012

Things are happening in my life that I never could have imagined. What if, five years ago, I had talked myself out of even trying my hand at online income from my artwork? I'd be in sad shape instead of moving forward. I like this idea of planting seeds and the many ways it's done.

Jerrico_Usher on 12/13/2012

It is.... it is....

katiem2 on 12/13/2012

It's especially good when those seeds are residual :)

Jerrico_Usher on 12/12/2012

dam-skippy :) it boils down to action and inaction- action provides seeds, taking action on spawns of those seeds breeds nutrient rich soil (environment) that pushes you to the next step (often things come to you stimulating you to take action on something) inaction provides you with no soil- that's the problem with it. the soil is what nurtures your dreams, supports your efforts, and gets you there- no seeds no soil no (proactive) life.

katiem2 on 12/12/2012

A very good topic and one I think many of us push to the back of our mind thinking I'll get to that soon but do we? There are so many seeds we must plant as the growth of professional accomplishments, personal achievements and saving for retirement, a new home, college and on and on the reason go can take time to mature and be overwhelming. BUT it feels good to address these much needed to do list to feel good and prosper in all areas of life. A great read as always. :)K

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