Our Nation Remembers 9/11

by Michey

Ten years later we remember 9/11, the sorrow and grief for the tragic lost of 3000 innocent people.

Ten Years Later

Word Trade CenterWorld Trade Center in words of its Chief Architect  Minoru Yamasaki:

"I feel this way about it.
World Trade Center  means world peace and consequently the Word Trade Center buildings in New York... have a bigger purpose than just to provide room for tenants.
The Word Trade Center is a living symbol of man's dedication to world peace... beyond the  compelling need to make this a monumemt to world piece, the Word Trade Center should, because of its importance, become a representation of man's belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his belief in the cooperation of men, and through cooperation, his ability to find greatness".

What a beautiful vision, what a deep belief in humanity... Minoru Yamasaki you are not only a great Architect, you are a precious visionary and a great human being!

Thank you for the bottom on my heart!

Minoru Yamasaki was the son of two Japanese immigrants, born in Seattle Washington in 1912 he worked with a large design firm in Detroit. Prior to WTC he designed the Education Center at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Create the Country's Financial Capital

WTC NYThe dream started with the vision of Alexander Hamilton - the New York  had been dedicated to the profit since the Dutch first arrived who preferred to make money vs. politics.

After the War New York became country's first capital, in part for Hamilton's lobbying effort, but other congress leaders, T. Jefferson in particular, and President Washington wanted a capital closer to their native Virginia. They got their wish!

Hamilton, who was a layer, a member of Continental Congress, and a founding director of Bank of New York, concentrate on his vision to make New York the  Financial Capital.

The New York Stock Exchange started when a group of merchant's bankers and securities traders gathered on Wall Street in 1792 to establish rules for buying/selling of stocks and bonds.

The Hamilton'c help was instrumental, but New York became the world's most important trading city in 1825. The main event was the Erie Canal which practical united Chicago with New York, that produced more lucrative businesses to New York and its development as a main Port.

The next contribution at the boom in lower Manhattan was the fortune of Cornelius Vanderbilt, in 1980 the tall buildings on Wall Street was the center of financial activities.

The 1920 was the pick of construction of tall skyscraper; it was a necessity to develpe on vertical as the land was so small, so horizontal building was limited and saturated.

In 1960 David Rockefeller presented the first plan for what suppose to be World Trade Center. It was a combination of offices and hotel building  along East River, next to South Street Seaport.

Monumental constructions were possible by bringing the Port Authority on board:

  • New Jersey was united with Manhattan via George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel
  • Triborough Bridge, Verrazano Bridge, Throgs Neck Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge united different NY boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Statem Island)  with Manhattan

The plan for World Trade Center... it was a fight of the architectural giants... and the winner was Minoru Yamasaki.

The Construction of World Trade Center

And the Distruction of WTC

Minoru Yamasaki designMinoru Yamasaki presented his final design in early 1964, the plan covered only Sixteen acres.

His solution accommodated office space for 50,000 workers, and created comfort for additional 80,000 daily visitors.

The project was considered a miracle of engineering, Yamasaki worked with his staff (14 architects), and the best engineers: l. Robertson, Helle, Jackson (sorry, I don't have a complete list of them).
The engineers incorporated the best technical innovation of that time:

  • A sophisticated telecommunications system including video available through a fiber-0ptic and cable optic network
  • International mail and other business services was received  instantaneously - now is common, in 1964 was a major breakthrough
  • 60,000 kilowatt hours of electricity was delivered every day
  • Its airconditioning system delivered 400,000 tons of fresh cool air each day
  • and more...

The official dedication of World Trade Center, the two 110 story towers, was done on April 4th 1973 in the lobby of the north Tower, in the presence of NY's Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

The main atractions:

  • the Observation Deck which had a 360-degree panorama, including the rest off Manhattan, the dramatic harbor view
  • The "Windows on the World" a fancy restaurant on the 107th floor of the North Towers
  • Down below street level on the concourse was the Mall of WTC, 427,000 square feet retail space
  • In the middle on the Mall, was a bank of escalators leading to the PATH station for commuter service with New Jersey, and connections to NY Subway system

On 11 September 2001 this beautiful work was destroyed forever, but we will never forget!

Please, watch the American Family Associated's video and stay a minute silent in front of the "Ghost Of Terror" picture.

I also provide for you a link to a great post created by Dianne, as it represents  the work of love:

USS New York

Video Created by American Family Associated

"Ten Years Later: A Nation Remembers 9/11"

We Honor World Trade Center

Flag/Patriotic Collage - ©Photofile

The Ghost Of Terror

The Ghost of Terror
The Ghost of Terror
We will never forget
We will never forget

We Will Never Forget

The Record
Updated: 09/12/2011, Michey
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How can we forget the 3000 innocent people?

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pawpaw on 04/27/2013

Well written. It is very important that we remember. Sadly though, it is but a fading memory at best for many Americans.
I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was watching it live in an office, with coworkers, and when the first tower fell, there was stunned silence, which was broken, when I blurted out an obscenity, directed at the perpetrators.
We should not feel hate towards other people, but we should also feel no guilt when condemning what they did. It was the worst kind of evil. My oldest son spent some time in Afghanistan with his life in danger because of what they did on 9/11. Will I ever forget? Never!
"Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing"

happynutritionist on 09/15/2011

I appreciated the history in this...we will never forget that day..watched tv for days after...my husband watched the towers burn...there one time he went to the roof of the company he worked to watch...one left another time he went up on the roof to view...then gone the next. Military jets flying over his office, etc. Such a difficult time, the memorials have been good to watch, I never will or want anyone to forget.

samsons1 on 09/11/2011

Well researched and written. Thanks very much for the nice tribute as we remember the atrocities imposed on our homeland...

Michey on 09/11/2011

Yes, I see your point, and it is true, we have to balance and love the victims, honor them but refusing to live in fear. About the hate... we will try our best, I hope that my tone in this post is telling you that I don't hate terrorists but I cannot love them as well... and I totally disapprove the lost of innocent lives, it is no excuse for the way they did it!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

MaxReily on 09/11/2011

We can't forget them....ever. But we can honor them by refusing to hate, refusing to live in fear and still believing in the good despite the actions of those who thrive on hatred. Three days after 9/11 I was scheduled to fly halfway around the world. My flight was canceled, and when I did go, three days later, I was even more terrified to fly than usual, but if we live in fear, "they" win, so I got on that plane. While I was in Asia, so many people of every nationality asked me if I was an American, hugged me or took my hand and expressed their sadness and sympathy. Even if I couldn't understand their words, I understood their hearts. I know firsthand that the good and loving people far outnumber the twisted, hateful ones. Beautiful page, Michey, and excellently done.Thanks.

Michey on 09/11/2011

Yes, we will never forget them.. for me was a horrible day, living in NJ, I had 3 friends working in WTC, commuting every day. It was a night mare until we find out their whereabouts, phones don't work, some do, but the mayor advice not to use them too much as they need some lines open, the Port Authority was close, so no buses to came to NJ, the PATH was damage. Finally after 48 hours we was able to contact them, all were alive, one girl shocked, another exhausted after walking from WTC to Port Authority, the third one had injuries from debris and she was in a NY hospital.
Yes Tony, there is evil in this world and is our duty to fight evil and provide for the next generation a better life, worry free...
Thanks to all of you!

ohcaroline on 09/11/2011

America will never forget these people. Trust me!!!

Tony Payne on 09/11/2011

9-11 was a terrible day, not just the horror of what took place, but the realization that someone could do that to so many innocent people, and in the name of "God" too. It's events like this that make you realize that there is a lot of evil in this world, as well as good, and that it's critically important for all people to understand the difference.

pkmcr on 09/11/2011

10 years on We Remember those who died on 9/11 and all those who have suffered at the hands of Terrorists - May Peace Prevail

Michey on 09/10/2011

Thank you, I was sitting with the editor in front of me and it was hard to find my words, but I said that any small contribution which is coming from conviction and our soul is important and the 3000 innocents: fathers, mothers, children and friends must be in our mind forever.
Thanks for reading my post.

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