Owning Real Estate in The Bahamas is Not Just For Celebrities

by cmoneyspinner

Foreign Investors are welcome to buy real estate in The Bahamas. So if you're thinking of buying a home or vacation home, owning island realty can become a tropical reality.

The Bahamas was once an ideal refuge for illegal pirates. In fact, it was actually a hot spot for government-sanctioned privateers and pirates were given an official "license to plunder" by the authority of the king. For God and country. Of course!

These days The Bahamas is one of the most preferred tropical locations for weddings and honeymoons. With the exception of hurricane season, the weather is usually always perfect for outside barbecues. It is also an excellent choice for non-Bahamians looking to invest in international real estate – vacation homes, timeshares, etc.

The Bahamas Celebrates Independence Day on July 10th

Flag of The BahamasOn July 10,1973, this nation became an independent member of the British Commonwealth. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism sponsors a People-to-People program all year-round. It is a cultural exchange effort. Tourists (and/or potential investors) are teamed up with a local Bahamian ambassador who will provide an informal, up-close view of the island life for the average Bahamian.  The government passed laws which provide for the sale of real property to non-Bahamians. 

There are several properties available for sale, priced just the same as if you were buying a waterfront home in California or a penthouse apartment in New York City.  Sure celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Tiger Woods own fabulous homes there.  Well actually Oprah owns a palace.  But you can buy a comfortable and lovely 2 or 3 bedroom home and enjoy a slice of paradise too.  It's not as far out of your reach as you might think.

Own Property in The Bahamas?

Ernest Hemingway didn't resist the temptation. Why should you?

Owning Island Property in The Bahamas is HOT!

And why wouldn't it be? Consider all the plusses.

+ Island Paradise.
+ Tax-free.
+ Stable economy.
+ Foreigners welcome.
+ Sunken treasure. It's possible!

Foreign investors are welcome to buy real estate in The Bahamas.

If Ernest Hemingway didn't resist the temptation, neither should you. Many people purchase real estate in The Bahamas as a second home or vacation home. It's true that there is a large community of expatriates from various parts of the world who have resettled in The Bahamas. But foreign real estate investors are welcome there. The International Persons Landholding Act, 1993, provides for the sale of real property in The Bahamas to non-Bahamians.

* * Important Notes:
* A Bahamian lawyer is required for all real estate transactions in The Bahamas.
* Only BREA (Bahamas Real Estate Association) licensed Realtors may legally sell real estate in The Bahamas.

Don't just dream about owning island property. Make it happen!

Two suggested realty sites to view current real estate for sale:
- Bahamas Realty - Own a piece of paradise. Luxury homes, private islands and commercial properties. (In business since 1949.) ~ @Bahamas_Realty
- pink houseHG Christie - Luxury and vacation homes, beachfront properties and exclusive private islands, and rentals. (Founded in 1922.) ~ @HGChristie

Happy investing! 

Bahamas Realty

HG Christie

Thumbnail Credit - Imagine your tropical reality, from a distance, in your dreams.
House on Paradise Island, Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
House on Paradise Island, Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas

Who in Hollywood Owns a Private Island - The Hollywood Reporter | From Johnny Depp to Leonardo DiCaprio, remote real estate is a luxury of the .001 percent, but is changing hands at a breakneck pace even in a down economy.

The Freeport News - Grand Bahamas First Newspaper | Mallory shares real estate tips with LIONS | Buying Real Estate is the single most important financial investment any of us can make, said realtor Spence Mallory as he addressed the Freeport Lions Club recently. ... Mallory then listed 10 reasons why one should own real estate ...

My Father's Country: The Bahamas - Though once a British colony, but the citizens of The Bahamas peacefully gained their independence and got on with the business of nation building. Visitors are encouraged to come and see firsthand how life can be better in The Bahamas!

Tropical Paradise in the USA Can Be Very Inspirational for Artists - Many artists have traveled to tropical exotic locations for their inspiration and ...?? And they usually have no problems at all finding it!!

Timeshares Properties in The Bahamas are Available For Sale on eBay


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Housewarming gift ideas?

✔ Key chain, so you don't lose the keys to your new house.

✔ Welcome mat for visitors and house guests.

✔ A lovely scent for the rooms.

✔ Fill the house with smells of great Bahamian food.

✔ Relax outside and enjoy the ocean view.

✔Read a good book while relaxing. History of the Bahamas is fascinating!


They have sharks in The Bahamas.

OK. So! Can't say I didn't tell you! :)

Thanks for Stopping By!

You're Always Welcome! If You Have Time Please Visit More of My Wizzles. :)
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CruiseReady on 08/01/2015

Life in the Bahamas is so enticing! I'd love to take that plunge, but the decision isn't mine alone.

cmoneyspinner on 03/26/2014

My husband often wishes he could go back to his homeland. But all of our children are settled here in the USA and won't move. We'd rather stay on this side of the ocean with them.

WriterArtist on 03/25/2014

If I was rich, I would have settled down in the Bahamas. It is incredibly beautiful and the Nature is so inviting.

VioletteRose on 02/10/2014

The islands of Bahamas are really beautiful, I would love to see it sometimes. Very informative article!

cmoneyspinner on 11/13/2013

@EmmaSRose - Apologize for the late response. Island life is a good life. My husband reminds all the time. He says Sidney Potier will back him up on it. :)

cmoneyspinner on 10/03/2013

@EliasZanetti , @Dustytoes , @Tolovaj , @ologsinquito

Thank you all for leaving comments.
Haven't been back to my husband and father's homeland for a while but when or if I ever go, I'll have the waters shark-tested before diving in! :)

EliasZanetti on 10/02/2013

Well the sharks worry me a little bit but Bahamas look amazingly beautiful anyway.

dustytoes on 10/02/2013

I would worry more about hurricanes than sharks, but it would be a lovely place any other time!

Tolovaj on 10/02/2013

Well, I can do without sharks, but the rest is pure beauty:)

ologsinquito on 10/01/2013

The water looks so beautiful. There's nothing quite like that warm turquoise ocean.

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