Which Blogging Platform Do You Use and Why?

by cmoneyspinner

Wordpress, Blogspot, Tumblr ... so many blogging platforms. Which one is the best? Decisions. Decisions. Why choose when you can use them all?

Which Blogging Platform Do You Use and Why? Feel like you're a contestant in a beauty pageant? Is there a question the judges can ask without that “and why” part being tacked on at the end?

Anyway … getting on topic. Been experimenting with multiple blogging platforms for a few years now. So far all the platforms out there are suitable for my purpose. What is that purpose? Finding a legitimate means of earning income and working at home, with minimal investment required to do so. In other words, my husband says if I can't show that this effort yields monetary benefits, he is not willing to donate any dinero to the cause.

FYI. Dinero was the currency used by Christian states in Spain beginning in the 11th century. That has no bearing on the information being presented by way of this Wizzley page. Just a random fact thrown in to mix things up a bit and keep the reader from becoming bored! :)


FoxNet2017 (formerly Express Yourself!)

My Tumblr Blog

As of June 2014, my blogs are published via four different platforms.  That's if you don't count my Tweets (@cmoneyspinner) as a micro-blog; and if you don't include other online writing communities where my writing is published that also use blogging platforms - such as Daily Two Cents, Writedge, and Webnuggetz (see feeds below).


Out of the four different blogging applications, the one that allows me the most freedom to experiment is my Tumblr blog. The primary benefit is being able to select a free template and then being permitted to customize so that it reflects ME!  My templates of choice?

Used the Storyware theme for a few years and just recently changed to the Effector Theme.  Storyware updated their version with features that were unfamiliar to me.  What I know about HTML coding is self-taught and I did not know enough to make some additional edits.  Consequently, I switched to another theme by Pixel Union and now my blog has a new look.


Another really cool thing about Tumblr is that it interfaces with my Wordpress blog.  Reblogging is encouraged. When it comes to diversity – the blogger / reading audience is truly diverse - teens to senior citizens, professionals, non-professionals, various countries and religions, well-known persons in the entertainment industry and independent artists, small businesses, major businesses, news and media, etc.


There are a few quirky things about the application, but whatever "technical difficulties" experienced during implementation and publication are written off as my inexperience and lack of knowledge.  The Tumblr Team has Support Staff or a Help Desk and they often assist me.  


UPDATE: As of September 2016

This Wizzley page was published June 21, 2014.  In two years, Tumblr was acquired twice.  First by YAHOO!  Then Verizon acquired core assets of YAHOO and Tumblr was included in the acquisition package.

* As of Sep 23, 2016, my account was terminated, with explanation.  While I accept the explanation received from Tumblr Support, had they given an answer or not, I don't make it a habit of arguing with folks who are letting me use their application free!  If you let me stay, I'm happy.  If you tell me to leave, I go in peace.  Don't know what the future holds now that they are under new management.  It was a fun platform while I was there.  In that two year period of time, I set up 5 different blogs (or microblogs) on Tumblr, experimented and learned a little about HTML coding and how to customize free templates, learned about affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and AdSense alternatives and various methods of blog monetization, learned of tools and resources that provide automated and/or scheduled posting to facilitate timely blog posting, and lots of other stuff useful for an online and home biz entrepreneur to know.  It was a great ride!



Riding Again on Tumblr

Heading into 2017 with a brand new Tumblr account!

As you can see on the previous sections above, my Tumblring got a little bit bumpy.  But towards the end of November, while the company is still in the process of changing owners, decided to give it another try.  Created a brand new Tumblr blog and called it FoxNet2017Here we go again!  :)


FoxNet2017 | Recent Posts

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Liked on YouTube: Best of Moby https://youtu.be/rwdyQuiPfLU

Book of humor. Great illustrations. Your favorite fairy-tale characters try to find their way in 21st-century America.

Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation
Penguin Books

If You Would Like to Contrast and Compare - Below Are Feeds to My Other Blogs

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Literacy Base Blogging Community

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Cmoneyspinner on Over-blog.com

The company that own this platform based in Europe. It is similar to Tumblr.
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There's lots of platforms for you to experiment and explore!

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Thanks for visiting!

Updated: 03/25/2017, cmoneyspinner
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cmoneyspinner 28 days ago

@katiem2 - Thanks for the compliment. I view Tumblr as a Twitter with a few more characters and images being allowed. It can be a lengthy blog, a micro-blog, or both. I just hope the platform stays afloat. Please share your Tumblr link when you get it running. I'll follow, like and reblog or share otherwise.

katiem2 29 days ago

What a great resource, I have a tumblr account, haven't used it for years, I will definitely revisit it and put it to work for me. Great GREAT article!

cmoneyspinner on 07/10/2015

Cool! Thanks for stopping by @lindylou!

Guest on 07/10/2015

Hey cmomeyspinner. I think you and I came here about the same time. Although I have been away for quite awhile and haven't written much until lately. I have been around the block a few times myself. I have us Tumbler, HubPages, Infobarrel, Go Articles, ArticleBase, SheToldMe, My Space, Wordpress, Websites and the like. I have learned a great deal and hope to continue here and with my own website. The Woman's Post.

Thanks for sharing,

cmoneyspinner on 01/19/2015

@Digby_Adams - All of my blogs are under the umbrella of my home business projects. That's where they'll stay until the Internet shuts down or the world comes to and end. Whichever happens first. :) Thanks for stopping by. You'll given me an idea. (i)

Digby_Adams on 01/19/2015

I use wordpress on my own personal blogs. Then I use blogger and tublr as well.

cmoneyspinner on 11/14/2014

@WriterArtist – I hear ya! I go even a step further. Suppose one day there's no Internet! Or … suppose the evil money-loving power-mongers make access to Internet more difficult for the ordinary little people by creating speed lanes and charging exorbitant extortionate, excessively high, excessive, prohibitive, outrageous, unreasonable, inflated, unconscionable, huge, enormous fees and destroying net neutrality!!! GGGrrrrrr … !! X-(

Ooops! Getting off topic. We're discussing blogging apps. Right! :)

Thanks for stopping by. Your comments are always thoughtful and appreciated.

WriterArtist on 11/11/2014

Dear cmoneyspinner - I think I should try some other platforms as well. The only thing I am afraid is the website closing down. Having invested time it pains a lot if you see that all the effort and time goes waste. However; one has to keep learning on the internet, there is so much to learn.

cmoneyspinner on 11/06/2014

@ologsinquito – You have an account. Choose a FREE template you like and fill in the blanks. When posting it's simple. Just click on the icon that represents what you want to do: share a link, photo, quote, write text, etc. Why not start off sharing the links to your Wizzley pages? Reblogging is pretty easy too! You have experience on other writing platforms. Tumblr is not much different. You can do it! What is your blog URL?

ologsinquito on 11/05/2014

Okay, now I successfully logged back into Tumblr, which I had abandoned. There's going to be a learning curve.

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