Stone Siding - Making Your Home A Castle

by Jerrico_Usher

Discover the incredible beauty of stone siding and the various choices you have

You may not like the look of stucco but maybe wood isn't your thing either. Luckily, with the advent of home siding you have many more choices than just these two. Stone siding is an amazing concept because it truly looks like the exterior walls of your home are fortified in stone!

In reality it is but it's just the outside layer about 1/4" thick or slightly more (real stone)! It's real stone that's been hallowed out for weight but the only part visible is the part you'd see anyway! If you do like wood but want something different, there is Log Cabin Siding, Redwood Siding, Blend of stone, wood, and vinyl too! Between all of those there are even more combinations. Stone siding is like a veneer for your home- using real stone but a fraction of the weight and work/upkeep!

One of the more interesting types of siding is stone siding and that's what we'll talk about in this article specifically.


Stone Siding


Stone Siding


Build Direct

Some Leads On Stone Siding Sources and Pricing

Build Direct, a leading supplier of quality building materials for less, has a large assortment of siding choices in all categories.

If you've never thought about stone siding you may not realize that there are dozens of different types to choose from that can bring excitement to the aesthetics of your home. One type of stone siding they have is Black Bear Manufactured Stone Veneer in the style River Stone.

At $3.75 sq/ft the price for 120 sq/ft, this amount makes up a pallet. There is a minimum coverage of 120 sq/ft per order when ordering by the pallet.

This beautiful stone veneer comes with a lifetime limited warranty, is low maintenance and is lighter and also less expensive when compared with natural stone.

The dimensions of this product are approximately 3-12 inches in length, 3-12 inches in height and 1-3.5 inches in thickness. Besides being sold by the pallet, this item is also available in easy packs. Easy packs contain 8-12 feet per pack. When buying by easy pack, the cost is $4.56 sq/ft, with a minimum of 12 sq/ft. Other styles of this stone include Mountain Stream, Old Chief and Waterton.

Black Bear Stone Siding

Black Bear Stone Siding



If you don’t like the look of round stones and prefer more of a flat and stackable look, don’t worry! Black Bear also manufactures a Ready Stack Stone Veneer.

This type of stone siding is available in many colors such as Mahogany, Granite, Grizzly and Carmel Blend.

The ordering requirements for this product are the same as the Black Bear Manufactured Stone Veneer, at $3.75 sq/ft at 120 sq/ft per pallet.

Advantages of this product include being lighter and less expensive and that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Dimensions of this stone siding are 3-12 inches in length, 3-12 inches in height and 1-3.5 inches in thickness.

Another flat type of stone siding is the Black Bear Manufactured Stone Veneer in Southern Hackett.

This type is available in the color choices of Charcoal, Almond Buff, Granite and Winter Pearl.

The price for the Southern Hackett is $3.75 sq/ft with 120 sq/ft to a pallet.

There is a minimum coverage purchase of 120 sq/ft. Also, as with all Black Bear brand products there is a minimum ordering purchase of $1,000 and the estimated lead time is ten days plus shipping.

The Southern Hackett siding is low maintenance and is a premium quality manufactured stone veneer.


Updated: 08/14/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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