P90X - The Most Extreme Workout Ever

by theherbivorehippie

If you're looking for the most intense workout that will seriously exhaust you but totally reward you with results, you need to try the P90X program!

Can You Handle P90X?

Are You Ready for an Extreme Workout?

First let me say that I run everyday, I'll be running my fourth marathon this fall so I've always considered myself to be in good shape....that is until I got my hands on the P90X. I've never felt such an intense workout in my life. This is the real deal!


If you are tired of doing the same old workouts that consume a significant amount of your time but don't produce nearly the kind of results that they should, you need to try P90X. This is about the most effective and extreme workout program available that will transform your body in the shortest amount of time. You should be warned though, nothing comes for free in this program so you better be prepared to work! If you truly commit yourself to this program for 90 days, you will be looking at a whole new person in the mirror.




P90X was created and is hosted by Tony Horton who has been a personal trainer for many years. Tony wasn't always into fitness though. He originally moved to California to become an actor, started working out at the same World Gym as Arnold Schwarzenegger and fell in love with exercise. Rather than building mass and bulging muscles like few people want these days, he designed the program to make you stronger and more flexible. It's effective at promoting weight loss while allowing you to build long lean muscles. This is what I LOVE about this program. I am not the type of person who wants huge muscles but I did want more definition.


Tony Horton uses what is called muscle confusion which ultimately accelerates your results by constantly surprising your body with plenty of variation and interval training. Yes, it definitely surprises your body, especially when you can't get out of bed the next morning! What this does is eliminate those dreadful plateaus that most dieters are far too familiar with.


DVD Workouts


The P90X program comes with 12 workouts and a specific order/schedule in which they should be done to achieve maximum results. The names of these DVDs are Yoga X, Chest and Back, Plyometrics, Ab Ripper X, Shoulders and Arms, Chest and Triceps, Legs and Back, Core Synergistics, X Stretch, Back and Biceps, Kenpo X, and Cardio X.


Nutrition Plan and Guide


There is also a nutrition plan included with P90X and it is certainly recommended that you do your best to follow it. This helps you select healthy food and it rotates back and forth between high protein and carbohydrates (healthy ones), depending on which workouts are scheduled. You will need this thoughtfully created combination of food to provide your body with enough fuel to get through the intense workouts. Now, I usually run 5K and 10K races at least once every other week spring though fall and I'm used to carb-loading the night before however, I have never CRAVED carbohydrates until I started this program. It seriously drains you but in a REALLY good way!


P90X also comes with guidelines and basically a road map to help you get through the program, stay motivated and avoid injury. If you're serious about getting in the best shape of your life, P90X will get you there!

Get Ripped in 90 Days

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A Detailed Look at the P90X Workout Programs

Get Ripped in 90 Days




A Detailed Look at the P90X Workout Programs


If you're ready to take the P90X challenge, you may be wondering what this program actually consists of. There are a total of 12 DVDs with different P90X workout programs, each one more extreme than the last. This isn't a series for the lighthearted but rather for those who are serious about losing fat, building lean, shredded muscle and getting in the best shape of their lives. Each of the 12 P90X workout programs serves a different purpose and are designed to be completed in a specific order.


  • Chest and Back – Placing all of the emphasis on chest and back, this P90X DVD concentrates on pushing and pulling movements to burn calories while you're strengthening and developing two important muscle groups. The first time I did this workout I had to call my mom to come help me walk the dogs the next morning because my upper body was mush, couldn't hold both leashes to save my life!

  • Plyometrics – This is one of the most intense P90X workout programs offering 30 high-energy jumping moves. The goal of this workout is to improve athletic performance by keeping you in the air for a full hour. This is the workout that made me feel small, I no longer felt like the athlete I claim to be.

  • Shoulders and Arms – Well defined arms enhance any physique. Curling and pressing movements will leave your arms muscular and toned without adding extra bulk. I just love this workout, one of my favorite ones by bar. My shoulders and arms are more sculpted than they ever have been.

  • Yoga X – Yoga is considered a vital component of the P90X program. The routine combines coordination, balance, strength and flexibility along with very precise breath work to calm your mind and enhance your body. Yoga X leaves you enlightened and refreshed.

  • Legs and Back – Many people vote this as being the hardest of all the P90X workout programs and I absolutely AGREE. Lunges and squats develop your legs and since you're working large muscle groups, you're burning more calories. Fortunately there are a few tough back exercises that actually feel like a breeze because you're giving your legs a break.

  • Kenpo X – Cardio is a huge part of the Power 90X program. This DVD is packed full of kicking and punching and you even learn a few helpful tips for self-defense.

  • X Stretch – You need to have a good stretching DVD mixed in with the other extreme P90X workout programs. It helps avoid plateaus and injuries by using discipline from Hatha yoga and Kenpo karate. You will look forward to this workout and count the days until you do it again!

  • Core Synergistics – The trunk muscles and your lumbar spine support your core. Having this area strong improves posture and helps prevent injury. This P90X routine is fun, unique and full of challenging exercises that will maximize your results.

  • Chest, Shoulders and Triceps – Your upper body will look unbelievable thanks to this P90X DVD. Flys, extensions and presses will make you leaner, stronger and highly defined.

  • Back and Biceps – Curls and pullups will have you wanting to flex your biceps every chance you get. This is one of those P90X workout programs where you will really want to dig in and reach your maximum number of repetitions.

  • Cardio X – This is a low impact routine to simply burn calories. If your body feels exhausted during the program like it needs a rest from strengthening, substitute this DVD for your scheduled workout.

  • Ab Ripper X – This DVD is comprised of a very precise sequence of movements to develop that six-pack you've been dreaming about. This is one of the most difficult P90X workout programs so be prepared to feel it the next day!

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PaulGoodman67 on 02/23/2012

This looks pretty comprehensive. I will probably just stick with playing tennis, but it was certainly fascinating to find out more about the P90X!

ohcaroline on 07/05/2011

I don't think I am quite ready for this much conditioning workouts. I'd have to really work hard to get to this level of intensity....really hard.

theherbivorehippie on 07/05/2011

lol..it is intense. I have a few bags of frozen peas that get used a lot over and over again.

Holistic_Health on 07/05/2011

Heck no I'm not ready. You'd have to call the paramedics if I tried this :)

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