Paul Nison and The Raw Life Health Show

by BardofEly

Raw foods are becoming increasingly popular as a healthy way of eating and Paul Nison is an expert on the subject.

Who is Paul Nison?
Paul Nison has become well known as an expert on health and healing through the eating of raw foods. He is an author and raw food chef and also hosts The Raw Life Health Show series on video.
Paul's story is that at the age of 20 he was seriously ill with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's Disease, and despite seeing doctors and trying various treatments he failed to get better until in desperation he stumbled on the cure.
Paul Nison had been eating a lot of junk food before he got really ill. He knew that his serious health condition was being caused and aggravated by what he ate and drank so he started to experiment with leaving out all the things that made him worse. He found that if he ate organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and ate them raw that he became well again.

The Raw Food diet

Why raw foods

Paul Nison said about his past and his road to recovery: “I was eating so much unhealthy food, but didn’t care because I felt great. When I got sick, I finally realized health doesn’t start with what we add to our diet, but with what we leave out.”
This was important on two counts. First of all he had discovered that just because you feel good at the time doesn't mean something is good for you and it is possible that you are being harmed but don't know it. This is like the situation with a drug addict who feels great on the drug but is seriously damaging their health at the same time.
The second thing Paul became aware of was that to simplify his diet and to eat healthily it was not about adding any new foods but rather it was about leaving out the unhealthy ones.
Paul often talks about these points in lectures that he gives and in his books and on the Raw Life Health Show.
An increasing number of people are becoming involved in following a raw food diet and many of these people are raw food vegetarians and vegans. Paul Nison has been a vegan but has discovered that it is not necessary for him to be healthy and he has been eating some non-vegan foods in small amounts.
Paul Nison is a very religious man and found that the Bible has a great deal of advice on dieting and he follows scriptures as a guide to a healthy life. Just because Paul quotes the Bible, however, should not put off anyone who wants to learn about a healthy way of living. The information he has and the advice he shares all make excellent sense and have worked for him.
The raw food diet makes good sense because cooking destroys so many vitamins and nutrients. For example Vitamin C is destroyed if you cook a vegetable or fruit that contains it. Eating raw vegetables and fruits makes perfect sense if you want to get the full benefits of from eating these foods. Eating organic ones are best as well because they have not been grown using pesticides and herbicides.
Paul Nison believes that adequate rest is essential for good health. He says that if we wake up and feel as if we haven't had enough sleep that our feelings are correct because we haven't.

Paul Nison at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe: Sleep

Paul Nison explains why sleep is important

Paul Nison shares his discoveries

Black salve

Paul Nison uses his website, public appearances and the Raw Life Health Show to share his discoveries about healthy eating and how to prepare raw foods to make appetizing dishes. You can see how he is on a personal journey of discovery and change that he is open about.
For example, Paul Nison had a large mole on his face and another growth on his chin but took steps to remove them using an unconventional alternative treatment. Paul applied a herbal preparation known as black salve and showed viewers of his Raw Life Health Show how the treatment worked. You can see his face before he applied the salve, with it on and afterwards as it heals up. Paul points out a word of caution about using black salve though because you do have to be very careful.
Paul Nison also answers viewers questions about the many topics that are bound to come up. He has recently spent time explaining how chocolate and cacao are actually toxic despite what is said, and how he advises carob as a healthy alternative. In one video he shows how to make a fake chocolate dessert from carob, dates and honey.
If you are thinking seriously about making changes to your lifestyle in the interests of better health then Paul Nison is a man who can tell you how he achieved healthy living for himself and cured himself of a serious condition.

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Website for Paul Nison

Removed Mole with Black salve

Using black salve as a treatment
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