Peeps on a Stick -- For Easter and Stuff

by Regi_B

It's Marshmallow Peeps, but -- like -- on a stick!

Who doesn't like Peeps?

Okay, a lot of people don't like Peeps. I know!

My own wife doesn't dig them -- she thinks they are nasty!

Well! This article is starting out great!

Anyway, for those of us who like Peeps -- actually, I must admit I like the first Peep, and about half of the second. After that, I have to put them down and come back later. It gets too sweet, too gooey, too marshmallow-y.

SO! For those who like Peeps to the point they can tolerate more than a couple at a time, there is a treat just for you. (Jeez! I hope I haven't over-sold this!)

Peeps on a Stick!

I saw these recently in a big box store that shall remain nameless (WalMart -- Oh! Shoot!).

It seems they are not new for this year, but they are new to me, so ha!

Some folks have been equally enamored as I -- blogging about them as "Peeps on a pole" and such.

My dear wife goofs with a candy she does not like.
My dear wife goofs with a candy she d...

I was so taken with Peeps on a Stick I got my wife involved in an impromptu photo shoot with this Peeps variety. She took some of me. I took some of her. There is a pic of the "forest" of Peeps on a stick displayed at the WalMart. (I feel such shame admitting on the Internet that I was recently in a Wally World. Here is a game show losing contestant sound to prove it: "Wah-wah!")

Anyway! Peeps on a Stick come in a rainbow of four Peeps -- because Peeps all know how to get along, no matter their color. I have heard that Peeps don't even see color. (I have also heard that I am not very funny. You make your own judgment!)

Of course, these four different color Peeps are on a stick. Hence the name, y'all!

What to Do with Your Peeps on a Stick

I am not one to be bossy. (That is a flat out lie, but go with me, please.) What you do with your "Peeps Stick" is up to you. For those looking for suggestions, good old Regi B is here to help!

Things you could conceivably do with your Peeps on a Stick:

  • Eat one, save three,
  • Eat three, save one,
  • Eat half of one, save the rest,
  • Do any combination of eating Peeps and saving Peeps that works for you (but remember, you have only four to work with, unless you buy more than one Peeps on a Stick, then quantum calculus or whatever comes into play and I can no longer help you!),
  • Eat them all, recycle stick.
  • Apply lacquer to several sets of Peeps on a Stick, to start a Peeps forest for the queen of the marshmallow chicks -- Queen Gelatinous Maria -- such a pretty queen!

Have I lost the narrative thread? Well, I'll come back and punch it up sometime!

Updated: 03/31/2012, Regi_B
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Comments on a Stick

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Regi_B on 04/02/2012

You are welcome, Katie. It's always my pleasure to write about something neat and funny, and hope it helps others.

katiem2 on 04/01/2012

How fun my kids will love these fun peeps on a stick and just in time for Easter. Great tip thanks :)

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