Pink Backpacks - 10 Adorable Pink Bags from Amazon

by squidooprincess2012

Buy and shop cutest pink backpacks here. From High Sierra to clear backpacks, browse through a wide selection of pink backpacks that will truly make you smile!

Pink is a color that has always been associated with women and "girly" girls. Experts say, however, that it is actually a masculine color. But whether it's for boys or for girls, there's no denying that pink adds spice into everything that it touches.

Take a look at backpacks for instance.

When you wear a pink backpack, there's something about it that makes people smile. And sometimes, it makes a good conversation starter. It's always something that people can't afford to NOT notice.

Here are some of the cutest pink backpacks from Amazon.

Violett - DEVY Backpack

The cutest cow leather from Korea!
Violett - DEVY (pink) Backpack

There's something distinctly unique about Korean fashion. And admit it, you just can't stop admiring the creativity! This bag, for instance, is well-made and sartorially polished. Plus, it's not just cute. It's chic and sophisticated that you can pull it off even when wearing a dress. 

Wait, on second thought, this bag is the perfect accessory for a white dress. Wear a straw hat and people will see you as a breath of fresh air. 

PINK Color Silky Nylon Backpack School Bag

Because you can't be seen in a boy's backpack...
PINK Color Silky Nylon Backpack School Bag!Cute and Stylish in Grea...

For a serious student, all your school things should be organized in one place. You can easily achieve this through a big backpack, but if you want to stay cute even with a heavy weight on your shoulders, this pink backpack is a great idea. 

It has all the compartments and side pockets you need. Plus, it's big enough, so it has more than enough space for your school essentials such as notebooks, pens, and your laptop. 

Go pink! 

Mobile Edge Komen Paris Backpack

This bag is perfect for the girl who loves her tablet and laptop.
Mobile Edge Komen Paris Backpack- 16-Inch PC/17-Inch MacBook Pro

Okay, so this is not predominantly pink, but listen. The appeal of this bag is the pink outline, and not the black background. You can find a lot of girls wearing an all-pink bag, but there's only a few of you sporting a backpack like this. 

And oh, this bag doesn't look like a backpack at all. But yup, it's got good straps. Check out the full details. 

Nila Anthony Quilted Backpack

Enjoy a casual day at the park or in the mall with this backpack!
61118 NILA ANTHONY Quilted nylon drawstring backpack. (Pink)

I must admit that at first, I wasn't sure if this bag is worth mentioning -- and maybe you agree with me. But take a look at it again. The colors clash, and so do the materials. But if you think about it, these "opposites" are the true appeal of the bag. For one second there, the brown flap gives the body a color boost. It brightens it. 

Optari Pink Backpack

You can't go wrong with rubber.
Optari Backpack Pink - Optari BPPI

This bag is made from rubber. That means it's waterproof, so when the rain comes, your stuff are dry and intact. Plus, it's rigid, so it stands straight. That also means that notebooks and other soft valuables that you have will be wrinkle-free. 

Hipster Rucksack Backpack

Unleash the pink punk princess in you!
Hipster Rucksack Style Backpack - Pink Hard Style Tattoo

This backpack is a "rucksack" type of bag. If that's not unique enough for you, try focusing your attention on the design and the print. Basically, it says "pink punk." If you feel like you're rebelling against something for a cause, purchase this bag and be in character. Plus, this backpack serves as a great storage for your valuables. 

Skechers Twinkle Toes Sequins Backpack

Sequins are a fashionista's best friend.
Skechers Twinke Toes Sequins Forever Basic Backpack

The charm of this bag is obvious -- sequins! I love sequins! I think that they're the ultimate best friend of true fashionistas -- aside from a Vogue subscription, of course. Sequins always spark someone's curiosity. People can't afford to ignore them. So if you wear a sequined bag -- and a pink backpack at that -- you almost don't have to wear chic clothes to make a fashion statement. 

Duluth Pack Classic Rucksack Backpack

Go outside! The sunshine needs company!
Duluth Pack Classic Rucksack Backpack Pink - One Size

My first impression about this bag is that it looks like it's an alien starfish from a sci-fi movie I watched recently. But thank goodness it's pink!

This pink backpack has leather shoulder straps with a draw string to close the main pocket. It also has a big flap on top to make sure that all your things inside are intact.

Belvah Quilted Backpack

If it's quilted, you must look for Belvah.
Monogrammable Solid Pink Quilted Backpack with Brown & Pink Polka D...

For me, this is the epitome of pink cuteness. Isn't it adorable? Ribbon. Check! Polka dots? Check! Pink quilted background? Check! Check! Check! Look at the side pockets! They're polka dotted, too! 

Puma Women's Training Float Backpack

This is for the sporty, pink chick.
Puma Women's Training Float Backpack (PINK)

I go to the gym every weekend. And personally, even when I'm working out, I'd like to keep things "feminine." If you're like me who thinks the same way, this pink training bag from Puma is spot on. It has the compartments you need, and it has a great color combination that I'm sure you'll find very much feminine. 

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Tammy Daniels on 08/07/2017

Violeta Dewey Backpack

squidooprincess2012 on 11/28/2012

@Mira, yup, I think the Duluth Pack is interesting, too. :)

Mira on 11/28/2012

Interesting designs. I like the Duluth Pack one the best (I think) . . .

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