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by squidooprincess2012

Bored of carrying the same bag? Shop for the most stylish backpacks. Choose from leather, studded, and just plain elegant backpacks here.

You deserve a pre-Christmas (or perhaps post-Christmas) gift for yourself -- a stylish backpack that you can fashionably trot around town with. Nope, you don't have to be a fashionista to have one of these cute backpacks. You don't need that title to feel good about the bag, anyway. All you need is your confident self, and your valuables.

So what are your choices? Be glad to know that the fashion world is never short of talented bag designers who whisk their magic to give you a new style. Studded and rhinestone-filled bag? You got it! Leather backpack? Check! Animal print bag? Check, check, check!

Allow me to give you more. Feast your eyes with these gorgeous designs!

Saddleback Leather Backpack

Let's be honest here. This backpack is fine!
Saddleback Leather Backpack, Chestnut

Ah, the allure of leather! 

No one can't deny that this beauty from Saddleback is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! No matter what angle you take a look at this leather backpack from, you're sure to be smitten. Not only does it have timeless elegance, but the color of leather always complements whatever outfit you want to pull off. It may appear strong especially if it stands alone, but is matched and softened perfectly when paired with, say, a dress. 

Would you believe you can wear this baby with a dress? How about taking a walk on a casual day at the park -- or perhaps a day at the beach? Take your straw hat, put your dog on a leash, and put your sunscreen inside this bag. I'm sure you'll look stylish! 

Though this particular bag doesn't come with an affordable pricetag, you wouldn't mind the cost, would you? 

Coach Backpack - Floral and Classic Print

Admit it. You've always wanted to own a Coach. Floral or classic?
Coach Signature Daisy Kyra Flower Pri...Coach Light Khaki Signature Sateen Da...

What is it about designer bags and luxury items that make them so irresistible? What is it about them that you just can't stop obsessing about? Is it about their design? The quality of their materials? Or the idea of owning something more expensive than what the average person has? 

Oh, never mind! A Coach is a Coach, and that's all that matters. 

Take a look at another masterpiece by this lovely brand. Floral prints that don't look tacky and their classic design that will fit any outfit. You just have to take a second look it makes you want to buy.

You'll be surprised it's affordable. Check the price. For more Coach handbags, visit the collection linked.

Handmade Genuine Leather Animal Backpack

Fun, fierce, fearless, fashionable! These animal backpacks are what you're looking for!
Handmade Genuine Leather Turtle Patte...Genuine Leather Messenger Shoulder Ba...An Extremely Unique Frog Backpack, Ha...

Unique and fashionable -- that's what you get if you combine an enormous amount of bag designer talent and leather. I mean, how many of us can think outside the box and produce a backpack like these? If you can, seriously, you have got to start a new bag line because these animal pattern backpacks are awesome! 

If you want to make a fashion statement, or if you want to be plain funny or whimsical, you can rely on these bags to turn heads or start a conversation. 

These bags are the brainchild of BPLeathercraft, and are made from tanned, genuine cowhide. Plus, they come in different colors such as pink, red, orange, and blue. 

Anuschka Backpack

Crazy for handpainted prints? Go Anuschka!
Anuschka 494 PKL Backpack

I don't know about you, but I go crazy for handpainted crafts. And these backpacks are definitely no exception. There's a sense of tribal or ethnic about these bags, but they are undeniably fabulous!

If you're the type who go for Bohemian style outfits or one who wears Bohemian accessories, you can easily make these babies your best friend. Plus, they are genuine leather, so you don't have to worry about the materials wearing out.

Also, they are handmade, and only a few of them are produced. So rest assured that there's a slim chance that the girl across from your house is wearing the exact same backpacks. 

Check out two other Anuschka backpacks below. Which one is your favorite? 

Lodis Audrey Leather Backpack

Can you spell elegance and chicness? Not if you don't own this bag! Wink!
Lodis Audrey Lucia 8208Au Blk01 Shoulder Bag,Black,One Size

Seriously, this bag is fiiiiiiiiiine! From the stitches up to the materials, you can smell the scent of genuine, elegant leather just by looking at this gorgeous baby! Take it with you when you're out with your friends, or when you go shopping at the poshest shopping district. This Lodis Audrey bag will make a perfect companion. 

Oh, wait! 

If you're thinking that this bag is just all-fashion and no function, think again. As a matter of fact, you'll be surprised at how roomy and spacious the compartments are. You can even slip your tablet into this bag. 

Studded Backpack

Elegant punk or punk elegant? Either way, this bag is just plain fabulous!
BLACK PU Studded Backpack School Bag Classic Stylish Look for Schoo...

There's something mysterious about punk and goth that makes you either want to jump into the bandwagon or to have a double-look. Either way, they make such a bold fashion statement. Perhaps this is because it contradicts or rebels against the fashion norms of the sophisticated and the pristine? Or perhaps, whether we like it or not, they rock. 

Well, why not wear one in the form of a studded backpack? There's nothing more runway-scandalous than a studded backpack and a dress? It's like a well-dressed Audrey Hepburn (take note, in pearls) on a Harley Davidson bike! 

It's so wrong, yet it's so right! 

Basketweave Rhinestone Accent Backpack

Basketweave and rhinestones? Who knew they'd go together?
Hailey Jeans Co Womens Basketweave Rhinestone Accent Backpack

For a split second there, I ran out of words to say about these bags. But now I know what to say. I love how the designers were able to transform basketweave into something metallic and one that resembles an armor. These bags make me think of the Middle Ages where knights lived and armors were fashionable. 

These bags are not made from metal, but with the rhinestone accent cleverly stamped on the bag, they sure look like they were. But whatever these bags look like, to me, I love the color combination! I love the interplay among white, black, and silver! 



Hello Kitty is one of the most loved characters in the world. That is why there's no doubt that young girls and even the young-at-heart continue to be smitten over her. From kitchen utensils up to school supplies, they want to own something that reminds them of this adorable character. 

Which leads me to wonder, is your collection complete with an embossed Hello Kitty backpack? 

If not, give yourself a pre-Christmas gift. Get this backpack. You can say that it is very spacious. It can carry a complete set of clothing if you want to spend a weekend over at your friend's house. It can even serve as a protective storage for your laptop or tablet. 

And guess what, this bag has a pink lining! 

This bag retails for around $35 at Amazon. Click the image to find out more about its other specs. 


Embossed Hello Kitty Backpack

Unleash the child in you!
Hello Kitty SANBK0054 Backpack,Black,One Size

Casual Style Canvas Backpack

You ready to go to school? Not yet, I bet! You need a stylish backpack!
Girls' Casual Style Canvas Backpack/ Handbag/ Schoolbag (Model: B01...

If you think that all backpacks come in the same color such as brown or black or blue, why not spice up yours a bit by introducing bright colors? And why not bright yellow just like the one above? I'm sure that this will make a great eye-catcher. 

Whether you're a college student or just someone who want to spice up his/her wardrobe with some bold color, you can't go wrong with this backpack. Plus, it also has three outside pockets that you can rely on for storage of your phone and other valuables. 

Oh, it comes in white, too! Look to your right. 

Animal prints are fierce, fierce, fierce! But careful, not everyone can pull them off. Hmmm...On second thought, who says what you should and should not wear? As long as you want it, you can flaunt it whenever you want. 

Just like these animal print backpacks. Aren't they ferocious? You can try leopard or giraffe prints, but there's no denying that zebra prints are loud they're always an attention-getter. 

Stingray Leather Backpack

Sting like a ray? This bag is effortlessly chic!
Stingray Leather Backpack

The first stingray item that I own is a wallet. I loved it so much I used it for years. When it was close to wearing out, I didn't wear it again for fear of losing it forever. It's still in my closet, and I have another wallet. 

I'd like to try this stingray backpack for a change. I love the fact that this bag has two "eyes" that pierce through anyone who looks at them. 

For more pretty backpacks, visit this collection as linked. 

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