Shark Backpack - Fun, Fierce, and Whimsical Designs

by squidooprincess2012

Shop for your next shark backpack. Read this page to know more about your choices for these shark backpacks.

When fashion meets function is not enough, your last resort is to give people the "shock factor." It works all the time, and it's incredibly easy to achieve. As for backpacks, all it takes is to give your audience something ferocious for them to remember you with -- something like a shark backpack.

Let me walk you through some of your choices with interesting pictures and descriptions (and also reviews from other consumers).

Stephen Joseph Shark Backpack for Toddlers

These simple, yet whimsical pictures of swimming sharks always fascinate kids. Take this as a good opportunity to teach your toddlers a thing or two about these ferocious animals.
Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Boy's Quilted Backpack, Shark, One Size

Stephen Joseph backpacks are perfect for kids and toddlers. They not only have whimsical, yet kid-friendly designs. But they also have that perfect color combination that matches your kids playful, innocent, and fun character. 

This shark bag is no exception. As you can see, though the design is obviously that of a ferocious aquatic monster that many of us fear, children are drawn into them because of the way they are presented by Stephen Joseph. They're a bit cartoon-y, and yes, whimsical -- but they're definitely kid-friendly. 

This bag retails for only $18 on Amazon -- an amazing deal, I hate to say given the unique and stand-out design of the bag. You can check the comments and reviews given by consumers who bought their kids this bag, and out of a perfect grade of 5 stars, this shark bag has garnered a very high grade of 4.9. 

Impressive, don't you think? 

And oh, don't think that this bag is only for boys (even if the manufacturer says so) because it works for girls, too. It's not pink or purple, but blue suits girls perfectly as well. 

Here are two other shark merchandises from Stephen Joseph. 


Raskullz Shark Attax Backpack

This bag definitely put the "jaws" in sharks. If you want to make a ferocious statement, you don't have to say anything if you carry this backpack.
Raskullz Shark Attax Backpack (Black, 11 x 8 x 16-Inch)

When you think of sharks, the first thing that pops into your head is no doubt strong, sharp, and scary teeth -- not to mention the red gums everytime this creature opens his mouth to eat his prey. In short, sharks instill fear in people. 

So if you're looking for a fun way to make a fierce fashion statement, this bag will definitely make an impression. You don't have even have to say anything. People will take a look and admire the shark on your back. 

This bag also comes with a 3-D touch, as you can see in the fin on top. Also, see how evil and scary the eyes and the scales are. 

Get this bag from Amazon for only $25.64. 


Sprayground Shark Backpack

What big teeth you have! People just can't stop looking at you.
Sprayground Shark Deluxe Backpack

There's no doubt about it. Shark is written all over these Sprayground shark backpacks. The teeth are big, and they are sharp and white. 

What about comfort, you ask? These bags are padded on the back and on the straps. Therefore, you won't feel any pain and discomfort even when carrying heavy objects such as books and a laptop. And speaking of laptops, you'll find it convenient to slide your gadget into this bag. 

These bags retail for $50, $55, and $70. 

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squidooprincess2012 on 11/25/2012

@katiem2, love, love, love these designs!

katiem2 on 11/24/2012

Very cool shark backpacks, I can imagine a lot of boys enjoying such a cool backpack. :)K

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