Pirate Birthday Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

What are the best ideas for pirate birthday party favors for girls.

Arggghhh me mateys... finding pirate party favors for girls can be a difficult treasure hunt for even the most experienced party planning pirate. The normal rules of treasure hunting won't always work. That means if you want to find pirate birthday party favors girls will like you need to be a creative pirate.

Colorful Pirate Treasure Gems

A successful pirate will have found a few gems in their time travelling the seas. This means colorful gems are a wonderful party favor for pirate party bags for girls. 

Gems are more girly looking than the normal pirate themed party favors. They're bright and pretty so a better choice than toy gold coins for girls. There're also great for any pirate party because they're not just suitable for one pirate character or TV show. Why? Because every pirate needs some treasure. 


A Pirate's Best Mate

What's a pirate without their best friend - their parrot? 

Parrots are a great mini-theme to include in a pirate party if you're going to have girl guests. Girls love animals and are often fans of bright colored birds too. This makes parrots a great way to add color to a pirate party. They're also another party favor idea that's more girly. 

I like this inflatable parrot because it's cute and easy to fit into a party bag (before it's blown up to full size). But any parrot themed favor would work.

Pirate Sword for Girls

If a pirate sword is going to be a party favor for the boy guests you might want to grab one that's more suitable for girls.

This flashing LED light sword is fabulous. It's very colorful and could be used for lots of different pretend play themes - not just pirate play. 

This sword is so eye-catching and fun you might even want to grab something like this for your boy guests too, instead of a plain pirate sword.

Pirate Themed Bracelets

Bright jewelry favors are always a fun thing to pop into a party favor bag for girls. 

These cute pirate bracelets are a good choice. They come in packs of 12 too so they're easy to use as a party favor. But any cheap girls' jewelry that has gemstones or gold would work in a pirate themed party favor bag.

Pirate Stickers for Girls

Stickers are an essential in any party favor bag - and you can get pirate stickers made just for girls. You just don't find them in places like Ebay or Amazon. 

But if you don't want a sticker that's too pink and girly have a look at stickers like the pirate penguin one I've included below. It's cute and something girls would like more than the usual pirate ship and skull bone design stickers boys like.

Pirate Art

Art and craft party favors are another popular choice to add to your bags. 

Pirate crafts don't always appeal to girls but jewelry making kits with gemstones would be a good replacement. Or if you'd rather keep it simple these pirate crayons are another good pirate party favor idea if your little pirates are 7 years or under. Something like these crayons are good for both boys and girls in this age group too. 

If you want to make the crayons even better have a look for a good pirate themed coloring book to go with them.

Girl's Pirate Mystery

Early reader books are a great idea for birthday party favor bags.

You can usually find a few good quality books in your party theme - like this "Treasure Trouble" book from the young Nancy Drew series. 

Early reader books are much cheaper than picture books so they're great for your party budget. 

They're also a great way to encourage children to love reading.

Yummy Pirate Treats for Your Party Bag

Pink Pirate Lollipops

Lollipops are another fun idea for your pirate party bag. There's lots of skulls and other pirate themed lollipops about - but I think these pink ones are a much better pick for a girls' party bag. 

Pirate candy can be really hard to find. You might be happy just using this set of lollipops. But If you want to have a little more candy in your party bag one idea is to keep to pink candy. This will  tie in your non-pirate themed candy with the pink pirate lollipops. This will make it easier for you to find candy that won't look out of place.

Chocolate Gold Coins

Kids always seem to love these chocolate gold coins. I know they've always been a big hit in our home with the kids. Apart from being popular and yummy though these fit in perfectly with a pirate birthday theme. 

Chocolate gold coins also look good in a pirate birthday party favor bag for girls when you also have colorful gems. This is because these gems and gold coins will turn your favor bags into pirate treasure troves. If you want to go with this treasure theme don't forget to pop in a treasure map too.

More Party Favor Ideas

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SusanM on 02/12/2013

That hand sanitizer sounds like a good idea LOL

Angel on 02/12/2013

I have a birthday party to plan for my 5 yr old daughter in March. These are some great ideas! She has her heart set on Chucky Cheese (sp?). I really don't want to go there and experience the germs of a hundred kids after they have touched every game in the building. But what do you do? Ha.. take hand sanitizer I guess!

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