Plush Mythical Creatures

by jptanabe

Mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns make the most fantastic plush toys!

I love mythical creatures, those wondrous beasts that appear in tales of fantasy, legends, and mythologies. Now they exist in plush toys! Some of these creatures are beautiful, bringers of good fortune and happiness; others are dangerous, evil, and have to be battled and defeated by heroes. The plush versions likewise have different natures, but they're all safe enough to bring home!

So if you know someone who loves mythical creatures maybe you should buy them one of these for their birthday, or Christmas, Valentines, or other special occasion?

Mythical creatures aren't always scary monsters

Some are quite gentle!

See, not all mythical creatures are scary monsters! According to legend, the virgin can tame the unicorn. And here those cute little dragons don't look so tough!

Not that these creatures couldn't be dangerous, hey even my littlest cat spits and growls menacingly on occasion! But plush toys of these wondrous animals are all fun.

And yes, the unicorns and dragons are my favorite - I have several plush versions of each myself!


OK, so not all dragons are cute little "dragonlings." Generally dragons tend to be pretty fierce, menacing even, and they have a really scary look even before they breathe fire! And they have big talons to grab you and fly you away to their lair, where goodness knows what they do to you. These are not really your cute pets!

If you know someone who'd like a more "dangerous" type of plush toy, a scary creature, the dragon is the one!

Aragon the Navy Dragon is perfect for defending castles! Or you can have a super colorful dragon that's trying to be scary!


The unicorn is a horse, almost always white, with a single, spiral horn coming out of its forehead. Unicorns are generally considered to have supernatural abilities. According to myth and legend, their horns have healing powers and are able to neutralize poisons. Unicorns represent purity and innocence, and can only be tamed by a virgin.

Unicorns are very special, always portrayed as good, although they can do serious damage with that amazing horn! They are not a threat to humans, although they have been hunted and captured, sought for that special horn and its power.

There are many delightful plush unicorns to choose from - I just had to include the Beanie Boos multicolor unicorn Fantasia! But there are more traditional white unicorns, of all sizes including giant!

Pegasus - the white horse with wings

Pegasus is not a unicorn! He doesn't have a horn; instead he has wings - yes, he can fly!

Pegasus is a majestic flying horse. He assisted the Greek hero Bellerophon in his heroic task of defeating the chimera by allowing him to fly on his back. When Bellerophon became too proud of himself and wanted to reach the heights of the gods, Pegasus rejected him and threw him off. As a reward, Pegasus was allowed to live on Mount Olympus in the stable of Zeus' horses.

So Pegasus is all good and noble, and looks amazing with huge wings flying up into the heavens!

Here's a brightly colored Pegasus with cute little wings

Aurora - Bright Fancies - 7" Tutti Frutti - Pegasus

The mythical phoenix

The mythical phoenix is a beautiful colorful bird that rises again from the ashes of the fire that consumes it when it dies. Thus it achieves immortality. I love the phoenix. It gives such a feeling of hope and power to overcome all adversities.

The phoenix plays an important role in the Harry Potter novels, not only making it into the title of one book (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), but the tears of the phoenix save Harry's life after he has been mortally wounded by the evil basilisk.


Gnomes are funny little guys that seem to like dark places and gardens and have something to do with mushrooms! They are often portrayed as small, old men wearing pointed hats.

Gnomes don't seem to be dangerous: They mostly help plants and animals; sometimes help humans; some reclusive ones just stay underground or in dark forests, perhaps hoarding treasure; some interact mischievously with humans. They are said to move as easily through the earth as humans walk upon it. Gnomes are also known as environmentalists, fiercely guarding against any unnecessary damage to the earth and wildlife.

Ugly trolls

Trolls are notoriously ugly. Yes, ugly is the right word! They are also dangerous, and since they're pretty big that's not good. However, they are also stupid, and turn to stone if they stay out in the sun. Guess that's what happened to this one!

Mountain trolls really resemble stupid giants, even Neanderthal humans. They seem to represent that which is somewhat peculiar and different, yet hauntingly similar to ourselves. Perhaps if we're nice to them they can be kind to us?

These trolls are giants, look dangerous, but are actually rather cute.

Updated: 12/20/2022, jptanabe
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