What Is A Poltergeist Really? You'd Be Surprised, And Likely, You've Been Possessed By One Daily

by Jerrico_Usher

Many don't realize that a true Poltergeist is not a ghost, nor is it something following you around and pushing you into things or causing you to feel jinxed- It's actually Focus..

Focus is a focal point of Poltergeist activity. Rather it's the lack of focus and the convoluted brain becoming increasingly frustrated that spawn the manifestation of a Poltergeist . What you may be surprised to find out is that all that activity, those mysterious happenstances are not random at all- they are essentially subconsciously set up booby traps and most of the problem comes from a place of pure chaos. It will all make sense at the end of this article. It's a bit ironic that in the movie "Poltergeist " the actual Poltergeist is in the TV, behind a static filled screen of chaos!

I know there is a whole other definition (esoteric) of Poltergeist but the one I'm talking about is rooted deep in how you think and how you create poltergeist like activities and blame it on a ghost. If your having a bad day, week, or month and feel like some "external force" is beating you up like a rabid Poltergeist - your going to be glad you found this article!


Introduction - How Focus Runs Things

Psychology Of Focus And Poltergeist Activity



When it comes to juggling things in this world of multitasking hell, focus is an essential thing to have. Many people have mastered this skill-set and have found navigating the terrain to be anywhere from easy and flawless to difficult and an uphill battle that they tend to win but not without a fight.

Without focus all hell breaks loose, and that causes chain reactions your brain, already trying to cope with the situations, can't readily figure out thus the solutions it gives you on the fly during PA (poltergeist activity) often aren't accurate and thus the banging of your knee during a routine stand up and get a drink routine (that usually goes without a problem).


Understanding How Focus Works And Can Cause Poltgergeist Activity When Short Curcuiting!

I think when it comes to focus there are a lot of things to consider. You need to realize how your psychology works, how your brain chemistry contributes and causes problems when it's not balanced, your physical body, and how it definitely contributes to your ability to multi-task.


The first clue to the poltergeist activity being self inflicted is that it's born from a glitch in the multitasking engine our brain uses all day every day. I'll cover these concepts briefly and leave it up to you to figure out how to tune up each one.

I started to realize that a lot of things we blame on ghosts and strange happenings on, are actually set up by us- either on the fly or before hand. leaving a cabinet door ajar,for example, subconsciously (as you speed about your morning) it could slowly and even creepily squeak open but although you don't remember leaving it ajar, it was that action that made that event happen. When you don't take responsibility or have a habit of externalizing blame for things you do- a poltergeist is going to be a constant companion causing trouble in your life. 

I like to call the Poltgergeist the daemon of irresponsibility because it often manifests when we DON'T take responsibility for our life. That, however, is a whole other article.

In this article I'm also going to show you what a poltergeist is and how it's generated by YOU yourself. Put bluntly- a poltergeist is the outward manifestation of inner chaos- in short it's your brain short circuiting causing you to become a robot of disasters! It's like your on auto-pilot but not controlling all your resources.



Importance Of True Focus

In focus you develop the ability to control your life, to multi-task, and to chase your dreams with incredible precision. You also develop an amazing sense of self and if your unhealthy, unhappy, or felt like your were incapable of getting ahead, reaching your dreams or anything else, focus can change all of that in an instant. Your focus is the true vehicle that can make all of that possible and with a vengeance!

The first element of focus and the most obvious one- is psychological. It's your mind set, your habits that are programmed mentally and executed like triggers and protected by filters (or hindered by filters) you build as you learn and experience life.

An unfocused mind cannot truly take control of the body and soul, of your life. Most people run around focused sporadically because they rely on beliefs rather than logic, or they don't itemize their beliefs consistently to see "why" they believe them, "if" they are substantiated or programmed by 40 commercials that tell them one thing or another- and because they form beliefs in a habitually passive state.

If your not taking constant inventory of your beliefs, of new information as if it was a matter of life or death to have it right- then your victim to your own mind and the external world. If your in the habit of passively incorporating concepts, beliefs, idea that "sound" good on the surface- then television, commercials and con men are your worst enemies.

You have to get your head around the idea that how you think determines who you are, how you live, how your life turns out, and the level of freedom you experience.

A poltergeist is merely your own mind infected by conflicting filters and confusion to such a degree that you cannot focus thus all those things that happen in series around you that cause frustration are not externally created but rather propagated by your movements through your environment. Without focus all the details of what your trying to do run together and cause you to make mistakes, run into things, and so on.

Your own mind can put you through a game of pac-man. In a way it's like those ghosts chasing you but the ghosts came FROM you and to quiet them you just have to change how you think and your bullet proof (and they vanish!).


Typical poltergeist scenario

For example

You wake up and haven't yet fully booted up and you stub your toe. It hurts and you get upset.


 This sets off not only a bad precedence for your day if you don't catch yourself quickly as it puts you on a bad track, or literally invokes a bad series of neuro-brain activity in specific regions of your memories.



We experience and re-experience our world through association- including pulling up our memories and using them to explain what we experience. What memories are triggered at any given time, color what we perceive of rather what filters are activated.

If you are stuck in a "nobody loves me, the world is unfair, why is this happening to me" network of thinking (i.e. you invoke the memories that are associated with your thinking and thus reinforce those concepts as true and "focus" without realizing, on them- your setting yourself and your mood for that "chain of command".

This means those unproductive filters, thought forms, and reinforced memories (like money backed by gold, our moods and thoughts are backed by memories we form) will become a sort of artificial intelligence that runs our entire day if we let it. Living on auto-pilot is like forming the realities of your abilities in any given moment based on how you feel.

If your on auto-pilot then how you feel will not be governed by reason but rather by random events that you perpetuate by giving them importance. If you stub your toe and choose to let it upset you rather than temporarily just hurt- i.e. instead of just letting it upset you you stop, count to ten then smile (causing endorphins to flood your brain)- reset - you can stop your bad day and all poltergeist activity before it can manifest.

The Poltergeist API

Let's explain the poltergeist thing first quickly. I'll walk you through the "birth of the poltergeist AI". First you stub your toe, you get upset but let it go. You didn't do anything to boost your mood back up and chose to think about it and cry about it holding your toe. Your brain is still on that track when you walk on to go down the stairs and being so focused on your toe you aren't focused on where your going and bang your knee on the corner as you approach it. Now your knee hurts and your still mad about your toe so your focus is being taken over by two events now.

As you get more upset your starting a chain reaction of both draining focus, ability to multi-task to get around without hitting anything. Your distracted so as you hit the bottom of the stairs you step on a toy and that really hurts.

Now your frustrated incredibly and start feeling all those stress hormones flood your system making you feel angry but the adrenaline that all of this anger provoked (fight or flight response) makes your body feel a sense of power and you start focusing that anger and trying to rid it by venting of a sort- but because your like a car whose breaks are not working you are pushing forward faster and with a vengeance adding new and more debilitating thoughts to the stream as you run into other things and now your throwing things around.

You lose track of time and realize your late for work- now your rushing even more and run out the door but get half way to work before you realize you forgot an important report you HAVE to have....



Do you see how this escalates?

For good focus you have to have your mind in check at all times or at least have it "react" in a productive way rather than what you'd expect is "regular" like whining about your toe and going on and on about it letting it ruin your day.

You have to bump your toe and decide it ends there- hold it for a second but force a smile and say aloud something like, oh I'm sorry wall, my bad...

Use your untarnished focus to make a joke of it- then don't mull over the pain, get back to walking, walk it off pretending it doesn't hurt. Maintain a positive thought stream- focus on things you can't wait to experience in your day like driving to work blasting your favorite music.

I use a technique like singing, making up raps, anything that takes over my mind when something bad happens. I once banged my toe and started rapping about it:

Awwwwwww Yeaaaaa. I stubbed my toe, it hurts like hell but the pain will soon go- away, then I'll get on with my day, a brilliant day that will be fulfilling in every way... blah blah blah

Make it funny if you can, that works. If I start to see a developing pattern of poltergeist I will stop and follow Anthony Robbins advice and make the stupidest silliest face I can and hold it for several seconds while looking in the mirror. Sometimes, even if your late to work- you have to stop for 30 seconds. Late or not 30 seconds won't change anything other than helping you to stop the madness!

Your focus is affected by the littlest things and once that goes or becomes hard- nothing else will work!

I use music to keep me in a good mood. I find the music that really impacts me positively and make a playlist- I play it right when I wake up but make sure it's "shuffled" so it doesn't become a boring list- different all the time.


Superfoods: The 101 Best Foods to Live Longer and Feel Younger


Your health controls part of your focus because how you feel is directly related to how easily your body can do it's job. If you don't eat right you don't get the right nutrients the body needs to create the pain reliever chemicals (Endorphins) or the motor control chemicals (serotonin, dopamine), and your energy directly affects how easily you can get things done thus how much more bandwidth you have for adding power to your focus (think of it like memory on a computer, by adding memory or freeing up memory you can load up more things and work faster, even multi-task faster).

If you eat right but don't exercise your muscles of which you use thousands of times a second- can't do their job and you end up tired, feeling things sluggishly, and your body can't even create energy effectively if your not moving around circulating the blood, moving water through it and so on.

Your body IS your vehicle through life and before anything psychological can happen your body has to be ready to handle the commands you give it or it will cause static like hiring a lazy employee to work in a busy restaurant- everything depends on everything else- it's a network this focus thing.


Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You're Not Sick, You're T...

Water is ESSENTIAL to everything as oil is to the engine in your car. Did you know water is actually a part of what causes your neurons to fire effectively?

For things to get built in your body and brain? Think of your hundred billion (or less) brain cells/neurons and trillions of molecules and networks of molecules in your body as independent workers and entire companies that churn out a product- and all having to, themselves drink the equivalent of 8 glasses of water each day and throughout (scale down to their size vs the 8 oz glass you yourself would drink- so each water molecule you introduce is like the rain in a drought!

If your not drinking enough water think of it like how it doesn't rain in many parts of the world and crops die, all hell breaks loose and people start to do dances and pray, even try to extract water out of the air- well your molecules tend to do the same thing and the damage inflicted is what causes your mood loss, your body aches, disease, and the inability to grow new crops of dopamine, cell membranes, and even those powerful networks that create your libido!

Be the "god" of your body that makes it rain and saves the crops, saves the cells, saves the networks and even entire "companies" of cells that do very important things. Imagine if a company got a nice shipment of precursors to building things but without the water to give the workers and they can't bring any because other more vital companies like the red cross- took it, how would they work? How would they even survive?

Water is more important than even food although water is what makes food work and break down, and keeps your body alive.

Without nutrients and water even minerals found in tap water (and often missing from bottled water!), the body can't function effectively thus waking up in an uphill groggy and tired fashion everyday is often due to this problem. Processed foods and most fruits and vegetables in the grocery store not marked "organic" are likely useless.

Processed foods are stripped of their nutrients in the processing, cooking, and/or the preservative additives (that dissolve them), and vegetables not marked specifically "organic" are likely grown in bad soil void of nutrients and vital nutrition for the plant to convert into vitamins!

Supplements can and often need to be taken with food to assure you get all your nutrients- we'll cover this in the next section as it relates to both body and especially brain chemistry.


Nutraceuticals, Smart Drugs, Vitamins...


Brain Chemistry

If your brain is deficient of "precursors" which are the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that actually get synergistic and converted into the very chemical hydraulics your brain uses to function, control the body, and even control the mood your in- then your going to suffer brain damage in the form of not being able to function, and even to the point of your body going into shock and dis-ease.

Focus requires good balance in your brain and body chemistry. Our modern diet is 99% crap. The reason our grandparents were more happy and seemed to live life so effortlessly is they ate better, got exercise (industrial age of working was more demanding physically), and drank the hell out of some water!

An entire market of "Nutraceuticals" and "Nootropics" are coming to "fruition" that are helping people to regain balance, repair broken brains, and rekindle "youth". If youth is a state of mind that becomes a state of body- then nutrition and water is your "fountain of youth".

If you find yourself in dire straights where your health is concerned, start eating better, start drinking more water less crap and more natural foods (non-processed).


If doing that is hard for you because your mental state is in line with your health (the two are interchangeable), then go look up Piracetam- this miracle smart drug/nootropic/neutraceutical really helped me to resetablish my health and thinking drastically.

The brilliance of it is it's non-toxic, makes you feel amazing- and can be taken every day.

For some people this nutraceutical/nootropic's effects last forever, for others it can "feel" good for a while but drop off when your brain is "better".

Piracetam is a funny one too- the worse off your brain is the more "high" you feel when you take it. (this is 100% safe and legal).

By "High" I mean you feel like you can think so clearly you feel "limitless" and if you utilize this time your feeling that way (and your brain is healing) to better yourself by learning about health, nutrition, smart drugs, nutrients, nutraceuticals and exercise- then you'll be in a much better place in 6 months.

 It' motivates you because it networks your brain and bam you can think again. 

Thinking Hard

Thinking is the hardest obstacle when your unhealthy and a poor thought stream efficiency can lead to poltergeist activity as well!

- motivation follows thinking clearly and being able to use your whole brain.

This stuff even networks the brain through the center fibers that connect the two halves. In time the Piracetam will not feel so "high" but that's a good thing (It still does it's thing but what happens is your "norm" becomes that "high" and you don't feel the "differentiation' anymore- this is when you know your healing and graduating.

The high is actually nothing more than your feeling "normal" for a spell where you've been in chaos or your brain has been under utilized due to poor health- but piracetam has a way of rejuvenating your brain cells with it's neuroprotective qualities- it literally heals your brain and protects it.

I keep taking it because it is a great creativity builder. The effects after a while are subtle in conscious feeling but it's no less effective- so don't lose hope and chase the healing not the high.

There are far more powerful nootropics available that can also help you reach your health goals. One that I currently swear by and find just amazing, (and very good at helping you think and remove poltergeist activity, is NooPept- a Russian nootropic. Noopept is actually a derivative of Piracetam which is a derivative of GABA a naturally occurring brain chemical.

Noopept is 1000x more powerful than piracetam and has a different function but does the same thing. You only have to take 20 mg (all day) a day of this stuff where piracetam you need over a gram 3 times a day.


On Amazon you can get the machine AND 500 capsules for under 30.00!

"00" Capsule Machine Filler with 500 Capsule Connection Gelatin Cap...
Capsule Connection, LLC

Making Your Own Capsules

I generally make my own capsules from bulk powders, and put 800mg of piracetam and 10 mg of noopept in a capsule.

This is known as stacking as both ingredients potentiate one another (make both more powerful together in synergy).

You can do this very easily by purchasing a few basics:

1. You need a milligram scale for measuring out the right amount of powder

2. You need a capping machine (makes the capsules in bulk for you)

3. You need empty capsules to fill

What you do is purchase the powders (for the best price and most for your money), the scale, the capsules, and the capping machine and set everything out on a table.

With anything 800mg to a gram you can just fill the capsules (no need to measure really as they hold a specific amount- 800-1000 mg each.

You simply open the machine up a small square device with a bunch of holes in it and a top piece also with holes in it.

You open the capsules and put the top (short side)in the slots on the top peice, and the longer side you put in the slots of the bigger part of the machine. You can pour the shells onto the stage and they will fall in if you shake it around a bit. Once all the empty capsules are in the machine (holds about 30, some machines hold 100).

At that point all you do is start scooping the powder over the big capsules in the machine and let it fill them up scooping away any excess.

You then just put the top piece on (the capsules fit snug so they won't fall out when you tip it) and push it together- a snap tells you they've all been snapped together (the tops and bottoms). 

you remove the bottom and push a piece on the bottom to pop out the ready to package capsules.

With Noopept you'll need a scale- it's too powerful to "eyeball"

American Weigh Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale, 20 by ...
American Weigh
Only $39.99

How to use the above capsule machine

|██████████████ Conclusion... ██████████████|

I wrote a series of articles on smart drugs if you want to get a running start in that department. I am currently in the process of migrating a series I wrote on HubPages and am moving here. It's 10 articles of pure fascination.

Focus depends on the body being healthy, more focus requires healthier body, healthy thought stream/mindset/optomism, and balanced brain chemistry.

Ultimately if ANY one of these is broken they all fail you because they depend on one another in much the same way a car's engine can work but if the steering wheel or breaks are not working it's either dangerous (i.e. you lose your temper because your brain chemistry is off or your body being broken frustrates you creating bad chemicals causing dis-balance in both areas) or sluggish. Your body runs much like a car does- depending on all vital parts to work.

Being a writer and work at home manager of writers and customers for a few companies my vibrant health, brain chemistry balance, and body started to really fail me- working became harder because my body was unhealthy- drinking coffee and energy drinks instead of water and nutrition. Piracetam was the first thing I tried in the smart drugs arena and it really made the brain work like coffee but with no side effects- and Much more clarity... Poltergeist activity is now at a very minimal- I think faster so I can catch it and dissolve it before the thought stream virus takes a foothold on my day!

If your focus is off it's likely the front line red flag that other things are deficient or your body is "praying for rain" both in the water sense and the others (body, mind, chemicals). So get rid of poltergeist by enhancing your brains focus power- don't run on auto-pilot and don't blame ghosts when things are acting haywire- it may just be you causing all the noise and not realizing it! Figure out what is causing the issue and squash it. I hope this helps you.

Comments are always welcome and highly appreciated!

Good Luck!

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