Pooter the Skunk Whoopee Cushion -- The Plush Doll with the Surprise Inside

by Regi_B

Why not "plush out" with a Pooter the Skunk plush doll? It's not like he's going to "whoop" on you. Oh, yeah! Actually, it's exactly like that.

I see a whoopee cushion, and I see a plush toy, and I think "marriage"! Okay, not really, but somebody did!

Is the world better for it?

Perhaps, anything that brings a smile or a laugh to a child is a thing that makes the world better.

(Perhaps, I am full of it! But I see no reason to hate on whoopee cushion toys, for the most part, anyway.)

Enough of all that! I am sure you would like to learn more about something that is both cuddly and noisy! Let us examine Pooter the Skunk!

Who Came Up with Pooter the Skunk?

The company behind this pooting skunk is Play Visions. Someone there had the "excellent" idea to combine a plush stuffed animal with a "FWOOTing" whoopee cushion. A match made in Heaven or nearby, no?

How Does Pooter the Skunk Work?

Oh, sure! You can cuddle with Pooter. He is down with that. And a good night's cuddle you might have.

Or, you may press Pooter's belly for a sassy pooting surprise. Oh, my!

Pooter is "klassy" with a "k", and not afraid to show it!

The whoopee cushion inside of Pooter the Skunk is one of those awesome foam-filled models, enabling Pooter to "fill up" fast for your whooping pleasure. What a rage!

Fortunately, Pooter's regalia comes free of stench. (Praise the toy powers for little blessings such as that!)

Who Are Pooter's Pals?

Believe it or not, Pooter has pals. Let's meet them!

Burt the Hippo

As a whoopee cushion plush doll, Burt the Hippo enjoys a "charmed" life.

He likes to hide behind Grammy's back and give a "whoopee" when she least suspects.

(Amazing that a hippo could hide thus.)

Play Visions Burt the Hippo

Play Visions Burt The Hippo

Oinker the Pig

There is a reason our pal Oinker always comes off like a pig. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed it is because he is a "farty pants", you would be right!

Let's not get too down on ol' Oinker, though. He is a fun-loving piggy with a plush side to him -- good for a cuddle if you are careful.


Play Visions Oinker the Pig

Play Visions Oinker The Pig

Congo the Gorilla

Congo nows how to bring out everyone's inner kid -- showing us a "whoopin'" good time!

Careful, Congo can drive you bananas! (Booooooo!)

Play Visions Congo the Gorilla

Play Visions Congo The Gorilla

Buy Pooter the Skunk Online

If you are finding Pooter the Skunk somehow irresistible, I am here as always to help. You may buy this "life of the party" plush toy online at Amazon.

Oh! What a lucky day! What adventures might you (or hopefully, your child) have with good Pooter? Do let us know in Comments!

Play Visions Pooter the Skunk

Play Visions Pooter The Skunk
Updated: 03/06/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 03/07/2012

Brenda, I keep trying to grow up, but it just never seems to "take".

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

Regi, When are you going to grow up? LOL

Regi_B on 03/06/2012

Angel, I am sure there would be pranks galore!

Thank you!

Angel on 03/06/2012

I like Pooter the skunk and Oinker the pig. My kids would love to have one if I were to let them. They would be playing pranks on everyone with this thing! Too funny.

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