Posh Paper Plates, Classy Cardboard Crockery, Pretty Party Tableware

by KathleenDuffy

These gorgeous paper plates and accessories for the party table or summer picnics are pretty, practical and price-busting! Affordable luxury! And so stunning!

For special occasions there's nothing better than table accessories that amaze your guests because they are fun, pretty and different! No need to bring out your precious crockery, (if you have any left!)

Check out this glamorous cardboard tableware which would leave Marie Antoinette drooling...and she was no slouch when it came to tea parties!

Oh, and another vital component - No Washing Up! At a pinch you could use them twice!

Fabulous Paper Plates

Excuse me - but this is meant to be an article about paper plates....

Yes - I know dear reader - and these are paper plates, believe it or not.  No, they are not fine bone china borrowed from a local museum, although you could be forgiven for thinking so. And,  if you are having a Greek-style celebration and want to smash them on the floor, then you are wasting your time!  

But - if you want to enchant your friends with your amazingly delicate, unique  cake/sandwich plates, then look no further! 

Do check the size of these strong paper plates though - to make sure they are the correct dimensions for your particular food goodies. The plates above are 6.69 inches in diameter which is perfect for sweets or savoury snacks.

And a word of advice when buying anything like this on line.  Check out the reviews.  I always find them really helpful. Don't take my word for these paper table accessories being strong, resilient and fit-for-purpose!   Read what the customers say.

Aren't these gorgeous!  And more practical for sandwiches or large pieces of pie...or cake.

These are larger than the round plates, ranging in size from 7 inches to 10 inches.  But what makes them so unique is the beautiful patterns.  They just look so elegant.  

I can remember a time when paper plates were always white - and that was it!  And they inevitably bent and the cake slid onto the floor.  

And there was something so depressing about paper plates back in the day... they smacked of  a utilitarian, tighten-your-belt, draughty-church-hall kind of atmosphere.  

And don't get me started on paper cups!  

But times change!   Functional can be fantastic!  

I think these paper accessories really are pretty and most important, they don't look cheap! They look dainty, arty, unique, pretty - call it what you like! But not cheap! (even though they are...) 

So think of a theme and choose your matching table accessories to create a really beautiful, different tea party or picnic event - at a price that won't break the bank!

For instance, the lovely paper plates above  can come in useful for winter teatime get-togethers.  Finish the turkey left-overs or the mince pies on these beautiful plates.  They also have matching napkins, and a number of other accessories to make your table all-of-a-piece.  

These sort of table accessories make designing your party/festive table a really fascinating project.  You can save your really beautiful special plates for those family occasions like Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving.  

For your more casual get-togethers,  these paper plates will still make your guests feel that you have gone to a lot of trouble to make the occasion special.

Fabulous cake stands made from cardboard!

These are so outrageous I just wanted to laugh when I first saw them!  They are completely over the top and utterly delightful!

You can be sure that when your guests see these they won't notice if your cake is drooping in the middle or your sandwiches are curling at the corners - although I am quite sure they won't be!!  Heaven forbid! (Even if they are, they won't notice - they'll be far too distracted examining your unique tableware!)

A Fabulous Cardboard Vase Table Decoration

It's waterproof inside!

This is the fantastic fantasy flower vase to add the finishing touch to your table!  It's got a waterproof inner lining too - so you can keep your flowers fresh throughout the party.

I love the teapot shape - it's so much part of the fun theme and will be a real talking point. These teapots come folded in a secure plastic holder and after use they can be folded again and put away.  

Fabulous Present Ideas Too!


I think these beautiful paper/cardboard tea time accessories would make lovely gifts too.  If you know someone who entertains regularly, then this is the ideal present. Or if they have a special occasion looming, then this could be a godsend.

These gorgeous paper table accessories and decorations save time, they look beautiful, they are fun too. And they are disposable. 

Oh, and don't forget to get your matching tablecloth and napkins !


And if your guests don't like it?  Well, to quote Marie Antionette  - "Let Them Eat Cake!"


Updated: 04/11/2014, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 06/21/2014

Oh, thanks for reading my article! Really pleased you found it useful. :)

paperfacets on 06/21/2014

What a lovely idea and a new party table decoration for me. I have never seen these beauties before.

KathleenDuffy on 04/12/2014

I agree - I even thought they'd look nice on the wall as party decor! :)

AbbyFitz on 04/12/2014

Paper has definitely moved up! I like these. Would be nice for a wedding shower or something

KathleenDuffy on 04/12/2014

younghopes - Aren't they great! Thanks for your comment.

ologsinquito - They have that element of surprise which is why I think they go down so well!

younghopes on 04/12/2014

So beautiful, just loved these plates

ologsinquito on 04/11/2014

These do look lovely and from the pictures they look a lot like fine china.

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