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by Tested_to_Destruction

A push outdoor broom is a useful cleaning tool for home owners and professionals alike. The five best push brooms reviewed and compared.

Hard work usually involves the need to clean up afterward - especially when you've just had a gas lawnmower out - which is why you can't go wrong with a good quality outdoor push broom. Probably overlooked as being a part of the average industry professionals tool cache, it's likely that it's the first thing you reach for before you hit the road for home - and for sure it's hard to get through a day without using one when you're in construction, landscaping or a home owner.

As a rule they're a two piece wooden construction - a long solid wood shaft, a head full of stiff bristles, though modern technology has shown us how to manufacture brushes out of plastic and rubber - and yet they work.

The five best push brooms - popular, highly rated, well made and priced at low enough discounts to make them all great bargain buys.

Harper Brush 1183SC-7 Works 18-Inch Rough Brissle Outdoor Push Broom

This is the best selling push outdoor broom and with it's wide 18" head it cuts a good path through whatever debris you point it at. The bristles are long enough to deal with most types of trash at 3", and the handle is long enough to balance out the width of the head.

It works equally well indoors and out, though if you're intention is to use it a lot for both, better to buy one for each environment. It's typically heavy duty and will work in wet and nasty conditions, as well as perfectly dry ones. Sturdy construction, easy to use - and under 15 bucks.

Harper Brush 1183SC-7 Works 18-Inch Rough Brissle Outdoor Push Broom

Harper Brush 1183SC-7 Works 18-Inch Rough Brissle Outdoor Push Broom Harper Brush 1183SC-7 Works 18-Inch Rough Brissle Outdoor Push Broom Features: Sweeps heavy debris: ...

Only $24.99

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Harper Brush Works 24-Inch Heavy Duty Border Push Broom 583124A-1

This is a super heavy duty push broom - and almost twice the price of the first one. Still - you get and extra 6 inches of sweeping power, with a 24" wide head, a reinforced head to handle attachment, a handle that's 60" long, and the whole thing is made out of solid hardwood.

There's two separate bristles in the head - an inner stiffer line for catching the nastier, heavier stuff, the outer bristles being softer in order to mop up the finer debris you'll find littering the floor. It makes short work of earth, grass trimmings, general trash - as well as harder material such as gravel and stone chippings. Good sturdy build, rugged and built to last.

Harper Brush Works 24-Inch Heavy Duty Border Push Broom 583124A-1

Harper Brush 583124A-1 24-Inch Heavy Duty Border Push Broom Harper Brush 583124A-1 24-Inch Heavy Duty Border Push Broom Features: Sweeps dust and mid-weight debris: dirt, ...

Only $47.99

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Quickie 18-Inch Bulldozer Push Broom 00526

This is a top selling push broom and it's not called the Bulldozer for nothing. The head and handle are man-made - the handle is a steel manufacture, the head a solid resin block. The bristles are plenty stiff and made from natural palmyra - and at 3 inches long they're long enough to clear the ground with ease, yet not so long that they render the sweeping action ineffective.

The handle is nice and long, a standard 60" in total, and it connects to the head by way of screwing it in place - and you can alternate which side of the head you attach it to due to the dual aspect screw block. Overall it does a mighty fine job of ground clear ups - it worked well in the wet, did just as good a job with the rougher stuff as the more lightweight debris. Nice outdoor broom - just over 10 bucks - a bargain.

Quickie 18-Inch Bulldozer Push Broom 00526

Natural stiff Palmyra fiber for heavy debris and rough surfaces. Heavy-duty resin block with 2 threaded handle holes and will not warp, rot, or crack. 15/16" x 60"L steel ...

Only $28.5

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WOLF-Garten Outdoor Broom B40M

This is a wholly synthetic push outdoor broom but - it's both highly rated and and well suited to outdoor work and clean-ups. Note: this is for the head of the broom only, the handle is sold separately. That said, it's worth every cent.

Once you've got the head and handle together (and you can choose what handle you prefer from the WOLF range), you'll find you've got an extremely hard-wearing brush and effective brush in your hands. The bristles are 2 inches long, the head just over 14 inches wide and the combination of the width and length of both, plus the bristles PVC manufacture, is surprisingly able and active. It's easy to clean off, lightweight yet rugged - a great industrial broom and currently on offer at a good discount.

WOLF-Garten Outdoor Broom B40M

The WOLF-Garten outdoor broom attachment is designed for all-around use in both the house and garden. It features tough PVC bristles for effective cleaning and will work with ...

Only $28.0

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Casabella 09206 Outdoor Utility Broom, Bronze/Black

This one isn't so much a push broom as it's from the sweeper brushes category but there's always a use for a good quality sweeper - especially when it comes to getting into the awkward spots. This one does a great job on grass cuttings, leaves, sand and lighter-weight debris, and the bristle length allows you to poke around in corners - like you find around decks and patios.

The handle is a good length, aluminum construction, so it's lightweight yet rugged, and the bristles are flared out and long enough to sweep and trap all the lighter stuff you find in and around the home. Good quality construction, gets the job done - nice general purpose outdoor broom.

Updated: 03/01/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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