Rapper Mikey J sings a love song For You

by BardofEly

Rap and Hip Hop music doesn't appeal to everyone but Mikey J is a rapper with a difference. He can rap a love song.

For You is a love song by a rapper
Rap and hiphop music are genres I admit I don't generally like much but Mikey J's For You is so brilliant I am playing it over and over and if he had it out on a CD album I'd rush out and buy a copy. This song is very unusual because this is not the sort of material you associate with these genres. But for me, whether I normally like this style or not, this is Hip Hop that belongs at the top!
For You is a love song from a young guy who thinks the world of his girlfriend. It is full of the joy he sees in her and an expression of his dream to make it big time in the world so the two of them can live happily ever after when he becomes the big star he is aiming to be.
The song is bursting with positive energy and in Mikey's belief in himself and the girl he loves. He knows that this is all they need to succeed and he tells her "don't stop believing, Baby."

Mikey J

Mikey J promo photo

Mikey J on Famecast

What makes Mikey J a real rap star

And Mikey isn't ashamed of where he's from in any way. In his video for For You he gives us a brief tour around his neighbourhood showing the city's lights, its open spaces, the river and its skyscrapers with an affectionate acknowledgement of where he is from when he says "Madison Heights."

Not the usual sort of song you hear from rap singers but Mikey J is a rapper with a difference. He has that certain something, that star quality, and Mikey is first and foremost a poet.

Perhaps that's another reason I love his material so much because I am a poet and writer as well and my own songs start as poems. Mikey has his poetry on his Myspace site and I think they are excellent.

Mikey believes in keeping things real and that is the secret of his success as a writer and an artist. His poems and lyrics are easy to understand and identify with. There is no pretension and when he sings and rhymes his words are clearly spoken and speak directly to the heart.

I discovered Mikey J on Famecast where I am competing in the band contests there and where you depend on votes to get anywhere. I put in a vote for Mikey after being very impressed on first hearing of hisFor You.

Since then we have become friends and I have been checking out his Myspace and Ourstage sites as well, where like me he also has his songs.

Mikey has a blog at his Myspace page in which he gives some excellent advice for other unsigned acts. Mikey thinks it's a good idea to focus on promoting just one or two songs you are really proud of and that quality is far more important than quantity. In other words he says to make your demo that good that it will sell your talent to the world. He knows what he is talking about because this is exactly what he is doing so well.

For You by Mikey J

A rapper with a love song

SPIN magazine

A top music publication

Mikey believes in the power of online marketing and promotion using Internet sites and he speaks from experience because he has already won the Hip Hop Stage competition at Famecast in October and is now going to be featured in SPIN magazine.

Mikey J believes in himself and in his songs and that he is going to succeed against all the odds in the crazy world of music and you know, I have come to believe in him too. I think For You could even be a future number one if Mikey get his big break and I am happy to share in his dream and give him a hand on the way up.

Mikey J's For You is a love song but I can also see it as an ongoing love story - the story of his love for his girlfriend, yes, but also of his quest for success using his own poetry and music to achieve it. I think Mikey J's story will have a very happy ending because he has what it takes to realise his dreams!

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