Fun Reading Books for Boys Age 5, 6, 7

by TerriRexson

A selection of our favorite early reading books that boys will actually enjoy. Great for confident and reluctant readers alike.

My son is learning to read. He's not very impressed with the books that he's sent home from school with. And to be honest I don't blame him! They really are quite dull. I'm sure they're well constructed from an educational viewpoint, but I'm more concerned with making sure my son develops a love of reading.

A lot of the reading books I see are more geared to girls interests so it took a bit of digging to find good books that a boy would enjoy. Of course lots of girls will enjoy these books too.

Now I've found some excellent reading books that he really enjoys and which I'm sure will appeal to lots of boys. These are the books he rushes through his bath to get to and is disappointed if he doesn't get to read if we're out of our normal routine and get home late.

Like many boys my son is fascinated with animals and nature, science and space and Lego, especially the Lego Ninjago theme with Ninjas. He likes to be learning facts about the real world as he reads, or about the imaginary worlds that he loves.

Luckily there are some excellent early reading books that fit with his interests.

Cat in the Hat Learning Library

Age 5 and up / Grade K up

We've just discovered the Cat in the Hat Learning Library books and now have five of them including Safari So Good! All about African Wildlife. 

My son loves African animals, it's one of his favorite subjects. And Safari so Good! is right up his street. And he's been asking questions about space so There's No Place Like Space! is ideal. 

These books are very well designed. They teach kids facts about the world which keeps my son engaged and interested and wondering what he's going to learn next. 

But they are also incredibly playful with language, as you would expect from anything in the Dr Seuss family. There's lots of rhyming and silliness which my son finds very funny and which makes him think about language and play with it. 

The pictures are very good too with lots to look at and talk about. 

I can see my son enjoying these books for a couple of years. At the moment he needs lots of help but is very willing to put the effort it. Once he's reading independently these books will still be interesting to him. 

Safari, So Good!: All About African Wildlife

Safari, So Good!: All About African Wildlife (Cat in the ...
$8.99  $4.55

There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System

There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (...
$9.98  $26.94

Lego Ninjago Readers

My son is crazy about Lego Ninjago. He loves the Lego sets and the movie / TV show with all of the characters and back story. 

We were really pleased to discover that there's a series of Ninjago reading books for younger kids (as well as chapter books for older kids.) These books are my son's absolute favorite books to read. 

LEGO Ninjago Reader #1: Way of the Ninja

LEGO Ninjago Reader #1: Way of the Ninja
$5.04  $7.5
There's a range of Lego Ninjago reading books that boys will really enjoy. There are early reader books and chapter books for independent readers.

There are more Lego reader books too. 

DK Readers

We discovered one of the DK Readers Star Wars books at a friends house. My younger son startes school this September and is already a huge Star Wars fan. Star Wars reading books are just the thing to get his attention!

And both my boys love animals and especially reptiles, dinosaurs and carnivores. I love that these books are full of interesting facts about the world so they're actually learning as they're reading. 

It makes the books they bring home from school seem really dull! I know they're supposed to be about everyday life and therefore familiar to kids. But my kids everyday life is filled with nature, science, Lego and Star Wars!

There's a whole range of Level 1 DK Readers books on lots of interesting subjects. 

What Kind of Books Does Your Boy Enjoy?

Updated: 03/16/2012, TerriRexson
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TerriRexson on 03/14/2012

@sheilamarie. No the kids don't get to choose the early reading books. They come from a reading scheme. It might be different elsewhere but that's how it works for us. I'm sure it's different with older kids too, but it's important not to turn them off reading before they get that far.

sheilamarie on 03/14/2012

Not all books read in school are "boring!" Usually kids get to choose which books they will read from a shelf of options. Some books are chosen for educational reasons, too, but most good teachers know that love of reading comes first.
I think that if a child chooses a book, he or she will be more likely to want to read it. It's great you are going with your sons' interests in choosing books.

Mladen on 03/13/2012

It is so important to build this love for books in early years. My parents were thinking the same way you do. School books are pretty much boring. Especially because we are EXPECTED to read them.
My first book I got for a birthday was animal encyclopedia for kids. Lots of pictures, but also some text to read. Maybe that is why I love reading and I use every opportunity to read.
Great article on the subject, and very important subject too!

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