Record Album Cover Frames - LP Frames for Album Artwork

by KathleenDuffy

If you have boxes of old record albums gathering dust in the attic, bring them into the light. Display your Long-Player artwork on your walls in these specially-made frames.

With the introduction of the compact disc many of us mourn the passing of those great album covers that have since become iconic. Think of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' for instance.

Iconic album covers are now highly sought after as works of art in their own right. Even the rather mundane ones have taken on a new significance. But they are no longer being relegated to the cellar or attic. Nowadays you can buy sleek, elegant album cover frames that give your precious covers the status they deserve.

Time to bring your old albums in from the cold!

Record Album Frames - Let the Artwork Live Again!

The record album frame makes me feel sad - sad that I gradually got rid of my old albums over the years.  Whoever invented these has struck a dagger in my heart!   I didn't have the room for them - they were an awkward shape, the boxes they were in took up too much space in a small flat and I kept tripping over them... Besides, no one used record players any more so what use were they.

When someone came up with this brilliant idea I was gutted!  You see that album above, in the photo, the American Graffiti album?  I used to have that....(excuse me whilst I search for the Kleenex...).

However, luckily I didn't get rid of all of my albums - there were a couple that I held on to and when I discovered these frames those albums were soon in pride of place on the wall.

Different Kinds of Album Frames

Plenty of choice!

There are various types of album frames available.  Some are relatively cheap, with plastic moulding and plexi-glass.  Others are more durable, with wood moulding and real glass.  You can often choose different coloured frames too, which would fit in with your room decor.  Sometimes the glass is anti-glare which is great for having a good view of the artwork.  

Study what's on offer and think carefully about where you want to display your frames. Also, try to match the frame style and colour with the 'spirit' of your album cover.

But What Shall I Do With the Vinyl?

No Problem. You can frame them both together!

If you still have the record that goes with the album sleeve you might want to put it away in a plain brown cover and store it somewhere.  It might be too thick to go in the normal album frame when it's inside the cover.

But hang on!  Isn't that just creating the same problem you had before?  Lots of old records taking up room!  Now there's a solution to this problem too!  You can have both the album cover and the album itself elegantly displayed together.  

Frame your Singles and EPs too!

And Show the Actual Record as well as the Artwork!

It doesn't end with the Album!  Dig out those old 45s, the EPs, extended plays - you know the ones...  They deserve to be rewarded for their years of service.  Why should these faithful pals who have given us so much pleasure in the past just lie forgotten in the Record Retirement Home that's your attic?

Release them from bondage and give them a new lease of life!  And keep the cover and the record together - after all, they've been that way for years.  They wouldn't want to be separated in their old age...

Think Ahead! - Protect Those CDs too!

Frames for CDs are now available.

We are all bemoaning the fact that CDs don't have the nostalgia factor that our old albums have - after all, where's the artwork, where's the groove, the scratches, the crackle!  Where's the character!

Well, don't despair.  There's a frame for the plain, boring CD too.  A CD's not quite as exciting as an album cover, it's rather functional looking and doesn't warrant us holding it gingerly in our hands on the outer rim as we gently place it onto the turntable and then lower the needle....oh hell -  I'm going to start blubbing again!

But think on my friends!   Now we are all downloading our music straight out of the ether and on to our various gizmos.  The only thing left of music nowadays is the sound...  

So hang on to those CDs which we now take for granted - they make Custer's last stand look positively tame.  They are our last bit of evidence that music can still be captured and trapped in something we can actually see and hold.

Best get them framed as quickly as possible!  They may not be around for much longer...

Actually, they look quite good, don't they... 

And if you still long for the old album covers, why not search through your local thrift store or charity shop?  They've usually got stacks of them in boxes and you'd be surprised what brilliant albums you can find for a song! (See what I did there...)

Happy Framing!

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KathleenDuffy on 08/06/2013

Yes, I use cassettes a lot! but you need a pencil to wind them on when all the tape gets loose! :)

Mira on 08/06/2013

Great idea, Kathleen. I'm more of a cassette girl myself. Those aren't as much fun framed :)

KathleenDuffy on 08/01/2013

Hi Thamisgith - Glad you like the idea! Actually it's amazing how good they look in the frames! Have fun sorting through your old albums! :)

Thamisgith on 08/01/2013

What a great idea. I'm sure I've got a couple of boxes of old LPs up in the loft. There's bound to be something that would look good up on the wall!

KathleenDuffy on 07/31/2013

Glad you like it Katie - it really does make even the most worn out sleeve looks classy!

KathleenDuffy on 07/31/2013

Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. You can get them on Amazon Uk too I think. Go for it!

katiem2 on 07/31/2013

This is great I want to add this great art to my decor. Love it!

MikeRobbers on 07/31/2013

Nice decorative idea. I have a limited number of vinyls so that would be easier to do and the outcome seems really great.

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