Recycled LP Record Label Coasters -- Cool

by Regi_B

Keepin' it green is what it's all about with these coastin' little babies.

If you have never heard of recycled LP record label coasters (where have you been!), this article is for you.

Go forth on this page and learn about and/or buy vinyl LP coasters -- for yourself, or as a cool, thoughtful gift for the green hipster in your life.

(Green hipsters may or may not actually be green in appearance. What a perfectly silly thing to say! Now go on! Read about recycled LP label coasters!)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Vinyl Record Label Coasters

The green movement focuses on the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!" I think it important to note that these LP label coasters are -- in fact -- an example of reusing, which is in my estimation, almost always better than recycling.

(You recognize of course, that I -- Regi B -- am in no way an eco-expert, a go-to green guy, or even a some-time vegan. I just know the difference between a recycled thingy and a reused thingy.)

These "recycled" LP record label coasters take old records and make them new again. (Do not think of these as wasting "collectibles". What would be the fiscal sense in that!) Vinyl is saved from the landfill by these table-finish-saving coasters.

(Please note: These are not going to be the most absorbant coasters you have ever owned. These are vinyl and paper. Not sponge!)

Recycled Vinyl Record Label Drink Coasters

Recycled Vinyl Record Label Drink Coasters
Only $18.96

Get Green Record Label Coasters as a Great Gift for Your Favorite Hipster!

To me, these dealies just scream "hipster", but then, I am not a hipster. (I just have skinny friends who wear skinny jeans and snap shirts.)

In any event, hipster or not, if you have a music lovin' relative or friend, they are likely to find these little ditties a pleasure!

You may quote ol' Regi B on that one!

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters - Set of 6
Only $24.0

Buy Recycled LP Coasters for Yourself!

Sure, you can be a great gift giver and get these "green" coasters for another, but would they not also fit in your domicile, perhaps?

If you are nostalgic about the music of years past, recorded on the main medium of that time, well these coasters of vinyl record labels are likely for you!

Recycled LP Coasters Are a Collectible of a Sort

Sure these coasters come six to a set, but the records used are not the same six. No, you could buy this item ten times and perhaps not get a duplicate!

I would love to see these coasters become like trading cards. Maybe that is too ambitious -- a pipe dream from a man who still remembers the time when vinyl ruled.

Nevertheless, I welcome "Coaster Comments" from all y'alz!

Updated: 03/06/2012, Regi_B
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Coaster Comments

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Regi_B on 03/07/2012

@Brenda -- Cool! Glad to hear I gave you an inspiration. :-D

Regi_B on 03/07/2012

@Adrian -- You are always very funny, friend.

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

I'm big on recycling. This is a great idea, and your article gave me another idea.

Adrian on 03/06/2012

such a cool idea. it would be REALLY funny if the conversation was ... "oh cool, let's listen to THIS song". and ended with ... "we can't, i just made it into that coaster". :P

Regi_B on 03/06/2012

Hey Terri!

I think you are right on! These coasters are good "conversation starters".

Thank you!

TerriRexson on 03/06/2012

Isn't it funny when items you used to use on a daily basis become vintage curiousities. I think I'm getting old! These coasters would make a great talking point at party. Very cool.

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