Review of Bernatello's Bernie’s Bites Mini Mozz Sticks

by StevenHelmer

I picked these up as a side dish for our pizza dinner. Were they worth my money?

Product Description: Frozen bite-sized mozzarella sticks from the Bernatello’s Bernie’s Bites brand. I ended up purchasing a box of these appetizers at one of our local grocery stores a couple days ago for $1 and ended up preparing them in our toaster oven as a side dish to go with the pizza I picked up for our family dinner.


My wife and I were both pretty much undecided about what we wanted for dinner and, since I honestly wasn’t in the mood for cooking anything overly complex, I decided to stop off at one of our local grocery stores and just pick up a pizza from their deli section. However, I wasn’t sure if that was going to be enough so, I ended up looking for an appetizer to go with it and, when I saw the Bernatello’s Bernie’s Bites Mini Mozz Sticks were on sale for $1, I decided to pick up a box.

I’ve purchased this product in the past. But, it had been quite some time since my wife and I had eaten these and, because of that, I couldn’t remember if it was a product I enjoyed. After trying them again, I can honestly say they were worth my money.

Bernie's Bites Mini Mozz Sticks
Bernie's Bites Mini Mozz Sticks
Photo By Steven Helmer (2015)

One thing I found I liked about these mini mozzarella sticks was the taste. I’ve purchased frozen mozzarella sticks from a variety of different brands and many are very salty tasting. That was not the case with this brand, however. I could taste a little bit of salt in the cheese (which is to be expected). But, it wasn’t anything that was overpowering and, unlike many of those other brands, definitely wasn’t the only thing I tasted.

When I first opened the box and saw there weren’t a lot of these mozzarella sticks (I forgot to count, but it was about a dozen), I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough. However, they turned out to be surprisingly filling, mostly because, while they were small, they still had a pretty decent-sized quantity of cheese in them. And, while they may not have been enough for us if they were the only thing we were eating, they did make the pizza dinner a filling dinner for us. That, alone, was worth the $1 I spent on them. The fact we also enjoyed eating them was a nice bonus.

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Final Opinion

This is a decent, affordable choice for a side dish that I do recommend if you’re looking for something to go with your pizza or an appetizer for a variety of meals. We definitely enjoyed them more than I expected.

My Grade: A 

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Updated: 09/10/2015, StevenHelmer
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Mira on 10/03/2015

I love breaded cheese sticks. Yum!!!

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