Review of Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco

by StevenHelmer

We ended up making this for dinner last night. Read to find out what I thought of it.

Product Description: Boxed dinner from the Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper brand with sauce mix, corn chips, rice and cheese topping mix that are added to one pound of cooked ground beef (we actually substituted ground pork when we made it). My wife purchased this at one of our local grocery stores a few days ago for about $2.00 and we prepared it for dinner last night.


Hamburger HelperNormally, when it is a nice out, like it was yesterday evening, I try to cook dinner outside on the grill. However, my wife and I had an appointment yesterday afternoon that went a couple hours longer than expected and, as a result of that, we had to find something convenient for our dinner (fortunately, the kids had already eaten so we could just put them to bed). So, when she suggested a box of Hamburger Helper, I agreed.

I ended up picking this variety because, for some reason, I thought it was Tuesday (it was actually Wednesday) and figured it would be a nice substitute for “Taco Tuesday.” And, even though the day of the week was wrong, it turned out to be a good choice.

My wife prepared this on our stove while I finished up with a few other things. She followed the instructions on the box but also added some fresh green onions we had in our refrigerator. One of the first things I noticed about this product when she was done was it looked a lot like the picture on the box. This was a bit surprising and something I definitely didn’t expect, mostly because that rarely happens.

As far as taste goes, this surpassed my expectations for this brand. I’ve had other Hamburger Helper varieties in the past and, while they were OK, I always thought they were a bit flavorless. That was not the case with this variety. The Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper was a little on the spicy side (but not too spicy) and, because of that, had much more of a kick and was more enjoyable as a result.

Another thing that impressed me was how filling this variety was. Normally, we won’t have any (or very few) leftovers when we make Hamburger Helper. This time, we had enough for both of us to have it for lunch the next day. That did add a bit more value in my opinion.

Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Crunchy Taco, 7.5oz Box (Pack of 6)

Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Crunchy Taco, 7.5oz Box (Pack of 6)

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Final Opinion

As I said before, this is a product that surpassed my expectations and, because of that, is a Hamburger Helper variety I would recommend. I know it will be one of the varieties I’ll purchase the next time we go grocery shopping.

My Grade: A

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Mira on 05/16/2015

This sounds like a great product. I wish we had tacos here. Time to make some myself, I guess.

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