Review of Kirkland Signature Hamburger Patties

by StevenHelmer

I purchased a package of these patties from Costco a couple days ago. Read to find out what I thought of them.

Product Description: Frozen quarter-pound hamburger patties from the Kirkland Signature brand. I purchased a 6-pound bag (24 patties total) of this product for $16.99 while shopping at Costco this past Sunday. I ended up cooking 6 of these patties yesterday for dinner, using my grill to prepare them.


I first noticed the Kirkland Signature hamburger patties while shopping at Costco a couple weeks ago. I thought they looked intriguing, mostly because I felt the price was more than reasonable. However, it was still cold outside at the time and, because of that, I decided to hold off on purchasing this product until it warmed up and I could use my grill.

This finally happened and I ended up buying a 6-pound bag of these hamburger patties this past Sunday. And, last night, I fired up the grill and made a half dozen of these for dinner. Overall, I have to say the hamburger patties met my expectations.

Kirkland Signature Hamburger Patties
Kirkland Signature Hamburger Patties
Photo by Steven Helmer

Just to clarify, when I say these met my expectations, I really do just mean that. There honestly wasn't anything overly special about these hamburger patties as far as overall quality goes. 

I'm not saying they were bad. Far from it. In fact, I thought they were halfway decent. However, they are definitely frozen patties (not fresh-made) and, when compared to the similar products we've had in the past, there really wasn't anything that set them apart.

That being said, I thought the price on these was actually pretty reasonable, especially since I ended up purchasing 24 patties for not much more than I recently saw a box of 10 (not very good) hamburger patties being sold for. That value, combined with the fact they weren't any worse than some of the more expensive brands I've purchased does make me feel like I got my money's worth.

Also, while cooking these, I did notice they weren't as greasy as some of the bargain brands I've purchased in the past. This was appreciated because I wasn't really in the mood to fight high flames on my grill last night. Plus, the hamburger patties didn't shrink nearly as much as some other cheap brands do as a result of that. The burgers filled the buns and it's hard to complain about that.

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Final Opinion

As I said, there's nothing that is overly special about this brand. But, if you are looking for frozen patties that don't cost a fortune and offer reasonable quality, I do recommend it.

My Grade: B

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Updated: 04/20/2016, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/17/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I always appreciate being able to add to, or keep off or subtract from, my list of what to keep in mind and on hand for grilled foods.

What kind of buns and toppings were the patties eaten with?

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