Review of Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Milk

by StevenHelmer

I purchased this product for my girls' school lunches. Read to find out if it was worth the money.

Product Description: Individually packaged, single-serve organic chocolate milk from the Kirkland Signature brand. I purchased a case of this product while shopping at Costco last month and have been putting the milk in my daughters' lunch bags whenever they decide to take cold lunch from home (roughly three or four times per week).


Even though my daughters have the option to have a hot lunch at school, they, more often than not, usually choose to take lunch from home, partly because they only get a short amount of time to eat and don't want to spend a chunk of that standing in line. 

While finding food items for them isn't overly difficult, finding them drinks isn't always as easy. This is because there never seems to be enough juice in a juice box and they quickly grow bored with some of the flavors.

My wife and I had seen the Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Milk at Costco on a few different occasions but never gave it serious consideration. This is both because it was more expensive than buying juice boxes or pouches and because I was a little leery of a dairy product that didn't need to be refrigerated. However, after being pestered by my oldest daughter last month, I finally caved in and made the purchase. So far, I am glad I did.

Kirkland Signature Chocolate Milk
Kirkland Signature Chocolate Milk
Photo by Steven Helmer

Simply put, my daughters love this product. When we were putting juice boxes in their lunch bags, more often than not, they would return unopened. That is rarely the case with this product. We send it with them to school and they drink it almost every time despite the fact they haven't had much in terms of drink variety for about a month now.

In fact, they like these boxes so much, they even reach for them when they are at home and don't want to mix up a glass of chocolate milk. And, considering it is a healthy alternative to soda, I definitely can't complain about that.

Signature Organic Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk 18 8.25oz. cartons

Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk is a naturally good fun and tasty way to get your vitamins A and D.

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Final Opinion

As I said, I was a little skeptical when we purchased this product and fully expected the kids not to drink it. After seeing how much they love this item, I can honestly say it will be a regular item on our Costco shopping list.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 11/08/2016, StevenHelmer
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judy on 11/09/2016

I'm glad that they like this!

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