Review of the Absolute Best Treestand for the Big and Tall man - Summit Goliath SD

by teddletonmr

The best climbing tree stand for the big and tall man must be strong, easy to use and set-up and lightweight...

The best way to hunt whitetail deer. Let us face the cold hard facts. The big and tall man like you and me has a devil of a time finding hunting gear that fits comfortably. The love of the outdoors and whitetail deer hunting will make the big man deal with all sorts of ill-fitting whitetail hunting type stuff. Take a pair of boots that are too tight, a hunting coat made more for vertically challenged thick around the middle hunters. Oh yeah, let us not forget, one of those tiny so-called lightweight climbing tree stand. Witch unfortunately, has no legroom for long legged hunters like us.

You see, one of the most productive whitetail deer hunting methods. Archery, gun and muzzleloader hunters all like to use when hunting the mighty whitetail deer, involves using a portable hunting stand.

The Big and Tall man that loves to hunt

The big and tall man requires a hunting stand that is easy to carry and set-up in the dark. Equally important, before a tree stand is worth carrying into our whitetail hunter’s hot spot, a stand must be whisper ‘quiet’, rock solid and comfortable allowing a hunter to set motionless.  

Deer hunters find themselves hunting in thickets, river-bottoms, hills and hollers and just about any type of terrain you can think of. You see a whitetail deer is an adaptable animal that relies on its ability to hear the slightest metallic sounds, and smell danger on a breeze. Whitetails live in residential areas around subdivisions. National forests, state parks and let us not forget agricultural honey holes. Making it extremely important a climbing tree stand, lightweight strong and easy to carry in and back out of the deer woods.

Goliath SD & Titan are great for big and tall hunters, Viper SD is the lightest best all around climbing tree stand

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing T...
Only $289.99
Summit Titan Climbing StandSummit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing...
Only $351.49

The Best portable hunting stand for Big and Tall man

Summit Goliath SD climbing tree stand will fill the bill. Weighing in at just twenty-one pounds, the summit Goliath SD is not the lightest climbing tree stand on the market today. However, the Goliath SD has a weight rating of three-hundred and fifty pounds. You simply will not, find that kind of strength on smaller lightweight hunting tree stands. When you compare the Goliath SD to all those big man ladder stands, built of heavy steel tubing that weighs 3 to 4 times more than the aluminum. Making the Goliath SD stand lightweight in comparison. Let us not forget, SD denotes sound deadening technology.

The Goliath SD has plenty of room for a hunter to hunt with their favorite modern firearm, muzzleloader, or compound, traditional and crossbow equipment. The large well-padded seat easily adjusts by using the seats nylon straps and buckles. This allows the gun hunter to lower the seat, and use the rock solid oversized front bar of the seat climber as a gun rest, making those long shots possible. Remember sound-deadening technology helps conceal a hunter bumping the stand with a rifle or his bow.


Things that make the Summit Goliath SD the best climbing treee stand for big & tall hunter

As bow hunters, we can easily adjust the seat so the solid front bar allows us to lean our waste against, steadying our shot without fear of the lower limb or cam hitting the stand, that would spook our buck of a lifetime.

The Summit Goliath SD also comes with a four-point safety harness system and padding for all the rails of the seat frame. Reducing noise caused by a hunter’s gun or bow clanging against the seats front bar.

Oh yeah, did you get the part where I mentioned the SD, sound deadening foam inside the aluminum tubing, further reducing deer spooking noise.

Summit Goliath SD climbing tree stands adjust easily to fit trees ranging in diameters, from small eight inches smooth bark hickories, to the larger twenty-inch diameter straight trunk white oaks, cottonwoods or pin oak.

Summit has been building the highest quality hunting treestands in the USA for a long time; with tree stand hunter’s safety and satisfaction their goal. Each Summit Goliath SD climbing tree stand carries a limited five-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Includes a safety harness to fit a big and tall man, instructional CD on how to properly set-up and use your new Summit climbing deer stand.

Yes, it is true. There is finally a portable climbing treestand, built with the big and tall man like you and me in mind. Let us face the ugly truth, we absolutely love to hunt whitetail deer, wild hogs, and yes even the black bear from an elevated hunting stand.

Using the Goliath with its comfortable oversized adjustable padded seat, we will want to set in the stand longer, increasing our chances of getting the opportunity to harvest the buck of a lifetime.

Happy Huntin, and remember to always hunt safe. Mike


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Mike Teddleton is a father, husband, and writer whose quality of life demands, he constantly research and learn what, why and how things work, or occasionally do not.
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teddletonmr on 02/21/2012

Hey Katie thanks for stopping by, big and tall men and ladies that love the sport of hunting enjoy the benefits of a well made climbing treestand.
Many folks like to make videos from a tree stand, others simply love to hunt. The summit goliath climbing stand with the SD tech is a great way to reduce noise that would otherwise spook all the critters in the woods.

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

Great stands for the tall man, I know I have a lot of tall men in my family and life, its so hard for big and tall people to find the right size hunting gear, online is the only way to go, save yourself the time and trouble of hunting gear and save the time for hunting game. Thanks Mike, Great resource for any hunter or woman that has a hunter in her life.

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