Who is Mike Teddleton and his Wizzography?

by teddletonmr

Mike Teddleton is a father, husband, and writer whose quality of life demands, he constantly research and learn what, why and how things work, or occasionally do not.

Welcome to the pages of Wizzley.com, a site where professional writers, write, and publish relevant content on a wide range of topics readers like you and me find useful and enjoy reading. Many Wizzley authors like Mike Teddleton, blog, write, publish articles, and design professional webpages.
The Wizzography is the collection of a Wizzley.com author’s pages, or as they are affectionately known by the wizzley community, a wizz. Please, continue reading this article to learn more about things Mike Teddleton, AKA teddletonmr, knows to be of significant value to demanding readers like you. Learn new things, and find yourself entertained as you explore Mike’s Wizzography.

who is mike

The benefits of publishing on Wizzley

Just a few reasons why good writers should write, and publish only high quality articles online with Wizzley

While discussing the affects keyword research, SEO and social media have on traffic converting. My `good friend and fellow writer Katie McMurray aka katiem2, asked me if I had heard anything about the new writer’s platform Wizzley.com.

We found ourselves discussing many reasons and there benefits for joining such a writers community. For instance, how many fellow Hubpages and Squidoo writers in the know had already joined Wizzley? Do to all the cool marketing tools internet content providers / writers need to be successful unlike other similar platforms. Wizzley has a full complement of highly useful and affective marketing tools. Making it easy to both, design and monetize pages that convert like crazy. Viglink, amazon, eBay, and a whole host of other income generating options that are easy to sign up for and use to provide moneymaking opportunities for those of use so inclined.

With that said, let’s get to a bit of Mike Teddleton Wizzography.   

Culture and Society

There is never a dull moment when exploring topics such as, what the American dream and patriot is all about
What makes an American a patriot, believing in the pledge of allegiance, in god we trust, or something more?
The American dream is all about a person pursuing individual freedoms, independence, and the personal vision of the proverbial pot of gold. Read the American Dream Debate Here.

Food and Recipes

Good food and drink just seem to go good together.
Beer lovers agree the perfect wet bar, beverage center and man cave isn’t complete without a refrigerated beer cooler, exactly what the Kegerator is.
Outdoor cooking, cookout, barbecue, a fish fry or canning foods, having a two burner outdoor cooker sure makes life easier…
Still the best portable gas grill for tailgating, camping, and the backyard barbecue, Weber Go-anywhere grill...
Outdoor cooking, grilling, barbecuing low and slow or searing we all need to protect our hands from the heat...

Health and Wellness

Dealing with and learning more about things like blindness and Alzheimer’s diseases
The heart break of Alzheimer’s disease, and its impact on the family brings families together or rips them apart
Veterans learn living, manual, orientation and mobility skills that make dealing with the challenges low vision and blindness while attending Hines VA hospital Blind center
With a little help U.S vets can learn to live with vision loss, strengthen manual skills, perform everyday tasks, and regain independence. Learn how now.
Be prepared, ready to respond, recover and mitigate emergencies with a disaster recovery plan.

Home Improvements

Improving the look and feel of a landscape bed by building a beautiful water garden, or starting a home redecorating project by removing old wallpaper, one thing is for sure, homeowners and renters enjoy a good DIY project
With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you too can add the vision of your perfect water feature to the beauty of your home. Adding water features can be easy.
Trimming low hanging tree branches, overgrown Privet, unshapely Boxwoods and Azalea, out of control Holly bush, and scraggly old security hedge is easy with the best hedge trimmers
Liquid spray wall-covering strippers work ok on small areas. However, medium to large wallpaper stripping projects require using a wallpaper steamer to do a proper job.
Aerify a yard with clay soil using a core aerator to have a beautiful lawn you always wanted....

Plants and Gardening

Vegetable and flower gardeners love to read plants and gardening how to tips and tricks articles.
Selecting the best garden site makes it easier to grow your own tasty nutritious vegetables.
Good bugs control aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, scale insects, mites, and whiteflies in our flower and vegetable gardens organically…
Need to learn how to get rid of the Rabbit destroying your garden before it drives you crazy,
You too can easily build a grow light using common materials available online or your local home improvement center.

Sports and Fitness

Teaching a kid how to hit a baseball or softball, selecting the best kid’s sleeping bag and learning the best way to sharpen dull knives and scissors is I believe you will agree a good thing,
Hype vs. Fact, aluminum bat, composite bats, length to weight ratios, sweet spot and let us not forget the importance of good hand speed.
Keep your eyes on the ball, swing the bat hard, and hit the ball are all commonly heard phrases at the ballpark. As Concerned coaches, and loving parents, we simply want to help...
Finally, a safe easy to use portable electric tool sharpener everyone will want to use. Sharpen dull kitchen hunting and fillet knives, scissors, kitchen shears and garden tools
The best climbing tree stand for the big and tall man must be strong, easy to use and set-up and lightweight...

Who is Mike to advise anyone?

bright lightbulb Mike is the oldest of six kids, father of five, and husband to his wife of more than fifteen years of wedded bliss. When not all caught up in the day-to-day challenges of parenting and all the domestic duties required maintaining a home today, Mike finds time to write. Starving artist, not really, wealthy, well that is the plan, getting there one-step at a time. Mike believes it is important to have a plan. After all failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing is not an option!


What makes Mike an Authority?

What makes Mike an Authority?

Always learning Mike attended the university of southern Indiana, studied mechanical engineering technologies, and worked at a local tool and equipment company. As the tool and equipment manager, Mike was responsible for purchasing new equipment, maintaining rental inventories, and keeping employee training up to date.  

Rental inventories included hand tools home improvement and remodeling projects, gardening and landscaping hand and power tools, construction equipment such as backhoes and skid steer loaders. Sewer and drain cleaning equipment, ladders, scaffolding, party tents and stuff for special events. Such as dance floors, gazebos, trellises china, stemware and just about anything else a wedding party would need, save the bride and groom.


Mike’s promise as your online content provider

I promis to do my best Mike understands all too well, how frustrating it is when we find ourselves looking for answers to both, complex and everyday problems. Not to find relevant straight to the point answers that contain the solutions to our problems we seek. Publishing on Wizzley Mike’s goal is to contribute clear, concise answers that contain helpful suggestions and product reviews readers will not only find useful but also save them valuable time in the process as they enjoy the read.

Thanks for stopping by taking time out of your busy day to read this page.

Hope to see you around the Wizzley community. Mike   


your online content provider
Updated: 04/08/2013, teddletonmr
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Came here from a comment you made on someone else's wizz. Nice to meet you, Mike.

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Nice update on your who is Mike Teddleton page. I enjoy all the variety of links :)K

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Cute... :)

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