Review the best Barbecue Potholder, Mitt, Glove and Insulated Food Gloves

by teddletonmr

Outdoor cooking, grilling, barbecuing low and slow or searing we all need to protect our hands from the heat...

Ok cooking outdoors on the barbecue is a bit different from cooking indoors. Barbecuing low and slow over a bed of hardwood charcoal, just does not feel the same as using the gas or electric oven indoors. That is of course until we grab that screaming hot cast iron Dutch oven, or try to man handle a ten plus pound roast or turkey. I believe we all will agree, hot is hot and heavy is well you see where this is going.

Low and slow or screaming hot

The thing here is we need to protect our hands from not only the heat. When smoking, roasting, and barbecuing meats it is much easier to turn and reposition ribs, butts, chickens and other hot foods using not only a set of tongs but our hands as well. To do this we need to protect our hands from not only the cooking heat with a good barbecue mitt or glove. All the juices on the hot foods require a good pair of insulated food gloves that do not leak.

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Barbecue Mitt

weber barbecue mitt The Weber Heavy-duty barbecue mitts are a good option. Made of a thick quilted cotton material, treated with a flame retardant coating will protect our hands, wrists and forearms from the intense heat of a gas or charcoal grill and smoker. One down side to cotton the fabric, cotton fabric will absorb like a sponge. Any oils, fats, and barbecue sauces. BBQ mitts are a good choice when using a chimney starter full of hot charcoal, or using a spatula and tongs. However, the Weber barbecue mitt is not the best choice for handling foods on the grill or smoker.

When it comes time to turn bbq chickens, ribs or pork buts by hand a barbecue mitt will not last long. Washing them is bad on the flame retardant coating, and the fats and oils from foods have a tendency to make BBQ mitts slippery, and hard to grasp anything. On the bright side, for less than $10 they are inexpensive making them easy to replace.

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Insulated food gloves

insulated food gloves Cooking low and slow is the best way to cook pork but, beef brisket, a rack of ribs or poultry. There is no better way to handle these foods on the barbecue, smoker, and roaster or crock-pot. Than to simply use our hands to turn, hold while cutting, or pull our favorite meats into manageable portions.

Using a pair of insulated food gloves protects our hands from the heat, fats, oils and sticky bbq sauces. The Steven Raichen best of Barbecue insulated food gloves are a good choice. From pulling pork, slicing a beef brisket, or cutting a rack of ribs. These insulated food gloves are easy to clean. Just wash them as you would wash your hands while still wearing the gloves. These cooking gloves protect our hands from the hot juicy foods. Hold up well and for under $16 are a good deal.

Make no mistake, the insulated food gloves make pulling that falling off the bone chicken into quarters and pulled pork easy. However, not the best choice for handling a chimney starter full of hot charcoal or hardwood planks. The insulated food gloves do not protect our arms above the wrist.

Still the best portable gas grill for tailgating, camping, and the backyard barbecue, Weber Go-anywhere grill...
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Leather work gloves

leather barbecue gloves Many barbecue enthusiast as you and me use leather work gloves, fireplace or welders gloves to handle a chimney starter. While on the other hand, pit masters prefer to use bits of split hardwood in the firebox of their smoker, and cook low and slow.

Important thing to keep in mind, we all look for a leather work glove to be soft, pliable, and a good eighteen inches long. Protecting from our finger tips, hands and forearms from the heat of the cooking fire, splinters from the hardwood and hot pots or grill grates.

The Steven Raichen best of Barbecue extra-long suede gloves for under $25 at amazon make a good choice for any barbecue enthusiast needing a good leather work glove.

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For someone looking for a basic oven mitt, a Weber barbecue mitt is a good economical choice for under $10. Basically they make good pot holders, insulate fingers, wrist and lower forearms from heat. Where a good pair of insulated food gloves, are necessary for turning larger quantities of foods let us say, pork butts, racks of ribs and chicken halves or quarters on the grill or smoker.

Working with large bbq grills, and smokers, we need a good leather work glove. Cleaning grill grates, loading bits of hardwood and charcoal in the firebox requires a good leather work glove. That is of course, you have fingers made of asbestos.

Seriously, folks, we all understand simply using the best tool for the job at hand separates’ the true barbecue enthusiast from all the weekend want-ta-bees. With that said, pick-up a good pair of leather work gloves, insulated food gloves and bbq mitts. Protect your hands, keep your grill grates and firebox in good shape, and impress your family and friends.

Enjoy your next Barbecue, Mike


The right cast iron Dutch oven and a few charcoal briquettes is all you need to cook a delicious mountain man breakfast at your next campout or power outage…

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teddletonmr on 02/10/2012

Barbecue mitts and gloves work well when using cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and let me not forget a big steel wok.
Thanks for your comment Katie.

katiem2 on 02/10/2012

I really like the mitts with the fingers, more of a glove than a mitt. It can be hard to work with big bulky things on the grill or oven. I'm able to get a good hold onto hot things and tongs with fingers. Great review, thanks

teddletonmr on 02/08/2012

Thanks Pam for the helpful tip.

PamelaNRed on 02/08/2012

Great information. You can also use them indoors for taking food out of the oven. Most kitchen oven mitts aren't long enough and you can still burn yourself on the racks above the glove. I have a lovely scar from one such accident.

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