Save on Fun Corkscrews

by Regi_B

Life and living and wine should be fun. So when you shop for a corkscrew, make it a fun one -- and save a little money on it, too.

I am a big believer in living life for the sake of happiness. To me, fun equals happy.

If like me, you love a good, fun wine, I would imagine you also appreciate a good, fun corkscrew.

I really do take fun seriously. It is the essence of a happy life. As such, I have written this article with fun corkscrew shopping in mind.

Below, are some fun-loving wine corkscrews that will not break the bank.

What joy! (Enjoy.)

With a Fun Corkscrew,

You Have One More Reason to Celebrate Life!

Fun Corkscrews Are...

  • Unique,
  • Party conversation starters,
  • Usually durable,
  • Not to be overlooked,
  • Something to help you look forward to the wine about to be poured.

Examples of Fun Corkscrews

Only $22.99
Only $19.88

The Best Corkscrew for the Money

In as much as wine is (or should be) always fun, you could pick any corkscrew and call it "fun". With that in mind, I really must admit that the best corkscrew for the money is the double-hinged waiter-style we have all seen in restaurants -- and shown below. That it is available on Amazon for under a dollar is amazing -- and fun!

Only $7.99

How to Save Money on a Fun Corkscrew

One thing about the funner corkscrews sold online is that they run more than a few dollars. I figure this is because sellers (rightly -- usually) think people who drink wine have disposal income, and are willing to put some of it toward wine accessories. Hence, the price tags of fun corkscrews.

Still, you can have a lot of fun with cheap corkscrews like this one.

With that said, here are some tips for finding quality, fun, cheap corkscrews.

Out there in the "real world", you can find fun corkscrews if you know where to look. "Where to look" includes stores that sell other people's junk which you may find to be treasure. Namely, this type of store is one that deals in "junk" or "home good recycling". I would not expect a thrift store to typically deal in corkscrews.

You may luck into a fun corkscrew at a dollar store. If you do, I would not expect it to be a long-lasting, durable sort of item.

One place that could yield you a unique, fun item is a yard sale or garage sale. Pick a sunny Saturday and hit a few. You may find yourself the new, proud owner of a fun corkscrew with some history on it.

Most of all, be sure to check eBay. If that place was not born to sell kitschy kitchen items cheap, I do not know what other purpose for which it exists. Happy uncorking!

Fun Corkscrews Available on eBay
Updated: 05/31/2012, Regi_B
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