Schwan’s Macaroni and Cheese Review

by StevenHelmer

A review of the frozen macaroni and cheese product available through Schwan's.

Product Description: Macaroni and cheese from the Schwan’s brand. This is available for home delivery via their web site and costs $3.99 for a 12-ounce tray that can be prepared in the microwave or oven. My wife ordered this product a couple weeks ago for delivery and we made two trays as a side dish to go with the beer-battered cod family dinner we made Friday night.

Better Than Expected

Schwan's Macaroni and CheeseWhen I first saw this particular product, I didn’t know what my wife had spent on it. And, assuming it was considerably more expensive than the frozen macaroni and cheese products we could purchase at the store, I immediately assumed she spent too much. As it turns out, I was wrong on a couple different levels.

First of all, the $3.99 price, which is reduced by a few pennies when you buy three, is actually much more reasonable than I expected it to be. Yes, it’s still a little more expensive than some of the macaroni and cheese products we could purchase at the store. But, it isn’t that much of a price difference, at least not enough to cause it to immediately be disqualified.

What really impressed me about this product, however, was the overall quality. As I’ve said before, I’m OK with spending more money on something if I’m getting better quality. And, when it came to this particular product, I can definitely say the quality was better than expected. The macaroni and cheese had a thick sauce that was actually pretty decent. It easily was better than the majority of similar products available at our local grocery stores and it was surprisingly difficult to tell this was a frozen product.

Another thing that scored points with me was how easy it was to make. I like to cook. But, there are days when I do prefer items that are convenient. And, that was something I could say about this product. All my wife had to do was put the macaroni and cheese tray in the oven with the fish. There was no mixing and no real work. When that is taken into consideration, along with the high quality and reasonable price, I really had nothing bad to say about this purchase (other than I wish there was a little more in each tray).

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Final Opinion

Macaroni and CheeseI honestly had my doubts when my wife purchased this product. But, after giving it a try then seeing the actual price, I do feel it was a good decision. I can definitely see us purchasing this brand of macaroni and cheese again in the future.

My Grade: A


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Updated: 01/03/2016, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/04/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
This product appeals to me because of you and your wife describing the ease of preparation and the quality of the product, before, during and after preparation.

I like to know about quality macaroni and cheese options for when the number of guests and of re-servings -- "Tastes like more!" -- is more than anticipated. This sounds like something I'd like to have on hand for just such a (common!) occurrence.

Were there scent and taste influences from the fish dish on the side dish? Would you all bake just any side dish in the oven at the same time as beer-battered cod or would it just be for macaroni and cheese?

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